The Bros Of Reddit Are Surprisingly Passionate About The Devil Wears Prada

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In 2015, Reddit user doyoulikeluxury asked the “men of Reddit” a question: “What ‘chick flicks’ do you actually enjoy watching?” User No-Mas-Pantalones answered, “The Devil Wears Prada. And I’m not even embarrassed about it.”

Thus begins one of the most intriguing Reddit threads in recent memory. Imagine liking The Devil Wears Prada and not even feeling embarrassed about it! There’s a lot to unpack here. And since it’s the 10th anniversary of the movie starring Meryl Streep as Not Anna Wintour and Anne Hathaway as a nerd turned fashionista, let’s do a deep dive into the analysis of the The Devil Wears Prada performed by the “men of Reddit.” (You can file that under Sentences I Never Thought I’d Write, along with most of this story.)

First, a note about Reddit usernames. As someone who almost always makes a username as close as possible to my real name — with the exception of the glimmering AIM years and a stint on OKCupid for which I channeled deep-cut references to ‘90s comedies — I find the Reddit names in this thread positively thrilling. They should be submitted to a local university as a study in sociology.

Now, to the goods.
Her friends and boyfriend are crappy and unsupportive! Though I would also posit that she is a big baby about a lot of things. Whenever one of my male friends complains that he has a headache or, like, “It hurts when I touch my arm,” I tell him, “You’d never make it as a woman.” And that’s kind of how I feel about Andy (Hathaway's character). She’d never make it in real-deal New York.
Thank you! Next.
Well let’s just wait a minute now, friend. You’ve earned my respect for seeing the film through, even though your girlfriend (read: “excuse” for watching it) was asleep. But you can’t just toss around “bitch” all willy-nilly — especially when it comes to describing a powerful, driven woman (and extra especially when she's played by Meryl effing Streep). Really, do we have to go over that again? That said, you raise an interesting point: Andy starts turning into a version of Miranda by compromising her morals and friendships for validation.

To which DrAminove accurately, albeit immaturely, responded:
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Besides, not everyone is currently accepting criticism of Miranda.
Like theoneguytries, for example.
Yeah! Let's shit on Nate, you guys!
AWWWW SHIT! This guy’s coming for you and your brunch-cooking shifts, Nate! Side note, I would 100% watch a different version of The Devil Wears Prada wherein Nate (Adrian Grenier) is working in a totally CUT-THROAT KITCHEN and his boss is mean, and Andy’s like, “But I got you some strawberries from Dean & Deluca so you have to be nice to me.”
Okay, you've obviously never experienced the pure joy that is walking out of a job you really hate. (Would recommend.) But I do agree that the ending is quite sad. It’s amazing how relationships can slip away from you, and how you can simultaneously watch it happen in slow-motion but feel that you never really saw it at all. Except for Yourenotthe1, who saw it coming a mile away.
I am so relieved that we're in a safe space where we can just call Simon Baker “that guy from The Mentalist.” And I agree! He’s like, "Meet me at the Ritz or whatever so I can buy you a $26 martini and call my friends in publishing and get you that impossible-to-get, unpublished Harry Potter book you need. And oh, let’s go to a nice Parisian dinner because, like we've already discussed, fuck Nate."
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Okay, what just happened? I thought we agreed that we would take cheap shots at Grenier's character until we got tired and went to bed for the night. Have we now fanboyed into such extreme Devil Wears Prada territory that the discussion has been elevated to The September Issue?
You're right. Let's just quote the movie for a bit.
Yep, there it is.
You tell 'em, badgersprite!
Y'all are so brave for just putting your feelings out there without a care in the world. What an inspiring display of unabashed fandom.
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Annnnnd we're done! Thanks for the reminder that we're still in bro territory.

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