Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Hair Is Mesmerizing

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It's become borderline impossible to keep up with all the new hair-color trends — and their head-turning names — popping up in the beauty space lately (tie-dye strands, anyone?). Though it feels like we're on the verge of over-saturation, we'll make an exception for the latest fad, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde hair.

It's basically the split-hair dye trend that was popular this time last year with a new name, but this version involves a whole lot more color. Hairstylist Meliana Clark coined the term when she uploaded a picture of her client's half-ROYGBIV-dyed hair for Pravana's Show Us Your Vivids contest. It looks pretty spectacular, we have to admit. Clark treated us to yet another surprise when she posted a different picture of the same client's hair under a black light. Naturally, it glows. "OH SNAP IT GETS COOLER," the caption appropriately reads. Although, we don't think the model would fare well during a game of laser tag.

A photo posted by Meliana Clark (@melerinaa) on

What do you guys think of the Jekyll and Hyde look? Are you all in, or are you meh? Take a look at the below video as you mull over your answer, and let us know in the comments.

A video posted by Meliana Clark (@melerinaa) on