All The Game Of Thrones Fan Theories You Need To Know

The only thing more fun than watching Game of Thrones is debating Game of Thrones. The world laid out by George R.R. Martin is so rich and so deeply historical that it cries out for fan theories. These theories become more and more complicated and important as the more magical aspects of the show come to the fore.
True, the mysteries of Game of Thrones don't feel as spiritual as, say, Lost. But they're perhaps even more spectacular. It's the only show on television that combines elements of high fantasy with cloak-and-dagger intrigue. And it does so in a way that invites speculation about everything from the possible royal heritage of bastards to the ramifications of a global warming event.
The point is that the show is big and the theories around it are even bigger. With the return of Thrones finally upon us, we collected some of the most important fan theories here, so you can fully immerse yourself in the world of Westeros.
Read on for everything we've uncovered. Ahead, there be dragons (and massive spoilers).
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What’s Going On With Lightbringer?

In season 7’s "Stormborn," Melisandre confirms Daenerys Targaryen(Emilia Clarke) could actually be the "Price Who Was Promised," since the High Valyrian word for prince, "dārilaros," doesn't actually have a gender. That means the prophecy literally translates to the “Prince Or Princess Who Was Promised.”

A big part of becoming the Prince(ss), is "reforging" the world-saving, flaing sword Lightbringer — and to do that requires a great sacrifice. The last person to believed to the Prince, Azor Ahai, needed to stab his beloved wife through the heart to finish making a sword worthy of a hero. If Daeney is the newest Prince(ss), the question becomes, who is she going to have to kill to fulfill the prophecy and wield Lightbringer? As Azor had sacrificed his own wife, maybe Daeny will have to sacrifice someone of her own blood cough Jon Snow cough Just a thought,” writes Redditor @normal_alyankovic.

Another user brings up a good point, questioning whether Lightbringer even needs to be a sword. "I suppose Dany's sacrifice of Drogo resulted in three fiery weapons," @emprisedulion reminds us.
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Are Daenerys & Jon Going To Have A Child?

Fans have long suspected Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Dany are going to end up together and now that the nephew-aunt pair have met, the theories are heating up even more. Some now believe the pair might just have a child, despite Daenerys' fertility problems.

The theory is born from a blue rose, a wall of ice, and a very specific line from the book series Game Of Thrones is based on, A Song Of Ice And Fire.
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Is Arya The Real Lady Stoneheart?

Lady Stoneheart —the ruthless, reanimated corpse of Catelyn Stark — is a fan-favorite character from the A Song Of Ice And Fire series Game Of Thrones is based on. Throughout the books, Stoneheart seeks vengeance on anyone who wronged the Stark family by murdering them. Her prized victims end up being various members of the Frey family and Lannister bannermen. Despite readers' love for this bloody storyline, the Thrones team has left Undead Catelyn out of the series, which is already filled with enough Lord Of Light-sponsored resurrections.

However, now that Catelyn's daughter Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) is finally back in Westeros, her first order of business is brutally murdering every male Frey in one fell swoop. Coincidence? We think not. Adding to this theory, Arya ends season 7 premiere "Dragonstone" by spending time with Lannister bannerman, including Ed Sheeran. While everyone is alive in the last moments viewers see the soldiers, if Arya murders them too, her transition into Thrones' answer to Lady Stoneheart will be complete.
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Stark Season Approaching

A fan explains that Robert Baratheon may have cursed the Starks in the first episode of the first season. All the Starks he touched — Ned, Catelyn, Robb, and Rickon — have died horrible deaths. But that's over now, and House Stark is back on the warpath. Also worth noting is that he asks Arya her name, which could explain her subsequent troubles. Click through to find out what this theory could also mean for Cersei.
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Defying The God Of Death

While Syrio Forel supposedly died at the hands of Ser Meryn Trant, we never see his death. And, as we've learned with the Hound's resurfacing, that means that he could very well be alive. This theory uses a close analysis of a photo to put Forel back on the scene, helping Arya once again.
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Jaime: Kingslayer, Kinslayer?

Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) has proven Thrones theorists correct by going down the Mad King road and burning King's Landing to the ground with Aerys Targaryen's hidden stockpile of wildfire. This puts her brother-lover Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in an uncomfortable position. More precisely: it's the same position he was in when he killed the Mad King, who simply threatened to use to deadly cache. We know how that turned out last time. This theory posits that history would repeat itself since Cersei has gone even further than even Aerys did.
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Fight Club 2: Arya And The Waif

When the Waif stabbed Arya, that led one redditor to think: What if she and Arya are the same person? The theory goes that there are some hints that Arya has a personality disorder causing her to split and fight against herself. The stabbing could be the violent break between her named self and her self that joins the Faceless Men wholeheartedly.
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Bran Ruins Even More Things

When the Night's King marked Bran, he was able to gain entrance into his formerly secure hiding place. This theory holds that, since the same type of magic was used to secure the Wall, the rest of Westeros is now vulnerable to the same breach. This could also be an explanation for why the Night's King's army didn't pursue Bran hard after Meera ran off with him on a sled.
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The Past Cannot Be Changed

This theory holds that Game of Thrones is following Novikov's Self-Consistency Principle, which means that time travel is a question of fulfilling fate, not rewriting history. When Bran wargs back into time, he's merely creating the current reality. That means that, despite his best efforts, he might not be able to improve on history. It also means that he might be the architect behind the Wall.
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Daenerys Is The Villain

We all just accept that Daenerys is the ultimate hero. She gives amazing speeches, frees slaves, and she rides freaking dragons. But, as this fan theory posits, what if she's the bad guy? She's definitely a mass murderer and she hasn't even made it to Westeros yet. When you put a khalasar on the mainland, there's huge potential for chaos. Then again, it's all a matter of perspective.
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Meera Is Jon Snow's Sister

Meera's inclusion in the story raises some interesting possibilities. This theory states that she was born to Lyanna Stark at the same time as Jon Snow, but that Howland Reed adopted her instead of giving her to Ned Stark. The evidence is a little thin, since it hinges on several coincidences and doesn't have as much textual evidence as some of the others, but there are some bits that we think are pretty good. She's the same age as Jon Snow, for example, but father Howland Reed never attempted to marry her to Snow or Robb.
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Bran & The Mad King

Bran's ability to speak to those in the past seems like it could be dangerous, especially to his own mental health. This theory posits that the entirety of the show is a result of his tampering in the past. The chief piece of evidence is the thought that Aerys Targaryen, the Mad King, hears Bran but can't understand him. So, driven to insanity, he starts burning people. Nice going, Bran.
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Is Tyrion A Targaryen Too?

A+J=T holds that Tyrion is secretly a Targaryen. We got tipped off that this might be true after Tyrion's no-fear dragon performance, but there's a ton of other evidence to support his alternative parentage. We recall his fascination with fire, his obsession with dragons, and his mother's death during childbirth after rampant speculation that she may have had an affair with a Targaryen. That gives him something in common with both Dany and (possibly) Jon Snow.
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Melisandre's True Form

Melisandre's sudden transformation into a much older woman spurred this theory that certain characters could see her for what she was. When Selyse sees Melisandre in the bath without her necklace in season four, she reacts extremely negatively. While our initial thought was that Selyse was just uncomfortable seeing a naked woman, it's posited that what she actually saw was the Red Woman in her true form.
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Global Westeros Warming

This fan theory asks the question: What if the wall melted? While the actual flooding wouldn't be crippling, the geography and climate of Westeros would change completely. Oh, and there's the small matter of the giant army of zombies commanded by the Night King.