This Is The Side Of Snapchat That You Don't See

Photo: Tayler Smith.
As anyone who has played with Snapchat's numerous filters knows, there's a certain amount of facial distortion necessary to create a successful snap.

Our cameras have been subject to creepily raised eyebrows, way too wide open mouths, kissy faces, and more — all done for the sake of becoming a perfect flower-crown princess, alien, or ogre, of course.

The beauty of Snapchat is that it brings out the inner actor or improv star in all of us. It makes us feel silly, stupid, creative, and, above all, fun. If the platform started as a means of sending naked pictures that disappear in a second, it's turned into the perfect means of self-expression, whether you use it to show friends where you are with geotags, create a story of your daily adventures, or as a distraction at work.

With a little inspiration from Rob Kardashian, we decided to flip the camera around to see what Refinery29 staffers look like in the midst of creating their snaps.

World, these are the faces of Snapchat — in all their crazy filtered (and unfiltered) glory.
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Photo: Tayler Smith.
Jenna Rosenstein, Senior Beauty Editor, Brand Experiences

Favorite filter: "The one that superimposes a cat on your head. It's so strange and amazing."

Average number of snaps: "I usually post about 10 snaps per day, typically of beauty products, my cat, or random things around the office."
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Snap: Jenna Rosenstein.
A dog face created using a phone with a cat case.
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Photo: Tayler Smith.
Michael Brown, Social Innovation Editor

Favorite filter: "The pretty-color one (the wide-eyed face with blushed cheeks) and the new one that makes you look like a muppet with no nose."

Average number of snaps: "Around 30 per week."
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Snap: Michael Brown.
Eyes wide open.
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Photo: Tayler Smith.
Bethie Girmai, Associate Stylist

Favorite filter: "I rarely use filters. I prefer to go au naturel!"

Average number of snaps:
"On a good day, probably 20 to 30. On a lazy day, 10 to 15."
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Snap: Bethie Girmai.
Mind. Blown.
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Photo: Tayler Smith.
Marshall Bright, Editorial Assistant, Living

Favorite filter: "FACE SWAP."

Average number of snaps: "Several times a day. A lot."
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Snap: Marshall Bright.
Can we go back to Coachella?
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Photo: Tayler Smith.
Emily Howe, Photo Research Assistant

Favorite filter: "Face swap. I like to see how far it can go."

Average number of snaps: "If I'm at work, it's pretty low. My friends aren't really entertained by me in front of a computer."
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Snap: Emily Howe.
Art? Real life? Who knows?!
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Photo: Tayler Smith.
Courtney Yates, Executive Assistant/First Impressionist

Favorite filter: "Face swap with the camera roll."

Average number of snaps: "I send at least 30 per week."
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Snap: Courtney Yates.
Boxy faces work best with stripes and printed scarves. Just saying.
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Photo: Tayler Smith.
Madeline Buxton, Associate Tech Editor

Favorite filter: "The dog gets me every time (tongue out)."

Average number of snaps: "Oy. Probably around six or seven a day, but it can be quite a bit more."
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Snap: Madeline Buxton.
Going all "E.T., phone home" up in here.
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Photo: Tayler Smith.
Lindsay Arakawa, Social Media Photo Editor

Favorite filter: "The one that puts those little white stars near your temple. It makes you look real kawaii."

Average number of snaps: "Too many."
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Snap: Lindsay Arakawa.
Rocking those Wild West vibes.
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Photo: Tayler Smith.
Landon Peoples, Editorial Assistant, Fashion

Favorite filter: "The guy with the frowned mouth and big eyes. I've created a character using it called Tony, and he posts on my story often. His mom is his best friend."

Average number of snaps:
"I send upwards of 10 snaps a day. But sometimes, there are nights when I'm bored in bed and I spam my friends with funny videos using the filters. They like it."
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Snap: Landon Peoples.
Tony greets the world.
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Photo: Tayler Smith.
Morgan Baila, Entertainment Writer

Favorite filter: "The soft, pretty one (the wide-eyed face with blushed cheeks), because it makes you look like you just woke up from the best nap ever on top of a rainbow."

Average number of snaps:
"Around two dozen [a day], but I only use Snapchat to make stories."
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Snap: Morgan Baila.
So soft. So pretty. So ready to star in Bey's next video.