Kool-Aid, Squid & Clay — 20 Women Share Their Weirdest Pregnancy Cravings

Although plenty of bizarre things can happen to your body during pregnancy, many mothers will tell you the cravings they experienced were among the strangest side effects of all. Some are more common than others, from unlikely sweet-and-savory combinations to junk food on top of junk food. Meanwhile, some cravings are truly one of a kind (shout out to the woman who only yearned for squid and milk).

Some women even confess to enjoying the foods they craved after giving birth. While it's perfectly fine to indulge in the occasional peanut butter, ham, and cheese sandwich, women with more esoteric cravings should probably think twice, specifically those who admit to eating clay or chalk while pregnant. In spite of Shailene Woodley's hearty endorsement, this practice, known as pica in the medical parlance, is the one craving you should ignore. Eating clay, chalk, or sand can interfere with your ability to absorb nutrients from other foods, ultimately leading to a deficiency that's bad for you and the baby, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

That said, if you feel the urge to eat any other "non-food" substances you shouldn't panic. It does happen to some women. While it's unclear why exactly pica occurs, some experts think it might have to do with low iron levels or another deficiency, which your doctor can monitor and advise you about.

Below, we've rounded up 20 women's weirdest pregnancy cravings, posted to the secret sharing app Whisper. These prove once and for all that, like so many snowflakes, no two pregnancies are alike, right down to what you eat during yours. Don't blame us if you find yourself craving nachos and maple syrup by the end of this post.
Pregnancy craving of the day: BlackBerry Pie mixed with Mac and Cheese.
And, sadly, it
When I was pregnant my craving was smelling cleaning supplies. I would put
pine sol in a bowl and walk around smelling it.
When I was pregnant I craved weird things like chalk, clay and dirt. I
still do from time to time.
I could live off shrimp and ice cream....pregnancy cravings I swear ������
Carrot and turnip with sugar and mint sauce = first weird pregnancy craving
Pregnancy Craving: Oreo Cereal, Blue Pepsi and a wonderball. I need to go
back to the 90
When I was pregnant all I craved was cottage cheese and pineapple. I just
had a hankering for some. When I walked into the living room the look on my
When I was pregnant all I craved was dirt.... I sometimes even ate it...
Since I
I just bought chalk from target to eat. These pregnancy cravings are REAL.
#shh #itsnontoxic
Cinnamon buns topped with Pringles and vanilla pudding.. Ah pregnancy
I just ate pickles with ranch dressing. Pregnancy cravings at their finest.
#1 Pregnancy Craving: Dipping chicken nuggets in chocolate ice cream.
The moment pregnancy cravings kick in and all you want are nachos with
maple syrup!
Pregnancy cravings are the best, that mayo and cheese sandwich couldn
I still enjoy the things I craved when I was pregnant. Melted peanut butter
on top of Doritos is delicious!!
Peanut butter ham and cheese sandwiches... The weirdest pregnancy craving
I just woke up craving Koolaid and whipped cream. Okay then pregnancy
cravings. You
When I was pregnant I craved mango yogurt, gummy bears & captain crunch.
When I was pregnant I craved squid and milk.

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