These References In The Vetements Show Look Eerily Familiar

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Vetements' oversized hoodies, bombers, and glorified Levi's have become so cult-like lately, that we were pretty much on our toes, waiting for what the next Leo Hoodie might be. For fall 2016, the brand didn't just present a handful of new bound-to-be-viral statement sweatshirts and dad hats (yep, they're going to be around for a while). It also riffed on a few brands and concepts you're already well familiar with — in an ironic way, of course.

With jabs at Ed Hardy and Justin Bieber, it seems like Vetements is continuing its streak as a more subtle, cool-kid version of Moschino, which, season-after-season, pulls very obvious "inspiration" from places like Windex and McDonald's. But, instead of consistently taking logos or color palettes from prominent brands (though it has in the past with the likes of Champion and DHL), this season was all about taking generally uncool themes and somehow making them, well, cool. Ahead are seven references we spotted — let us know in the comments if you caught any more.
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Ed Hardy
We've been seeing these slouchy, thigh-high (or crotch-high, even) boots at tons of shows this season, but Vetements brought in a reference we didn't even know we missed: Ed Hardy. Does this mean those horrible graphic tees and trucker hats are soon to make a comeback, too?
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Justin Bieber
The brand sure did get timely with this one, because everyone who listens to "Sorry" on repeat will suddenly want to scrounge up $800 to buy this sweatshirt (or you know, just make it themselves). Plus, it's paired with a hat that reads, "Sexual Fantasies?" We're betting that's not a coincidence.
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Cher From Clueless
Vetements isn't the first show to give a high-fashion take on schoolgirl style, but this plaid skirt suit (only a fraction of the show's general subversion to the uniform) just screams Cher Horowitz — that is, if you plopped her in 2016 and made her a street style star.
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Camo Pants
You could walk into your local Walmart and snag yourself a pair, or you can save your yearly bonus for this runway variation (we're betting Kanye will have a version of these soon). And while camo print pants may not seem like the most fashun thing ever, with a fur-collared trench and sock boots, they look pretty damn cool.
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Alpha Industries Flight Jackets
Topping off the one look that pretty much sums up what Vetements has become known for was an oversized bomber jacket with an Alpha Industries-esque contrasting tangerine lining that shows just so when its intentionally-too-big silhouette hangs off your shoulders.
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Party Down
In addition to "Sexual Fantasies" and "May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way," some pieces read, "Are we having fun yet?" A.k.a. Henry's catchphrase from the sadly-cancelled Starz show, Party Down.
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Death Metal
It wouldn't be a sinfully angsty show without Vetements' branded take on the heavy metal band tee. With a giant skull and Hot Topic-esque script, this oversized top is sure to be spotted on Rihanna and Yeezy (again) in no time.