Karl Lagerfeld Invents 5 New Accessories You've Never Seen Before

Photo: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images.
We're sure that the first time someone wore heels, people were like — "Hold on, Johann. WHAT ARE THOSE?" Ditto for the first-ever backpack, or sun hat, or ear cuff. For the most part, accessories don't ever actually fulfill a need for society; they fulfill a want for fashion people, and bless the people who are creative enough to keep on churning them out. From oversized septum rings to baby bags, new accessory types crop up every season to delight our fancies (even if they don't actually provide a utility).
The king of accessories invention might be Karl Lagerfeld. With two accessories powerhouse brands, Fendi and Chanel, as creative outlets, Lagerfeld has been able to stretch the boundaries of what consumers might jump on. Fendi's furry pom-poms kick-started a bonafide trend this past year, thanks to the Kaiser, and last season's detachable Fendi Strap You bag strap is slowly becoming as iconic as the bags themselves. This season, Lagerfeld debuted five new accessories styles on the Fendi runway. We'll update as the actual item names become available, but for now, this is what we think they are.
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Photo: Catwalking/Getty Images.
Sweatband Cuff Bracelets
Gently waving strips (like bacon!) were Fendi's showpiece motif this season, and we loved them most on the thick, sweatband-like wrist cuffs. They're versatile, luxe-looking, and iconic enough to become mass hits.
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Photo: Catwalking/Getty Images.
The Furry Choker
It'll be just as fun topping blouses, T-shirts, and dresses with strips of fuzziness as it is attaching fur balls to your handbags.
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Photo: Antonio De Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage/Getty Images.
The Knee-Sock Boot
Stuart Weitzman's over-the-knee boots were ubiquitous this past year, and Fendi takes the concept to new, DIY levels, as the leg and shoe parts actually become detachable and interchangeable. Stretchy, thin leather guarantees that these ruffled boots will actually be comfortable to wear.
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Photo: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images.
The Oversized Mitten
Fendi's huge, single fur mitten might be the most useless accessory of the season, but that's what makes it luxury, right?
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Photo: Catwalking/Getty Images.
Elbow Bandeaus
Fendi plays around with all those full, peasant sleeves with stretchy arm bandeaus that cinch right at the elbow.