Kristin Cavallari Opens Up About How Tragedy Changed Her Life

"My heart is in a million pieces," Kristin Cavallari wrote on Instagram in December, after learning that her brother, Michael — who had been missing for weeks — had passed away. Then, last week, the former reality star suffered another blow: She was in a car accident. Luckily, Cavallari's injuries were minor; she dislocated her elbow.

But despite the hits, the mom of three is keeping a bright outlook, which she shared with Instagram followers earlier this week.

"Sorry-gonna get corny on u for a second," she wrote. "I dislocated my elbow in a car accident last week and because of that, and everything else I've been through in the past couple months, I have such an appreciation for life. I am so thankful it wasn't worse, and more importantly that my babies weren't with me. My arm hurts like a bitch but I'm thankful because I have my arm!! Shot my spring shoe look book today and even though I could barely move my arm, I am forever grateful for being here to shoot it."

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