Why Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna's New Romance Is So Problematic

Rob Kardashian doesn't seem to give a shit if his sisters don't want him to date Blac Chyna. After Instagramming a meme yesterday joking that Chyna was pregnant with his child, he followed up with this cryptic post of the 27-year-old.


The key emoji in the caption could be a reference DJ Khaled's tagline: the Snapchat celeb often uses the emoji to represent the "Major Keys" to happiness and success. It appears Rob may be claiming that Chyna is his major key to both.

Others wonder whether it means the two are taking the next step forward and moving in together.

Kardashian's post seems to be in response to a picture older sis Khloé tweeted last night. The snap of the Kardashian girls threatened anyone messing with "the family." And we have one guess as to whom that message is geared toward.

But why exactly does this family want to destroy any connection forming between Rob and Chyna?

Let's untangle the history of this knotted relationship.

1. Blac Chyna was once a family friend of the Kardashians. She and Kim were especially close, due to Kanye and Tyga's friendship.

2. Okay, they used to hang out — a lot.


3. Chyna even hung out with all the other sisters at various events (but not Kylie, because she was, like, 16 at the time).


4. While Chyna was friendly with the Kardashians, she was dating the rapper Tyga. The two had a son together, King Cairo, and even attended Kim and Kanye's wedding arm in arm.

4a. Justin Bieber even makes a cameo in the tangled web.

5. Chyna and Tyga split, and Tyga started dating Kylie Jenner.


6. Chyna was, and still is, good friends with model Amber Rose.

7. Rose used to date Kanye West, pre-Kim.

8. Rose has publicly insulted Tyga for dating Kylie, and Kim for pursuing Kanye while they were still dating.

Video via Youtube.
8. Rose also dated and had a son with Wiz Khalifa.

9. Kanye and Wiz are currently in a Twitter feud.

10. And, to top if off, Chyna also has a lip kit.

So, in summary: If Rob marries Chyna (hypothetically), and Tyga marries Kylie (another hypothetical), then not only would they be married to each other's exes, but Kylie would be both an aunt and a step-mom to Tyga and Chyna's son. And Rob would be both an uncle and step-dad to him as well.

And if they had kids, then Chyna would be the only one to keep the Kardashian namesake through Rob.

Things can only get more complicated from here.

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