How To Wear Your Non-Winter Clothes In The Cold, According To Celebs

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We've gotten a lot of wear out of our fall (and even summer) clothes this year, thanks to a few weeks of unseasonably warm winter weather. Now that Mother Nature has caught up with us and is delivering blustery, face-numbing forecasts, we're back to acing our layering game. But we're not entirely ready to let go of our warm-weather garments just yet. And who knows how to wear fairer-weather favorites year-round better than celebs and their seemingly season-impervious wardrobes?

Granted, celebrities' #OOTDs are never fully winterized, thanks to the mild West Coast weather where many of these stars reside (or hit the red carpet, at least). Having a car perpetually available mere steps from any entrance or exit also makes it possible to have bare gams all the time. But celebs (and/or their stylists) still exhibit some excellent styling ideas for making use of June's wear-to-death pieces in January. Check out a few new ways to put your entire wardrobe to work, ahead.
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The Summery White Blouse
It was the perfect post-beach cover-up, but these days, it's gathering dust in your closet. This light, airy button-up is primed for layering — and, when paired with thicker fabrics and textures, can prove to be just as useful now as it was during that seaside vacay. Alicia Vikander pulled out the summer staple during New York's balmy December by belting it over a maxi-skirt. For actual winter weather, try adding a fitted turtleneck underneath the white blouse, as well as some tights or socks paired with heels and an Olivia Pope coat.
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The Non-Denim High-Waisted Shorts
At the tail end of summer and early days of autumn, this item transitioned your wardrobe seamlessly: a warm-weather silhouette made from a wool-blend fabric that feels appropriate for the impending chillier climes. The cold-weather shorts look requires the help of our beloved black tights these days, but Chloë Grace Moretz proves a thick turtleneck (hers is Isabel Marant) can go a long way. The dark, structured material of these bottoms — also Isabel Marant — is more in line with our winter color palette, and gives the outfit a more polished look. Plus, the effect of a chunky knit is two-fold: Not only is it an essential part of textbook layering, but it's also a great no-tailor hack to make your clothes fit better.
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The Going-Out Stiletto
Our footwear options tend to dwindle as the temperature drops, when we're pretty much limited to boots or other full-coverage shoes intended for snow (or not). The thought of exposing our ankles (or any other bit of skin) in party-ready heels becomes less and less appealing. However, just like we love to jump the gun on spring by wearing our sandals with socks, the same styling trick can be applied to stilettos. Rihanna shows you how (and she's even created the perfect statement-makers to raise your sock game): She matched pointed-toe heels with socks of the same wintry-white hue to create a sock-boot effect. Borrow this look now, before snow hits the ground.
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The White Patterned Pants
While we're big proponents of winter whites, there are still certain pieces that stump us: When a garment's pattern or a cut feels so cheery, sunny and, well, springy, it puts it squarely in our May-to-September rotation. A pair of cropped, white trousers with a colorful cartoon-y print would fall into that category — but while we're buried under layers on the East Coast, our friends out West offer some inspiration on how to make this garment work year-round. Kilo Kish goes for contrast by offsetting the bright patterned pants with a solid oversized knit. The dark green sweater plays off the print on Kish's bottoms, while the white of the trousers makes the top stand out. Swap the mules for some high-heeled ankle boots when open-toes just aren't doable.
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The Autumnal Cropped Trousers
Gigi Hadid's Line & Dot trousers are almost winterized: They look warm, and feature an adjustable paperbag waist (which allows for layering and tucking in multiple tops and sweaters). However, the problem is in the crop: It's great during the fall, and shows a little bit of skin while putting footwear on display. But that's not so ideal when you're caught in a wind tunnel on a frigid January morning. While higher socks are the easiest, no-fuss solution, it looks a little off. So, Hadid pulls out the oldest rule in the book to compensate for that sliver of exposure: Layer, layer, and then layer some more. She gears up for the cold (and balances out that slice of bare skin) thanks to a lined, long coat over a black turtleneck, with buckled-up ankle boots and matching socks.