Demi Lovato Just Dropped An Entire Makeup Collection — & It's Good

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Actress, singer, and body-positivity-promoting badass Demi Lovato is adding a new line to her résumé today: makeup designer. The face of New York Color just released Lovatics By Demi, her first makeup collection, which includes eight products — all under $5 (and featuring Lovato's signature on the packaging).

"My goal was to create affordable, high-quality makeup," Lovato told Refinery29 at a private launch event for the collection. "And it definitely reflects what I normally wear."

For Lovato, that means light and natural for day — and more dramatic for the stage and special occasions. "I love to empower girls to go makeup-free, or to wear a very fresh look and save the dramatic looks for night and the weekend," says Lovato. She's quick to warn her fans about the pitfalls of heavy contouring, too. "What makes me sad is to see so many girls on Instagram with their faces painted, literally, and the contouring tutorials and the lip tutorials," she says. "I had a moment where I thought, Are my lips not big enough? And, no, I have great lips. While it's great to learn, some of these tutorials make you think you have to put pounds of makeup on and that’s not the case."

Lovato's line, on the other hand, features just the basics: a versatile eyeshadow palette, four lip-and-cheek stains, a mascara, and two brow pencils. Check out the collection in its entirety — along with Lovato's tips and tricks for wearing each item — ahead.
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"The warmer and natural tones of the eyeshadow palette are exactly what I wear during the day," says Lovato. "Then at night, I bump it up with the darker shades like the dark brown and — depending on the look — I'll do a shimmery or a matte eye."

New York Color Lovatics Eyeshadow Palette in Natural, $4.99, available at Target.
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"I love the Cheeky Berry [lip-and-cheek tint]. It lasts all day, so I don’t feel like I'm continuously having to touch up blush all day," says Lovato.

New York Color Lovatics By Demi Lip & Cheek Tint in Cheeky Berry, $3.99, available at Target.
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Lovato has a clever trick for getting the most natural-looking application. "Brush the tip of the applicator over a small [blush] brush and then blend it around on your cheek," she says.

New York Color Lovatics By Demi Lip & Cheek Tint in Cheeky Red, $3.99, available at Target.
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But if Lovato doesn't have a brush around, she says fingers work just fine. (Just be sure to move quickly — these set pretty fast.)

New York Color Lovatics By Demi Lip & Cheek Tint in Cheeky Strawberry, $3.99, available at Target.
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They look great dabbed onto lips, too.

New York Color Lovatics By Demi Lip & Cheek Tint in Cheeky Red, $3.99, available at Target.
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While Lovato is known for her brows now, this wasn't always the case. "My ultimate beauty regret is the many shapes and forms my eyebrows have come in," she says, laughing. "I've had stages where they’ve been so thick where people have asked if I got eyebrow extensions, and then so thin it looks like I just drew them on."

Now, she does them herself using this pencil and its attached brush.

New York Color Lovatics By Demi Eyebrow Liner in Dark Brown, $1.99, available at Walmart.
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Lovato spent a lot of time perfecting the two brow shades. "I actually learned from this process that the shade of eyebrow pencils is everything," she says. "If it's too dark, it shows. If it's too warm, it shows. If it's too gray, it shows. So you have to find the right ones."

New York Color Lovatics By Demi Eyebrow Liner in Medium Brown, $1.99, available at Walmart.
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And, of course, it wouldn't be a Lovato makeup line without lashes. This mascara has dual fibers to pick up every last hair — plus beeswax and carnauba wax to make them look longer and thicker.

New York Color Lovatics By Demi Mascara in Black, $4.99, available at Walmart.
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