12 Things In Gossip Girl That Would Never Work In 2016

Photo: Courtesy of The CW.
Editor's Note: This post was originally published December 14, 2015. (That's why we talk about the approach of December 17 like it's a thing. Although, it's technically always coming up eventually.)

Ah, Gossip Girl. The land of terrible parenting, reckless spending, and scandalous teenage behavior. It seems like only yesterday that Kristen Bell’s seductive voice-over was guiding us along as we projected our own high school experiences onto our favorite characters. We watched Blair build her empire, Jenny escape the pressures of popularity, and Serena...get handed everything she ever desired.

It’s been three years since the CW show signed off for good, and re-watching the whole thing now, some of it just doesn't work. The plotlines were always outlandish (it was a teen soap, after all) and they seem even more ridiculous now. What kind of teenager trades his girlfriend to his uncle in exchange for a hotel?!

But the most glaring story lines that would never work today pretty much all have to do with technology. In short, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat would make the series' entire premise go up in smoke.

So as December 17th approaches, and we prepare for our annual mourning of Gossip Girl's finale, here's a look at 12 plot devices that just wouldn't fly anymore. It's a brave new world! And Blair would probably hate it.