19 Celebs Who Had Amazing Reactions To Their Golden Globe Noms

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It’s that time of year again. A time when a few lucky and talented individuals get celebrated in Tinseltown. A time when you get to see your favorite celebrities showered with the recognition they deserve for their stellar performances on big screens, small screens, and even laptop screens. A time when you fantasize about what you would be wearing on the red carpet. Yep, it's awards season, and Hollywood is especially abuzz today after this morning's announcement of the 73rd Annual Golden Globes' nominees.

Those lucky enough to be nominated had some amazing reactions. Lady Gaga had to apologize to her neighbors for the celebratory ruckus she was causing. Amy Schumer posted a hilarious throwback picture. Tons of other noms tweeted emotions ranging from gratitude to humility to utter shock.

This list will have you running to the nearest movie theater or queuing up your Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and what-have-you to get totally caught up. Then, go ahead and binge-watch every nominated work of film and television art, listed here, until the Golden Globes premiere on January 10.
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Brie Larson: Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for Room

Larson posted a smiley #tbt to her days on set while filming Room, calling the experience a "labor of love."

“Film the beautiful thing that it is. Thank you #HFPA for recognizing this labor of love. And thank you to all the ticket holders who took time to take in a film we love so much. Congrats Emma, congrats Lenny, congrats Joan and Jacob. I cannot wait to hug and toast you. I’m feeling all the things this morning.”
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Best Actress in a Comedy, Veep

Louis-Dreyfus celebrated her nom over actual nomming on Korean food with her co-star Matt Walsh. The translation of her Korean message on her tweet is: "Wow! This is awesome!"

"Got the news about our @goldenglobes nom during our regular Thurs power breakfast. @VeepHBO @mrmattwalsh #와, 대박이다!"
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Amy Schumer: Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy in Trainwreck

Did Schumer just admit on Instagram that she may be psychic? You decide...

"Me with my first globe predicting this moment #tbt Holy hell! Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press!! This is a dream."
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Rachel Bloom: Best Actress in a TV Series Comedy for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

You can literally see the tears of joy in her eyes in this Insta.

"5 am. Didn't wash my makeup off last night. Just heard I've been nominated for @goldenglobes"
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Idris Elba: Best Supporting Actor in Beasts of No Nation and Best Actor in Luther

Elba was a stunner this year with two nominations. #goals He told The Hollywood Reporter:

"Wow, thank you to the HFPA, who have always been so amazingly supportive of me throughout my career. I’m so excited, in particular, to be recognized for both
Luther and Beasts of No Nation. For Luther, what better way to celebrate the end of a great run than with this stellar acknowledgement? As for Beasts, I can only hope this attention will get more people to see the brilliance of all that is Cary Fukunaga and my extraordinary co-star Abraham Attah. I share in this exciting moment with everyone who poured their hearts into these projects and for who I could not have done this without."
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Alicia Vikander: Best Actress in The Danish Girl and Best Supporting Actress in Ex Machina

The second of the double nominees, this Swedish actress may be a newcomer in the U.S., but is obviously here to stay. She told THR:

"I’m in Berlin — I’m on the way to the airport. We just had a screening of The Danish Girl, and I was doing press all day. I came out of a roundtable interview when I heard the news of my nominations. I just couldn’t believe it. I just jumped! It’s two films that I’ve been so fortunate to make. They were two of the best scripts — they were so brilliant, and so extremely different. Both of these films are independent films. I mean, Ex Machina was a little indie film that came out a while ago. It’s a nomination that honors small independent movies. This is all so surreal."
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Ellie Goulding: Best Original Song, “Love Me Like You Do” from 50 Shades of Grey

Bet you didn't think you would see 50 Shades on this list! But it seems Goulding was just as surprised as we were. In her celebratory tweet, Goulding also called out the songwriter she worked with for the track.

"Never thought in a million years I’d be nominated for a Golden Globe! Ecstatic! @Savan_Kotecha"
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Gina Rodriguez: Best Actress in Jane the Virgin

Rodriguez said a lot with a simple two-word reaction.

Speechless gratitude. @goldenglobes"
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Rami Malek: Best Actor in a TV Series Drama Mr. Robot

Malek, who plays a do-gooder hacker on Mr. Robot, expressed his excitement via the internet, naturally.

"This is such a humbling moment and a huge honor. Thank you to @goldenglobes for the recognition and for making this possible. I’m thrilled!"
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Lady Gaga: Best Actress in a TV Movie or Limited Series, American Horror Story: Hotel

Never apologize, Gaga.

"I apologize to my neighbors I’m still screaming in my apt in NY! I’m nominated as an actress for a Golden Globe what a dream is this real!"
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Rob Lowe: Best Actor in a TV Series Comedy in The Grinder

Lowe took to Twitter to say everyone else was great. No, Lowe. You are great.

"Excited for my #GoldenGlobes nomination for #TheGrinder Great show, great role and great partners who make me look better than I am. #happy."
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Tarji P. Henson: Best Actress in a TV Series Drama Empire

Henson had a short and sweet response.

"Thank you all!"
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Uzo Aduba: Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Limited Series or TV Movie in Orange is the New Black

Aduba called out to her other cast members in a tweet after hearing the news. #TeamOrange is right.

"Thank you to the #HFPA for recognizing the cast of @OITNB & myself for this year's #GoldenGlobes! I love this cast, this team. #TeamOrange"
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Saoirse Ronan: Best Actress in Motion Picture Drama Brooklyn

Ronan found out about her nomination while she was listening to Justin Bieber while getting her nails done in Dublin, she told The Wall Street Journal.

“So I answered: ‘I can’t talk to you right now! I’m getting my nails done! Then, my publicist was like, ‘Well, you just got nominated for a Globe, so you have to talk to us!’ I kind of squealed.”And… I’m going to have to get my nails painted gold again for luck."
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Mark Ruffalo: Best Actor for Infinitely Polar Bear

Ruffalo noted in his tweet that he had a hand in more than one film that was nominated this year.

"No way! Best actor Nom for #InfinitelyPolarBear !!! Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press@ Thanks for #Spotlight too! #GoldenGlobes"
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Viola Davis: Best Actress in a TV series Drama, How to Get Away with Murder

If Davis wins, get ready for another epic acceptance speech. After this wonderful tweet, we can start to cue the tears.

"Once again can’t express how truly honored and humble I am for nominations. Thank you @SAGawards, @naacpimageaward, & @goldenglobes"
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Gael Garcia Bernal: Best Actor in a TV Series, Mozart in the Jungle

No translation needed. Bernal's tweet shows that he is adorably excited.

"Aaaahhhhhh! Qué emoción! Gracias por la nominación y gracias por la nominación de la serie! Arreeeeee! @goldenglobes @MITJAmazon"
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Caitriona Balfe: Best Actress in a TV Series Drama in Outlander

Tweet sent. Jaw retrieved. Celebration initiated.

"Just managed to scrape my jaw off the floor. Thank you @goldenglobes for the nomination !!! #GoldenGlobes #Outlander"
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Alan Cumming: Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Limited Series or TV Movie, The Good Wife

Sometimes a good "holy cow" tweet explains all the feels.

"Holy cow! I just got a @goldenglobes nomination"