Ivanka Trump Speaks Out About Donald Trump's Statements On Women

Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images.
Ivanka Trump is the female face of the presidential campaign of her father, Donald. During CNN's GOP primary debate, Trump joked that he would put Ivanka on the $10 bill.

Ivanka is passionate about her own business and about inspiring other working women — which some people think conflicts with her father's words and views. In the February issue of Town & Country, which hits newsstands January 5, the magazine's cover star opened up about Trump's statements on women. Ivanka didn't defend her father's remarks, exactly, but she did say she believes Donald is "gender-neutral."

I think my dad is highly gender-neutral. If he doesn't like someone, he'll articulate that, and I think it's also part of what resonates about him. He'll say what he’s thinking.

Ivanka Trump, Town & Country
Tim Teeman, author of the Town & Country profile, asked Ivanka about her father's comments about fellow GOP 2016 presidential contender Carly Fiorina. Donald famously said, "Look at that face," in reference to Fiorina, earlier this year. Ivanka responded, "You could also list a few comments he's made about men that are unflattering," probably unwittingly pointing out that her father is an equal-opportunity offender.

"I think my dad is highly gender-neutral," Ivanka also said in the interview. "If he doesn't like someone, he'll articulate that, and I think it's also part of what resonates about him. He'll say what he's thinking."

Speaking one's mind isn't necessarily a great qualification for being the next president of the United States, but Ivanka said that she'll continue to "fully support" her father's presidential ambitions. "It's amazing to see how his message has resonated and what he's been able to accomplish as a non-politician with a very strong point of view," Ivanka said.

I think he's one of the great advocates for women.

Ivanka Trump, describing her father, Donald Trump
Ivanka also cited her father's support for her and her business ventures, including her fashion label, as evidence that he supports gender equality. In October, she spoke at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit about her "Women Who Work" initiative.

"If he didn't feel that women were as competent as men, I would be relegated to some role subordinate to my brothers," Ivanka explained. "I think this is one of his great strengths: He fully prioritizes merit and accomplishment and skill and ability over background, education, and gender….I think he's one of the great advocates for women, and he has been a great example to me my whole life."
Although many people may have trouble with Ivanka's assertion that her father is "one of the great advocates for women," there's one statement in the Town & Country profile that is hard to disagree with. Ivanka had the perfect response when Teeman asked her about being a working mother.

"I abhor this question of 'having it all,'" Ivanka said. "People talk about balance. Balance is an awful measure of things, because it implies a scale that inevitably tips. I like to look through the filter of 'Is the life I’m leading consistent with my priorities?' For me, my family is the ultimate litmus test."

Ivanka went on to say, though, that there are sacrifices she has to make in order to run her business. "I don't do everything. I wouldn't be able to do what I do professionally if I did," she told the magazine. If Ivanka Trump can't do it all, no one can — and that's okay.

Now that's a statement that's easy to agree with.

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