The Voice Week 11 Recap: The Coolest "Bye Bye Bye" Cover We've Ever Heard

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.

Tonight on The Voice, the top ten strutted their stuff for coaches Gwen, Adam, Pharrell, and Blake.

In short, all the remaining contestants are fantastic performers. Amy Vachal once again wowed with her unusual take on a pop favorite. She gave a haunting performance of *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye." Who knew what a hauntingly sad song the 2000 hit could be?

In a similar vein, Korin Bukowski did an awesome Selena Gomez cover. And, yet again, Jordan Smith gave us all of the feels with a stirring rendition of "Hallelujah." Ugh, why must of one of them go?

Gwen, meanwhile, gave a gorgeous, somber performance of her latest single, "Used To Love You." Wonder if Blake felt awkward watching his boo belt out a divorce ballad about her ex?

1. Jeffery Austin — Team Gwen
"Jealousy" by Labrinth
Performance: Austin was very, very good — but as beautiful as it was, I didn't think this performance was anything revelatory.

2. Emily Ann Roberts — Team Blake
Song: "She's Got You" by Patsy Cline
Performance: Emily Ann looked like a young Taylor Swift up there tonight in her glittery little dress — and she's got the pipes and confidence to match. I'd love to see the 17-year-old add a little texture to her voice to complement those bluegrass vibes.

3. Braiden SunshineTeam Gwen
"Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons
Well, it turns out our Mr. Sunshine is a punk rock star! There was a time I was obsessed with this song, and 15-year-old wonderboy Braiden killed it. The violins were awesome, but I thought they threatened to overpower or at least distract from Sunshine's excellent vocals.

4. Shelby Brown — Team Adam

Song: “Go Rest On That High Mountain” by Vince Gill
Performance: Brown's emotional connection to the song was audible in her voice, brimming with both power and love. A timeless choice and a touching performance.

5. Korin Bukowski — Team Gwen
Song: "Same Old Love" by Selena Gomez
Performance: Korin, who was saved last Tuesday for the second week in a row, was a badass tonight. She showed off a totally different side with her confident take on the Selena Gomez hit — this was a fresh and sexy performance for Korin.


6. Amy Vachal — Team Adam
Song: "Bye Bye Bye" by *NSYNC
Performance: Amy's take on this nostalgia bomb was brilliant. Soft, creepy, beautiful — and nothing at all like Justin Timberlake's original performance 15 years ago. (By the way, 15 years? Are you kidding me?!)

7. Jordan Smith — Team Adam

Song: "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen
Performance: This was the pairing of of one of the show's most sob-inducing contestants paired with one of the most emotional songs ever. And I may or may not be writing this bleary eyed, tissue in hand. This song has been covered a million times, but Smith's rendition belongs with the best of them.
8. Zach Seabaugh — Team Blake
Song: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen
Performance: I know it's probably getting old, but... seriously, this kid is the millennial Elvis. He just is! Tonight Seabaugh gave a 1980 Queen hit new life with his late '50s/early '60s rock stylings (and hip-swingin'). His energy is so much fun to watch onstage.
9. Madi Davis — Team Pharrell
Song:"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper
Performance: 16-year-old Madi must be feeling the pressure, as she's the only contestant still representing for Team Pharrell. She didn't let it show in her sorrowful performance of this '80s dance-pop classic, though. Gorgeous and original, as always.
10. Barrett Baber — Team Pharrell
Song:"I'd Love To Lay You Down" by Conway Twitty
Performance: Wait, I actually loved this! After some genre detours, Baber got back to his roots. He was so comfortable, so genuine, and so good.

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