Exclusive: We Talk Lip Kit With Kylie Jenner

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images.
If you happened to drive down Melrose in Los Angeles today, you probably saw the dozens of paparazzi and fans hovering outside the Kardashians' Dash boutique, all hoping for a peek of the intimate celebration happening inside. Today is, after all, the official launch of Kylie Jenner's highly anticipated Lip Kit, and she and her friends (and me!) were inside celebrating with cupcakes, smoothies, and — you guessed it — plenty of selfies.

Unless you've recently implemented the Kardashian/Jenner blocker, you've probably read all about Jenner's three lip duos that launched —and promptly sold out — this morning.

In a green ombré wig (which looks really real in person, mind you) and a subtle cat-eye, Jenner was dressed in all white and wore the Lip Kit shade she would later tell us is her favorite: Candy K. Halfway through the small gathering, Caitlin Jenner arrived, also in all white, to show the same kind of support that Kylie's shown her over the last year. (More on their current relationship in a few.)

Of course, we didn't attend just for the snacks and a Lip Kit of our choice. (Although snagging Candy K was a nice bonus.) We also had a laundry list of questions for the new queen of the lipstick game, which, naturally, we're sharing here.
R29: Congrats on such a successful launch today! What was the motivation to create this product?

Kylie Jenner: "So, I feel there has been so much attention on my lips, like, my whole life, but yeah, I’ve been obsessed with lipliners and lipsticks and I can’t leave the house without them, so probably just my obsession with it. And I wanted to take matters into my own hands and create my own and really give my fans and followers something, because I feel like everyone has been looking for the Kylie Jenner lip color, what exactly I use, and this is like my dream color."

R29: You're a pro when it comes to wearing products, but what were the challenges of actually creating one?

K.J.: "It’s all me and I literally went to the factories and sat with the chemists. There wasn’t really a struggle, it was just the waiting process [that was hard] and figuring out what exactly people would like and what would be on trend a few months later, but I just followed my heart I was sitting there. I would give them an idea of what I wanted, they would make it, then I would try it on and be like ‘Oh it needs more gray, or more pink.' Then they go back, make it right in front of my face. It was dope."

R29: What's next? Are you going to make more makeup?

"I am already thinking of more colors — that’s already in the works. I will always have these three colors, then I am hoping around Valentine’s Day to have more stuff."

R29: Your favorite color of the three?

"I think I like Candy K the best."

I am already thinking of more colors; that’s already in the works. I will always have these three colors then I am hoping around Valentine’s Day to have more stuff.

-Kylie Jenner
R29: What are your tips for applying the two products that come in each kit?

"I like to use a sugar scrub and a moisturizing balm before, while you do the rest of your makeup. Then I put it on. Put a matte chapstick in your bag, because after you wear it for a few hours it gets a little dry, so you always want to keep it moisturized."

R29: Do you line outside the lip line, or stick to the natural line?

K.J.: "I just line my lip line, but if you want a fuller effect you can line a little bit outside your lip line. Then I cover the whole lip with the lip liner."

R29: Speaking of beauty tricks, Snapchat is turning into a place to discover beauty trends, do you ever use it for beauty discoveries?

K.J.: "I know! I normally stalk people who do makeup stories on Snapchat about what they use. It’s interesting to see, but no crazy trends."

R29: What’s the last beauty trick that you learned?

K.J.: "I am starting to feel like less is more. I am not wearing less makeup right now, but for everyday I try to not do as much. I am trying not to wear lashes every day, to tone it down — it’s too much maintenance."

R29: You get to try so many products, but what are the top products that you actually finish and buy again?

K.J.: "Concealers and foundations; I like NARS concealers."

"I am starting to feel like less is more...for everyday I try to not do as much. I am trying not to wear lashes every day, to tone it down; it’s too much maintenance..."

-Kylie Jenner
R29: What are the top five makeup products you can’t live without?

K.J.: "A good mascara from Lancôme, a Charlotte Tilbury Foundation, a NARS concealer, I use the Kardashian Beauty Bronzer, and my lip kit!"

R29: I watched an interview where you said you're closest to Caitlin now. Has beauty played a part in that?

K.J.: "For sure! Beauty has played a big part in that — there are no more secrets, so it’s so much easier to hang out and we get to just talk about hair and makeup and it’s fun!"

R29: What's the most indulgent or exotic beauty treatment you’ve ever had or do?

K.J.: "Coconut oil is everything to me, I put it all over my body, in my hair, that’s the best."

R29: What's the furthest you've flown your glam squad?

K.J.: "Australia probably."

R29: Do you and your sisters ever fight about who gets [hairstylist] Jen Atkin?

K.J.: "Yeah we do! [Laughs] Khloe is obsessed with her, so she gets mad every time we use her. She’s just so good, that she doesn’t want anyone else to have her, but it’s all playing and fun and games."

R29: Are there any beauty treatments you regret?

K.J.: "Not really, I don’t do facials or anything like that."

R29: Really? Why don’t you ever do facials?

K.J.: "I have always heard that they’re bad. Kendall is a skin guru because she had acne when she was younger so she knows everything, so she told me not to get facials."

R29: What are your top skin-care products right now?

K.J.: "I am really into Kiehl’s right now, and Kendall’s dermatologist has a line of stuff that she makes, so I've been using her natural washes, too."

R29: Last question: The $50,000 dog...

K.J.: "That’s not my dog..."

R29: The Internet thinks it is!

K.J.: "No, it’s not mine, it’s just a friend of mine’s. But I actually haven’t seen that dog in a while. But it’s a pretty dog."

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