Give Back With These Awesome Gifts

Photo: Courtesy of TOMS.
The holidays are often a season for giving, not just to friends and family but also to people in need.

Some gifts allow you to check both those gift-wrapped boxes at once.

Whether you give a donation to a nonprofit in a friend's name or pick up a trinket crafted by artisans in developing countries, there is no shortage of options for presents with social impact. As if a gift that gives twice wasn't enough of a draw, these items are often one-of-a-kind or released in limited qualities. (Read: a perfect idea for that friend who has everything.)

An added bonus? Research shows giving to charity helps you feel good, too. So go ahead and add a few items to your shopping list for an extra perk this holiday season.

Click through for a collection of awesome gifts that give back to causes and communities around the globe.

No matter who you're shopping for, or what your budget is, Refinery29 has all the holiday picks you need right here.

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Photo: Courtesy of Read Between The Lines.
If you're still on the lookout for holiday cards, let us recommend Read Between The Lines. Their cards are beautiful and also offer a way give back. A percentage of your purchase goes to Mana Nutrition, a nonprofit addressing childhood malnutrition across the globe, and Rolling Dog Farm, which provides a loving home for disabled dogs and horses.

Read Between The Lines I Love Spending Christmas With You Card, $6, available at Read Between The Lines.

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Photo: Courtesy of RumbaTime.
Move over, friendship bracelets — friendship watches are in now. The RumbaTime Jane collection is designed with an interchangeable cotton braided strap, making it perfect for you and a friend to exchange watches often.

And your purchase helps the world, too! $2 from each sale will be donated to one of these organizations: GiveDirectly, which helps families living in extreme poverty in Uganda and Kenya; the Young Survival Coalition, an organization dedicated to helping young women diagnosed with breast cancer; Action Against Hunger, a global organization that helps impoverished communities become self-sufficient; and the Social Tees Animal Rescue, a New York City-based rescue group that saves more than 3,000 dogs, cats, birds, and exotic animals from kill shelters every year.

Jane Watch, $60, available at RumbaTime.

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Photo: Courtesy of ALEX AND ANI.
These bracelets are not only cute, but they can also help children reach their full potential. Alex and Ani will donate 20% of the purchase price from each piece to UNICEF initiatives that address the immediate needs of children affected by conflict and natural disasters, as well as to initiatives that focus on children's education and play to build a better future.

Alex and Ani
Kindred Cord World Peace Collection, $21; and Bright Future Charm Bangles, $28, available at Alex and Ani.
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Photo: Courtesy of Coca-Cola’s 5by20 collection.
You can help female entrepreneurs in every part of the world when you purchase an item through The Coca-Cola Company's 5by20 program. This initiative gives global exposure to female artisans and connects them with the training and tools they need to advance their businesses. This soda-can reindeer is made by Acacia Creations, a group based in Kenya. (All proceeds go to Acacia Creations.)

Acacia Creations Can Reindeer, $33, available at Coca-Cola.
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Photo: Courtesy of Oxfam.
This holiday season, give the gift of a goat. Seriously.

With a $50 donation, you can provide an animal to a family in need. And it can make a huge difference.

"A hardy goat is the gift of sustainability, which means fertilizer and food for families — especially those living in areas that cannot support less-durable critters," Oxfam Gifts' website reads.

The organization also has a list of other "symbolic" presents you can gift in someone's honor, including providing clean water to a group of people, helping plant a forest, and giving out books to kids in need. After you make your donation, the honoree receives a personalized card featuring your symbolic gift and explaining how it makes a difference.

Oxfam Gifts Goat, $50, available at Oxfam Gifts.
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Photo: Courtesy of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Who doesn't love a beautiful necklace that can help a good cause? The products sold through the online store for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital directly benefit the organization. According to its website, 100% of the profits (after all related expenses) aid St. Jude's. The gift shop has everything from jewelry to clothing to home products.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Chevron Beaded Layered Necklace, $25, available at St. Jude Giftshop.
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Photo: Courtesy of Vibes.
Listening to your favorite tunes can help others hear the world, too. For every pair of earplugs you purchase, Vibes will make a donation to the Hear the World Foundation, a charity that provides hearing aids, surgeries, and education to children and families in need worldwide.

Hi-Fidelity Earplugs, $23.99, available at Vibes.
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Photo: Courtesy of TOMS.
If you're looking for cute bands that fit your favorite high-tech timepiece, this is the time to consider the new Toms for Apple Watch bands. With each purchase made, Toms will provide one year of solar light to an individual or household in need.

for Apple Watch Bands, $49-$75, available at Toms.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Blonde Salad.
Purchasing a cute iPhone case can go a long way. A whopping 100% of sales from The Blonde Salad's Jelly Heart iPhone 6 Case will be donated to the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) to benefit its Countdown to a Cure for AIDS initiative.

The Blonde Salad
Jelly Heart iPhone 6 Case, $30, available at The Blonde Salad.
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Photo: Courtesy of St. Baldrick's Foundation.
Rocking a shaved head isn't the only way to help out St. Baldrick's Foundation with the work it does. All proceeds from the charity's online store go directly to promising studies that will help children with cancer.

St. Baldrick's Foundation Knit Cap, $15.95, available at St. Baldrick's Shop.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sh*t That I Knit.
Show your love for knitting and make the world a happier place with these beautiful Sh*t That I Knit hats. For each one purchased, the company, working in partnership with the Allyson Whitney Foundation, will donate a knitting kit for young adults fighting cancer.

Sh*t That I Knit
Gunn Beanie in Blacklist, $125, available at Sh*t That I Knit.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bordahan.
Do you need a new makeup bag? This one from Bordahan is handmade by women in the town of Anapla in the Philippines. "We are working to empower the native women of the Philippines to have the opportunity to send their children to school and provide for their families — most of the women we work with are widows and did not have a source of income before this cooperative was created," the company says on its Etsy site.

Makeup Bag, $25, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Oxfam.
Many refugees don't have access to basic needs such as clean water, hygiene kits, food, and shelter. With a $30 donation to Oxfam Gifts, you can make sure that you help alleviate the needs of at least one person. The organization also has a list of other "symbolic" gifts that can help make the world a better place (as we mentioned previously).

Oxfam Gifts "Support a Refugee" Gift, $30, available at Oxfam Gifts.
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Photo: Courtesy of Local+Lejos.
Help your favorite host share the love (and food) far beyond her living room. Local + Lejos features stylish home decor made by talented artisans around the world. The Neri Tray, for example, is handcrafted in Rwanda by members of the Kwizera Cooperative. Each sale allows the artist to add a chicken or a rabbit to her farm.

Kwizera Cooperative Neri Tray, $72, available at Local + Lejos.
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Don't let dress restrictions leave girls on the sidelines. A donation made through CARE helps provide culturally appropriate Islamic sportswear for female students in rural schools around the world. CARE, which recently got a shout-out from New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, features opportunities to donate to many different causes and campaigns. Search through topics that include education, agriculture, and one of our favorites, women's empowerment, to find the perfect altruistic gift for everyone on your list.

Care Culturally Appropriate Islamic Sports Wear for Girls in Secondary Rural Schools, $61, available at Care.
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Photo: Courtesy of OneHope.
Drink up for a worthy cause with a case of OneHope wine. A glass of the merlot, for example, can help prevent deadly diseases. OneHope says 2,000 children have been provided with medicine through its partnership with the nonprofit End 7.

OneHope California Merlot, $18.99, available at OneHope.
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Photo: Courtesy of Heifer International.
For a truly life-changing gift, try providing a farm animal to a family in need. Options offered through Heifer International range from rabbits ($60) to a heifer ($500). You can even donate a llama ($150) on behalf of that friend who was glued to the television during the great llama chase of 2015. If a full animal is beyond your budget, you can contribute a share. Either way, the impact will be lasting. "Giving an animal is like giving someone a small business, providing wool, milk, eggs, and more," Heifer says on its website. "Animal donations can provide families a hand up, increasing access to medicine, school, food, and a sustainable livelihood."

Heifer International Llama, $150, available at Heifer International.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sudara.
Sudara's chill T-shirts and comfy-but-cute pajamas help end sex slavery in India. That's a momentous task, given the high rate of human trafficking there — the country is home to an estimated more than 3 million sex workers, many of whom are believed to be victims of exploitation. Sudara forges partnerships with indigenous organizations to create sewing centers that employ survivors and "offer these women a fresh start and place to heal."

Sudara This Shirt Does Good, $32, available at Sudara.
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Photo: Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe/ Getty Images.
The refugee crisis that has displaced more than 19 million people worldwide isn't coming to an end anytime soon. As part of our ongoing coverage of the experience of refugees and the conflict in Syria, Refinery29 has partnered with USA for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to collect donations to help support those in need.

UNHCR, donate here.
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Photo: Courtesy of Charity : Water.
Because we can never have too many temporary tattoos, Tattly partnered with Charity : Water to create these teardrop tats. Sales support efforts to provide clean water to communities around the world.

Charity: Water/Tattly Temporary Tattoos (set of 2), $5, available at Charity: Water.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ten Thousand Villages.
A little glam can go a long way in brightening up our lives during the winter months. This black-and-gold vase was handcrafted in Peru through a partnership with the artisan group Allpa. It's available through Ten Thousand Villages, a nonprofit, fair-trade group that sells products made by disadvantaged artisans from around the world.

Ten Thousand Villages Black and Gold Striped Vases, $69-$89, available at Ten Thousand Villages.
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Photo: Courtesy of Brave Collection.
The Brave Collection features beautiful jewelry that is handmade by women in Cambodia. The artists, mostly mothers, "come from underprivileged backgrounds or suffer from disabilities," the company says. "All artists work in a free, fair, and dignified work environment where they are paid above-average wages and receive benefits such as health insurance and stipends for their children's education," the company says. Ten percent of the proceeds are used to combat human trafficking in Cambodia — a huge issue impacting women and girls there. This bracelet's lettering translates to "brave" in Cambodian.

The Brave Collection Teal, $38, available at The Brave Collection.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lunapads.
This one's a triple threat: practical, eco-friendly, and carrying a serious social impact. Lunapads, a company based in Canada, produces a wide array of reusable products to help manage menstrual flow. Purchases made through the company's One4Her partnership shop support a program that provides pads to girls and women in developing countries. That one pad can make a big difference — one in 10 girls in Africa misses school or drops out because of her period, according to one UNICEF estimate.

Lunapads Maxi Pad & Insert, $16.99, available at Lunapads.
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Photo: Courtesy of Girls Not Brides.
More than 700 million women living in the world today were married before the age of 18. A donation to a group such as Girls Not Brides can help girls like these across the globe escape that fate.

Girls Not Brides, donate here.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sseko Designs.
Sseko Designs' beautiful bags and sandals are helping women go to school. The fashion brand, which employs 50 women in Uganda, says it has helped at least 60 former employees go on to university. The leather used is derived from local sources, with more than 90% coming from subsistence farmers who allow cattle to live free-range. This bag flew off the (online) shelves after Sophia Bush was seen rocking one — but you can still back-order one from the next batch.

Sseko Designs Weekender Duffle Bag, $349, available at Sseko Designs.
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Photo: Courtesy of Accompany.
Because who doesn't need some sweet (and sustainably produced) shut-eye. The India-based company that makes this block-print masks wins ethical marks for its support of local artisans, use of wastewater recycling, and reliance on solar energy. The mask is one of loads of great gifts sold by Accompany, an online shop that curates beautiful and ethically sourced items from around the world.

Kerry Cassill Block Printed Eye Mask. $24, available at Accompany.
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Photo: Courtesy of Accompany.
No gift guide would be complete without one super-cute buy for the baby in your life. These booties, sold by Accompany, are handmade in Patagonia from natural materials. The female artisans behind the booties learn management skills and sustainable business practices as part of a model that has won international awards for design and social responsibility.

Chilote Baby Shoes, $49, available at Accompany.
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