Your Horoscope For This Week — Nov 08 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Passion, intrigue, and a side of sexy surprises: This week will be filled with all that and more. On Wednesday the 11th, the annual new moon in Scorpio charges up the skies. As the sultriest sign of the zodiac — and the most intense — this energy is not for the faint of heart and soul. Those “I can’t feel my face” connections heat up and we’ll all be playing for keeps. There could even be a visit from the green-eyed monster. But hey, his presence will alert us to the fact that we really ARE that into someone.

The urge to merge gets stronger on Thursday, when lusty Mars leaps into lovestruck Libra until January 3. Doubling up is the way to do it as 2015 winds down. If you think you’re better off alone, you’d better guess again. Mars’ companion Venus is also in Libra until December 3. Lock down your other half, whether for business, pleasure, or a creative collaboration. It might be necessary to lawyer up to create a signed contract or spring for a symbolic gesture of commitment like, say, a promise ring or a spare key to your studio apartment.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Scorpio season 1 has arrived! And it starts with a supernova-style bang, thanks to Wednesday’s new moon in your sign. Hit the refresh button on your life, because it’s time to leave your old self behind and step into a bright future. Yes, this CAN be bittersweet, especially if you’ve been riding high on a past success. But you can only get juice from those fumes for so long. A new talent is waiting to emerge. It’s time to put your focus there and start developing it in earnest. You’ll see impressive results by the corresponding Scorpio FULL moon next April 22. P.S.: You might start this voyage independently so that your vision remains 100% pure you.

Making these kinds of changes is never easy, so line up some support for the mission. On Thursday, motivator Mars blasts into your 12th house of guardian angels and helpful guides until January 3. A therapist, life coach, or mentor could make a great sherpa — someone who can help you untangle your complex emotions and help you turn lemons into lemonade. The rest of the year could also be a giant clean-up mission. Hew the toxic poseurs from your friend lists and make some charitable donations of your never-gonna-use-'em-again goods.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
So over it, Sagittarius — or still hanging on? This week, it might be a mix of both. But Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio and your 12th house of healing and transitions gives you the courage to cut a toxic situation loose. While you don’t have to bolt for the hills, you can gracefully extricate yourself, making sure to be gone by the corresponding full moon next April 22. (And hopefully, long before then.) You might do time on the therapist’s couch or put a firmer boundary in place with someone who’s been blurring (or flat-out crossing) lines. There’s no better time for a decluttering mission. Follow the urge to purge, but keep those empty shelves free and clear instead of racing to replace.

Don’t feel bad about cutting off a frenemy — or five. Your popularity is headed skyward come Thursday, when energizer Mars zips into your 11th house of teamwork and technology until January 3. New, stimulating social encounters will pop up at every turn — and with people who rev you up intellectually. Your activist streak will be fired up, too. Consider hosting a holiday fundraiser to generate funds for an important cause or even a political candidate. An online venture could consume you as 2015 wraps. Don’t waste all that talent and good thought on fly-by-night Snapchats. Start your own YouTube channel, blog, or podcast, instead.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Let the social networking begin! Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio activates your 11th house of friendship and group activities. After a season of work, work, and more work, you are ready for some variety. Besides having fun for fun’s sake (a must!), you can lift the burden by turning your soloventures into team efforts. Why hustle so hard when many hands make light work? Better you should share some of the glory than arrive at the finish line bedraggled and burnt out. Don’t know any qualified collaborators? This new moon helps you find your tribe or become an official member of a group that feels like your extended fam. This is a powerful day to start a web venture, like a blog or your own Etsy shop.

But don’t trek TOO far away from your desk. On Thursday, go-getter Mars zips into Libra, lighting up your ambitious 10th house until January 3. You could wrap 2015 with a major feather in your cap. The key is to focus on your top goal (okay, maybe two) and focus your energy there. Mars can be stressful, too, more reason to ensure that you’re delegating to Team Capricorn and taking regular breaks to blow off steam. Your relationship with a key male figure could become lively and energetic. But you’ll butt heads, too, so make sure to take cool-down breaks when conversations get tense.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Aim higher, Aquarius. Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio and your ambitious 10th house kicks your career into high gear. One of your unique interests could turn into an enterprising moneymaker — and quite possibly your full-time job over the coming six months. But regardless of how this ladder-climbing phase pans out, remember this: it’s all about who you know. Connecting with the movers and shakers is a must for getting ahead now. This week you could make that killer contact or be ushered into an elite circle. Even if you have to play celebrity apprentice to a superstar to pay your dues, what you learn along the way will be priceless.

Your jet-setting goals heat up on Thursday, when thrill-seeker Mars moves into your travel zone until January 3. “Home for the holidays” will NOT be your jam this year — unless you’re grabbing your passport and visiting your relatives overseas or maybe renting a ski house with your inner circle and feasting there. Your sporty side takes the wheel, too, so get involved in a new activity. From hot yoga to hitting the powder, you’ll have a lot of excess energy that needs to be moved through your body now.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Viva Las Vegas! Your gambling instincts are back at the wheel this week, thanks to Wednesday’s new moon in your venturesome ninth house. Roll the dice on intriguing opportunities, especially those involving travel, study, or working independently. You may hear from a long-distance contact this week — even someone with a work offer. Google Hangouts are great, but if you really want to enjoy each other’s company (or make a business deal), why not meet in person? Price out plane tickets. If you can’t leave this week, pick an upcoming date, then hit “Book Now.” Cross-cultural connections click with ease this week, too. Keep your ears perked for intriguing accents and meet friends for happy hour and cool hotel bars. Someone traveling through your hometown could be the lucky connection you’ve been waiting to make.

On Thursday, passionate Mars cranks up your mojo, catwalking into Libra and your erotic eighth house until January 4. With his companion Venus parked there until December 4, you could wrap 2015 on a seriously seductive note. Tune in to your body — and if you’re feeling out of touch with your physical form, o’ daydream believer, incorporate more sensual movement into your days, like dancing and yoga flow. Existing relationships become more exclusive. You want it all and you’re playing for keeps. Choose partners wisely, because they won’t be quick to leave your side. Also: Beware the green-eyed monster. Jealousy could intensify before the year is through, but reacting to those quick-fire emotions is never a wise move. Get the facts first!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Grab your Wild Unknown tarot deck. Your mystical nature is awakened on Wednesday, thanks to the new moon in Scorpio and your psychic eighth house. With intuition this sharp, you could give the corner psychic a run for her five-dollar readings. Trust your gut, even if the choices you make this week don’t make sense on paper. This new moon is ultra-sexy, too! Refresh your lingerie drawer and get moving. Physical activity — dancing especially — awakens the slumbering siren.

Commitment isn’t your indie-spirited sign’s favorite word, but this new moon will tantalize with an offer that’s too good to refuse. On Thursday, there will be another push for partnership when your ruling planet Mars leaps into Libra (your relationship sign) until January 3. Join forces for business, pleasure, or a truly artistic collab. The right partner for you is someone who keeps you guessing. Anyone too obvious will just bore you to tears. If money is involved — from co-signing a lease to plunking down funds for a start-up biz — make sure both of your names are on the paperwork. Venus is also in Libra until December 4, so the next few weeks could bring epic developments for your love life!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Start casting for that missing puzzle piece. Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio activates your partnership house, giving you the urge to double up. Instead of looking for a clone, follow the rule of opposites attract. You’ll soar farther with someone who can pick up where you leave off. Be patient: It could take until the corresponding full moon next April 22 for relationships to reach their fullest potential. Already half of a power couple? Find new ways to collaborate and co-create. You might even start a business together or ring in 2016 together in a far-flung locale.

On Thursday, roll of the sleeves of your chunky knit turtleneck — and keep the gym bag close at hand. Motivator Mars heads into your sixth house of daily routines and health until January 3, ensuring that you’ll close 2015 on a busy note. While you won’t see insta-results, stay dedicated to your deskwork and your Pilates practice. Little efforts add up into big results. And while this might feel like an inconvenient time for a health kick, plan ahead and you can enjoy the seasonal treats with a more nourishing twist.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Yoga-pants chic is your style M.O. this week, Gem. Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio activates your sixth house of well being. Bring on the vitality-boosting routines — move your body more often and make sure your plate contains as many roasted greens as it does bacon-topped burgers. You might even change (or finally get) health insurance providers before the calendar year is through. Work will get busy, too, and a new project — or even a new gig — could land in your lap. You may feel like a fish out of water with this one, but relax: what you don’t already know, you’ll learn along the way. Plus, you’ll have until the corresponding full moon next April 22 to really get this on lock.

And don’t worry: Your Louboutins will get as much of a workout as your Lululemons as 2015 winds down. On Thursday, passionate Mars zips into your flamboyant and amorous fifth house for eight weeks. Santa, baby! Your love corner is heating up and a sexy someone could soon be, erm, “sliding down the chimney,” bearing gifts. Want to get your work in the public eye? Perform, pitch, present! All the world’s your stage until January 3!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Kick up the heels of your suede over-the-knee boots. Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio electrifies your flamboyant fifth house. Shyness, be damned: You’ll be blowing up your own Instagram feed with selfies before the week is through. And why not, Cancer? People will watch you with hopeless fascination now. This is an optimal time for putting your work into the public eye or diving into the development of a project that will bring you major street cred by the corresponding full moon on April 22, 2016. The stars shine brightly on your love life this week, too, and the new moon may bring surprising romantic developments. Who knew THAT person had been observing you so affectionately? You could be pleasantly surprised by the revelation of a secret crush. Have you been the one secretly adoring someone from a distance? Show your hand this week and find out if the attraction is reciprocal.

Home and family life demand attention come Thursday, when energizer Mars heads into Libra and your domestic sphere until January 3. This can be a mixed bag. On the one hand, Mars can spur lively interactions with your inner circle. A spontaneous girls’ trip could become your favorite memory of 2015. But the red planet can ratchet up stress, too. Do your part to ensure that family feuds don’t take down the holidays. If you need to clear the air with a relative (or just agree to disagree), don’t wait until the turkey’s being carved to address the conflict.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Break out the slow cooker, queue up the Netflix picks. Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio activates the domestic diva in you. Make sure your lion’s den is a sanctuary you love retreating to. Rearrange furniture so that your space is functional for your current lifestyle — and that you have enough privacy, too. It might be time for a “house rules” convo with your roomies. Take the lead on this. If you’re looking for a new place to call home, start the search in earnest. You could be renting the U-Haul before 2015 is through. New female friends may pop up this week, too — or, start a search for an upgraded girl gang.

Your social side pops out to play on Thursday when go-getter Mars moves into your garrulous third house until January 3. Just because you’re hibernating doesn’t mean you have to hang out in your den alone. Chateau Leo could become ground zero for the good times over the next eight weeks. If you’re THAT domestically inclined, you might even host a Thanksgiving dinner or one a day later for the “orphans” who aren’t heading home for the holidays. With Mars here until 2016, keep your radar on for strategic partnerships. Working with kindred spirits can help you reach the finish line faster.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Think locally, Virgo. Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio energizes your third house of hometown happenings. You won’t have to search far to find entertainment; in fact, you’ll probably discover that you’ve been overlooking the obvious. You don’t always have to rock the Beats when commuting to work or waiting for your morning Americano. This is a week where talking to strangers could pay unanticipated dividends. Kindred spirits — one who even has BFF potential — could crop up. Let the friendship build organically. You might even become business partners or bandmates by the corresponding full moon next April 22.

Keep your eye on the bottom line, too. On Thursday, go-getter Mars leaves your sign and moves on to Libra, the ruler of your financial house. This helps you monetize all the grand schemes you’ve dreamed up over the past couple months. Have you been undervaluing what you have to offer or even letting people pay you less than you deserve? Step up your game and polish up your presentation. A little extra effort could line you up beautifully for an end-of-year promotion, even a new job. But it makes no difference if you burn it as fast as you earn it. Pay attention to your outflow, too — retail therapy could get out of control with impulsive Mars here.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Bring on the practical magic! Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio and your grounded second house helps you get life back into a neatly ordered groove. Focus on the bottom line — especially when it comes to your budget. You may have to tighten up the old belt for a minute in order to stabilize your universe. This new moon could also bring word of an intriguing job opportunity. If you’re happy at your current gig, talk to corporate about ways you might move up the ladder. This is the beginning of a six-month cycle of prosperity for you. Take the initiative and sign up for training that can take your skills from good to great.

On Thursday, passionate Mars zips into Libra until January 3, helping you wrap 2015 on a seriously exciting note. While you’re partnership-oriented by nature, you have permission to put yourself first. Hey, it’s not selfish; when you lock down your new opportunity, you can bring your squad along for the ride. But first, tend to your own garden, Libra, and make sure your game is tight. In love, you’ll be quite the firecracker, craving adventure and high-stakes romance — the kind that can be written into a steamy chapter of your future memoirs. With Venus also in Libra until December 4, the next few weeks could be a full-on romantic renaissance for you! Watch your temper and your impulsive streak, though, or you could wind up burning bridges or bedding a bad boy who shreds your tender heart.