5 Cheap & Easy Halloween Costumes To Make Last-Minute

Photographed by Ruben Chamorro.
There's nothing like waking up on October 31 and realizing you still don't have a costume for that evening's Halloween bash. At that point, store selections are likely picked over, and you're probably fresh out of ideas. So how do you solve this Hallow's Eve conundrum?

Believe it or not, easy, cheap, and awesome costumes are actually hiding right in front of your eyes — be it at your local drugstore or supermarket, or even in your own closet. And since dressing up shouldn't sap your energy or dry up your bank account, we sent five Refinery29 staffers to find the low-maintenance Halloween looks of their dreams. And if we say so ourselves, we think this group has proven that the best costumes are the ones that look like they took tons of effort and thought — but were actually thrown together in minutes, and with less than $30.

You've only a few days left to get your spook on, so click through for some serious last-minute inspiration. Whether you put these outfits together ahead of time, or wait until the day-of (hey, we don't blame you!), you've got a surefire Halloween win.
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Photographed by Ruben Chamorro.
Yeezy Season 2 Model
Kanye West's latest Yeezy collection for Adidas may have been met with mixed reviews, but if there's one thing it is, it's undeniably recognizable. The all-nude, Spanx-like line is incredibly easy to copy with a few easy-to-find pieces — think bodysuits, tights, and other undergarments available basically anywhere (we found ours at American Apparel). The accessories (like a baseball hat and combat boots) are most likely already hiding in your closet. Plus, no one will have any idea your $26 ensemble isn't actually worth an arm and a leg. Spend the evening sporting your best pout and blasting "Fade" on repeat and there you go: You're a shining member of West's tribe.
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Photographed by Ruben Chamorro.
You know the saying, when life gives you lemons...throw on a sundress and turn it into the cutest costume around. With so much darkness and fright surrounding Halloween, why not brighten up the party by getting a little punny? Simply grab a basket of lemons (that can easily be purchased at your local grocery store or corner bodega) and pull out your favorite floral frock for one last rodeo before it really becomes too cold. #YOLO.
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Photographed by Ruben Chamorro.
The Professional Bruncher
Mimosas? Check. Valencia filter? Check. Pajamas that double as Sunday wear? Check, check, check. It's no secret that brunch has become so much more than a meal — it's a lifestyle. So why not embrace it (and show your love for all things sunny-side-up) by going as a serious brunch maven (or really, as yourself the morning after). It's comfy, it's practical, and it requires pretty much no effort beyond locating a Champagne glass. And, no one can call you out for being on your phone all evening — Snapchatting is part of your costume, duh.
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Photographed by Ruben Chamorro.
Beyoncé in "7/11"
Members of the Beyhive: This one's for you. When Beyoncé released her viral, shot on an iPhone music video for "7/11," the internet went nuts. She was dancing in pajamas, spinning with her hands up, and essentially doing what she does best: making everyone want to be just like her. If you were one of the many people who purchased the Kale sweatshirt from the vid, you know what to do. (If not, buy a plain version and stencil the letters on yourself.) Rock it with some leopard pajama bottoms, and top off the look by scoring a pair of knee pads from a nearby sporting goods store. Next thing you know, you'll be waving your hands from side-to-side — and being the hit of the party.
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Photographed by Ruben Chamorro.
Elaine Benes
Why go as Carrie Bradshaw or Rachel Green when you can dress as Seinfeld's leading lady, one of the funniest fictional New Yorkers to ever grace the small screen? With a so-'90s look (long floral frocks, blazers with massive shoulder pads), Elaine Benes is our unsung Halloween hero — and not just because a variety of her ensembles somehow already exist in many of our wardrobes (thank you, grunge comeback). Raise your hand if you're all about a costume that costs NO money? Yup, we know Elaine would have loved it, too.