30 Times An ANTM Tyra GIF Was Your Only Response To Life

You never thought this day would come.

Or maybe you thought it already had?

After 12 years on the air, America's Next Top Model is officially coming to an end. The girl or guy crowned at the end of cycle 22 (22!) will be the series' final winner. (Yes, ANTM ditched its gender bias back in cycle 20.)

While some contestants who've competed on the show over the past decade-plus have found some degree of success, others have quickly receded into the unknown. The panel of judges has been through its share of talent, too. After debonair Brit photog Nigel Barker and OG supermodel Janice Dickinson came mono-moniker wonders Twiggy and Bryanboy, and finally PR lioness Kelly Cutrone and runway-diva extraordinaire, Miss Jay.

But, let's be honest. There has only ever been one star on this show. She's the kooky, fierce, chameleon-faced, smizing Harvard graduate who came to second-tier network TV with a dream: to invent her own lexicon, give young, striving models their moment in the reality spotlight (Lisa D'Amato in a salad bowl, anyone?), and bestow upon the internet the most precious treasure trove of GIFs it has ever known.

If you've experienced a feeling, chances are, Tyra Banks has flexed her face into its perfect distillation. Ahead, 30 times a Tyra GIF perfectly captured the moment.

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When you arrived on day one, and the other contestants didn't know you were already signed to five agencies.
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When you came to panel sporting a fishtail braid and a cutout top, because Tyra likes fishtail braids and cutout tops.
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When your iPhone slipped into the rapids mid-selfie, but she had your back.
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When Tyra stole your dream of becoming Carrie Bradshaw.
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Image: Via plumkat.tumblr.com.
When Janice got handsy and almost snatched off your makeover 'do.
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When your hot-mess photo almost landed you in the bottom two, but Tyra still had faith.
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When you couldn't eat without thinking about booty tooching.
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When all else failed, and Tyra channeled Mary Katherine Gallagher to get you to smize already.
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When Tyra initiated you into the Beygency.
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When she told you that your photo was heinous, but then took it back.
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When you ate all the granola bars in the house, and Tyra knew why.
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When you dressed up as Elvis Costello for the house Halloween party, and stole all the favors on your way out.
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When Tyra demonstrated how you took the circus theme too far on this week's shoot.
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When Tyra taught you how to do it all.
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When you took the judges' advice and won best photo next panel.
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And again the following week.
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When you walked into the Tyra Suite and put your victory playlist on your sponsored mobile device.
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When you walked down to breakfast the morning after winning best photo two weeks in a row.
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When you heard someone trash-talking you in the house and stopped pretending not to listen.
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When you realized that your best friend in the house might be immediately returning there to pack her bags.
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When Tyra found the perfect word for that je ne sais quoi you bring to the runway.
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When you got called out for copping Mick Jagger's face in addition to his moves.
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When Tyra demonstrated how to channel Rob Zombie while staying fierce for the camera.
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When you remembered that Ariana Grande has a trailblazer to thank.
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When you realized that Tyra is your Abu.
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When you lost your way, and Tyra lost it.
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When she apologized for going too far.
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When Tyra told you it was time to stop and smell the roses.
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When you finally realized that Tyra is actually Yoda.
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When Tyra told you it was time to bid farewell to ANTM.
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Image: Via rapi.tumblr.com.
When you realized she was serious.