Your Horoscope For This Week — Oct 18 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Monitor the gag reflexes: The PDA is going around like a pandemic this week. Yep, love is in the air as the sun rounds out its month-long tour of luxuriating Libra. On Friday, the solar power gets handed to Scorpio until November 22, reinstating our privacy policies. What happens behind closed doors this weekend could be utterly scandalous. But shh! Scorpio hookups are meant to stay locked in the vault.

And if those solar flares aren’t shooting off enough sparks, get ready for Sunday! Live-out-loud Jupiter and passionate Venus make an exact connection in Virgo, turning the weekend into an extended honeymoon. There could be some candid confessions, too, as Jupiter brings big doses of truth serum. This is actually the third time these two planets will sing a duet in 2015. They already met up in Leo on July 1 and August 4. What transpires this weekend could be the final act in a trilogy of events that have been playing out since the summer.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Let them eat cake! Then, get ready to grab your slice. The Festival of Scorpio (a.k.a. birthday season) begins on Friday, when the sun swoops into your sign for a month. It’s like the stars are hitting the refresh button on your life — you’ll feel energized, adventurous, and ready to explore new horizons. Hello, supernova! Because you really don’t need to drag any baggage along, devote the first half of the week to cleaning house. By Friday, make it your mission to tie up loose ends on fall projects, streamline your wardrobe, and purge toxic frenemies from your feed (and maybe the selfie addicts who insist on snapping a picture every time they buy a Pumpkin Spice Latte).

On Sunday, a sultry conjunction between Jupiter and Venus energizes your 11th house of technology. Looking for love? Swipe, and ye shall find. You could meet your match on Tinder, or even through a social media connection. Or let friends play matchmaker. Jumping into group activities can shuttle you right into the arms of amour this weekend. Already attached? Team up with your sweetie as social organizers, and unite your respective entourages for an epic weekend celebration.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Got some #squadgoals to accomplish? Teamwork is a must in the first half of the week, as the sun rounds out its annual tour of Libra and your 11th house of community. Lock in a collaboration, finish a group project…and, hey, how about uniting your crew into group-themed Halloween costumes? Learning new software or posting on social media could consume you, too — and you could make an amazing connection online. On Friday, however, your extroverted nature turns inward as the sun slips into Scorpio and your 12th house of rest and rejuvenation until November 22. This is the month before your birthday, Sagittarius — a time best used for recharging and decluttering. What (and maybe who) do you need to release before your next year of life? Hit the spa first, and then attack your junk drawers.

On Sunday, your ruling planet Jupiter meets up with cosmic creatrix Venus in your ambitious 10th house — the third of three unions in 2015. Power-couple fantasies dance through your head. Who do you want to team up with, both in the bedroom and the boardroom? Make sure you’re aiming high enough. No settling allowed! If you have “convinced” yourself that a player is actually a prince (or an amateur is actually an ace), the weekend could bring a long-overdue wakeup call. Coupled? Map out goals together — what does the next level look like for the two of you? You might even team up for a business-related project.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
This week is like a mullet, Capricorn: #BusinessInTheFrontPartyInTheBack. With the sun hunkered down in your career house until Friday, keep pulling out your best moves. You could wrap up the workweek with a crazy-impressive feather in your cap. And just in time for the weekend, the sun shifts into sizzling Scorpio, lighting up your 11th house of social networking until November 22. Popularity soars, and you’ll be utterly magnetic. Radar in on the people you WANT to meet, so as not to attract too many randos. Your time is precious, after all. Geek out, too. The 11th house is the tech sector, making this the time to become a Periscope superstar, kick off a web venture, learn software, or FINALLY replace that phone with the cracked screen with a shiny, new model.

Sunday is an epic day for love! Super-sizer Jupiter and heart-thumping Venus meet up for the third of three power dates in 2015. This time, they join forces in Virgo and your ninth house of travel. A vacation or cross-cultural romance could erupt under this spicy star map. Ooh-la-la. Need to bring back the magic? Take off for a trip with the one you adore. Exploring a new corner of the world together is a total aphrodisiac. If you’re ready to break free of a confining relationship, work situation, or other restrictive engagement, this is your week to leap. No one can clip a Capricorn’s wings; you need to soar without inhibitions.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Give yourself a looong leash this week, Aquarius. Until Friday, the sun keeps blazing in Libra and your ninth house of travel, independence, and adventure. Don’t wait another minute to book that epic vacation you keep obsessing over. Even if you don’t board a flight for a few months, knowing that you’ve locked it into your future will keep you lit up about life. The Aquarius ambassador is in the house! Connect cross-culturally this week, too, making a point to build bridges with people from different backgrounds. After Friday, you’ll trade in your backpack for a sleek crossbody bag — one that’s large enough to hold your laptop and files. With the sun moving on to Scorpio and lighting up your ambitious 10th house until November 22, your career kicks into high gear! One of your unique interests could turn into an enterprising moneymaker, with you as the CEO. During this unapologetic ladder-climbing phase, remember this: It’s all about who you know. Connecting with the movers and shakers is a must for getting ahead now.

On Sunday, keep the Do Not Disturb sign at the ready. A sultry connection between Venus and Jupiter (the third of three in 2015) super-sizes your sex appeal. Sparks could fly with a cutie from a different culture, or you could take “vacation romance” to a new level. (“Hey baby, wanna stamp my passport book?” has a ring to it, yeah?) This cosmic confab doses you with truth serum, too. Your pillow talk could get pretty real this weekend. But, hey, touchy subjects are sometimes best discussed in bed — in this case, AFTER you've done the wild thing.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Jealous much? The green-eyed monster could pay you a visit early this week. Don’t brush him off — or pull a classic Pisces disappearing act on the person who’s making you so edgy. Instead, explore the emotions. Maybe there IS a secret that needs to be brought to light. Or maybe, your envy is just a guide to something YOU want to manifest in your own life. On Friday, the sun sweeps into Scorpio for a month giving you the courage to address the pink elephant in the room of your psyche. Honesty will be the best policy. Your entrepreneurial nature kicks into high gear, too. If you DO want to remix your nemesis' jam (and do it SO much better, naturally), get into action and start developing your dreams!

Sunday brings some major heart-opening moments. Swoon! Romantic Venus sails alongside super-sizer Jupiter in your relationship house, giving you the courage to leap in the name of love. A weekend getaway could bring an unexpected love connection — or a chance for coupled Pisces to really reconnect. If you’re ready to take a gamble, do. Without risk, there can be no romantic reward. There could also be a moment of truth, one that forever changes the course of a relationship. You simply can’t hide the way you feel now, whether you’re bubbling over with bliss or stewing in frustration. Warning: Although Venus brings the gift of diplomacy, Jupiter makes us prone to tactlessness. Before you unleash a from-the-heart diatribe, make sure your words are constructive and proactive. Instead of harping on what’s wrong, paint a picture of the ideal future you’d like to co-create.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Relationships are the hot topic of the week for Aries — and the vibes grow more intense by the weekend. Until Friday, the sun lingers in Libra and your laid-back-but-lovin’ seventh house. Do you need to strike a compromise or dig for win-wins? Sit down for a heart-opening dialogue early in the week. On Friday, the sun moves on to Scorpio until November 22 and the only shades of grey you’ll consider are ones involving an E. L. James-inspired bondage scene. If negotiations don’t go well early in the week, you’ll need to lay down an ultimatum over the weekend. Keep it simple: Are you in or are you out? The Scorpio sun makes you a bedroom ninja, too, but save your best moves for someone you REALLY like. Lust and trust are a package deal starting Friday.

On Sunday, romantic Venus and larger-than-life Jupiter host their third of three meet-cutes of 2015. This time, they hook up in Virgo and your stability-loving sixth house. Let’s be honest: Unhealthy relationships (and friendships) cause stress and can affect your wellbeing. But vibrant, affirming ones can take you higher. The Venus-Jupiter duo helps you radar in on people who love and care for themselves — and, by extension, will understand how to treat you like gold. LBD not required here…so keep on rocking the yoga pants. Sparks could fly while you’re at the gym, or even doing a volunteer shift. If you’re in a relationship, be each other’s fitness buddies. After an energizing cardio class, you can medal in bedroom bobsledding together.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Bring on the DIY magic! With the sun beaming through Libra and your crafty sixth house until Friday, inspiration could strike for your 2015 Halloween costume. Add those bespoke touches — maybe some battery-operated string lights, even — and it’s Taurus FTW. Think about pairing up for a couples’ or BFF themed costume, too. On Friday, the sun heads into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships for a month, making two your magic number. Single? Follow the rule of "opposites attract," instead of casting a partner who could be your twin. Your perfect complement could appear over the next month. Already half of a power-couple? Find new ways to collaborate and co-create. You might even start a business — or a band — together.

A big, BIG love is in the stars for you this weekend! On Sunday, amorous Venus sings a dynamic duet with larger-than-life Jupiter, cranking up the passion factor in your life. Forget about holding back your feelings. Instead, let the truth come rushing out. Awkward and fumbly as it may be, it’ll still flatter the object of your affections. You might even make a public declaration…just make sure your sweetie isn’t the type to get embarrassed by a social media serenade. Single? Wander beyond your usual haunts. You could meet your winter lover while traveling or checking out a new neighborhood. Don’t be surprised if this person comes from a different background than you. #LoveWins
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
No one puts Gemini in the corner! With the sun blazing in Libra and your flamboyant fifth house until Friday, fame is yours for the taking. Pump up the volume on your self-promotional efforts using social media — and your sparkling IRL personality. If you want to be discovered, you have to be easy to find! The sun decamps to Scorpio and your sixth house of healthy routines on Friday, switching it up from your Louboutins to your Lululemons. Scale back on socializing, so you have time to hit that Core Power class and make yourself a proper dinner every now and again. Work will get busy! Be proactive, and go after projects that speak to your soul. Daily, dedicated efforts will pay off over the next month. You'll want to impress the people who can take you higher.

On Sunday, decadent Venus and jet-setting Jupiter align in your domestic sector, awakening your nesting instincts. Sweet home Alabama? Or would that be Echo Park, Portland, or maybe São Paulo? Where you hang your fedora DOES matter, Gemini, especially when it comes to your happiness. If you’re not at peace in your zip code, start the search for a new address — or even a "home away from home," if moving isn’t an option right now. Love where you live? Wrap up the week with a killer dinner party. Keep the guest list small and exclusive. If your cooking skills aren’t up to speed, you can always order in and wow with a signature cocktail. Boozy cider, perhaps?
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Keep the cozy vibes going during the workweek. The sun is winding down its month-long tour of Libra and your domestic fourth house. Indulge in hardcore nesting; clear out that Netflix queue. On Friday, you’ll be rested and ready to kick up the heels of your shiny, silver ankle boots! On Friday, the sun shimmies into Scorpio and your festive, flamboyant, and flirtatious fifth house. Express your artistic flair through your style. Wearing your wild side on your sleeve (literally) is the way to attract compatible people into your orbit — the ones who see the TRUE you. All the world is your talent show from Friday until November 22. Regale people with your gifts and creativity. You have the green light to show off and promote.

On Sunday, super-sizer Jupiter has a meet-cute with Venus (a.k.a. the cosmic coquette) in your third house of communication. Their united front helps you flirt like a boss, something your shy sign can struggle with. Use this gift of gab to invite a crush to hang out. And if you feel like sending over a sultry Snapchat, Jupiter buoys your courage. Just keep it PG-13 to avoid #regrets on Monday. Since Venus rules women, you could finally break the ice with a new female friend this weekend.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Home? Where’s that? Social-butterfly status is still yours until Friday, as the sun winds down a tour of Libra and your garrulous third house. You have places to go and people to see — and meet — so devote this workweek to networking like a pro. Chateau Leo lures you back on Friday, when the sun embarks on a month-long tour through Scorpio and your domestic fourth house. Break out the slow cooker, load up the Netflix queue, and tuck into your coziest slippers. Lions DO hibernate in the winter, after all, so hunkering down at home just makes sense. (Don’t worry, a month from now you’ll be ready to deck the halls again.) If you’re in the market for a move, get friendly with the real estate section this week. Your dream address could appear by November 22. This is a time to be a savvy saver, instead of blowing every paycheck on holiday gifts. With these tips, you could even tuck away $1,000 by the end of 2015!

On Sunday, charming Venus and lucky Jupiter stride hand-in-hand through your sensual second house. Set your Spotify to a slow-jams station, because you could spend the entire weekend in bed. Whether you’re curled up with a cutie or your cat, allow yourself to luxuriate all weekend long. Moving at a slower pace isn’t exactly the Leo way, but you’ll be amazed at how much richer every experience is when you take time to savor the moment. The perfect date night? Cooking dinner with that special someone, and then feeding each other dessert in bed.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Keep your nose to the grindstone early this week. The sun lingers in Libra and your second house of work and practical magic. The little efforts you make will pay off! On Friday, you’ll burst out of the cocoon again as the sun moves on to Scorpio and your third house of friendship and local activity. You won’t have to search far to find what you need; in fact, you might just discover that you’ve been overlooking the obvious. Lower the volume on your Beats when commuting to work or waiting for your morning Americano. Talking to strangers is exactly what you SHOULD be doing between now and November 22 — especially ones with a “Scorpionic” flavor. Think: flashing eyes, dashing charm, tattoos, and an air of mystery. This solar cycle could inspire you to start a business in your own home — like enterprising designer LaQuan Smith, who kicked off his fashion empire in Queens.

On Sunday, charming Venus and in-your-face Jupiter align in Virgo, making you fiercer than Bey and Nicki rolled into one. (Feeling Myself? Uh, yeah.) You’re a heat-seeking missile this weekend, so radar in on someone who truly lights your fire. And no apologies for doing you: This cosmic conjunction is all about celebrating yourself and living loud and proud as the individual you are. Will everyone on Planet Earth be able to handle full-frontal Virgo? Absolutely not. But why waste time with people who try to dim your bright light? Your social circle may shrink a little, but you’ll have quality over quantity — and that’s what really counts.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Ever since the sun zipped into Libra on September 22, you’ve been as popular as a Pumpkin Spice Latte (insider’s orange sleeve and all). Keep on reveling in it, because your 2015 birthday season lasts for five more days. #HaveYourCake on Friday: The sun moves on to Scorpio and your practical second house until November 22, helping you get your shit together once again. Ignore the messy piles and unanswered emails until the weekend, but plan on using your Saturday and Sunday to clear through the rubble. Work will pick up steam again, and you could get word of a job offer by November 22. Be proactive: Polish up your résumé and LinkedIn profile — if only to set yourself up for a promotion at the gig you already have.

On Sunday, your ruling star Venus (planet of love, beauty, and style) joins forces with expansive Jupiter in Virgo and your fantasy-fueled 12th house. Fairy-tale moments could color your weekend. Reserve a pair of concert tickets and a candlelit restaurant booth for Saturday night. (A fine reward for a day of filing, decluttering, and budgeting.) Since the 12th house also rules healing and goodbyes, you might even do a ceremonial farewell to an ex. Write a letter to get out all your feelings. BUT burn it (safely), instead of actually sending it. While you’re at it, toss out the cards, photos, and Fetty Wap tee…the one that still smells faintly of cologne and pheromones.