Proof That Carrie Bradshaw's Outfits Were Totally Unrealistic

Photo: Brian Ach/ WireImage/ Getty Images.
This story was originally published October 15, 2015.

One oft-quoted line from Sex and the City is Carrie's confession that she has spent $40,000 on shoes. While we haven't calculated how much we've spent on footwear over the course of a lifetime, $40,000 does seem steep.

There are at least a few things that SATC gets right about NYC. But it's safe to say that its portrayal of a journalist's fashion budget is far from realistic. Fur coats, Dior dresses, and a steady stream of Manolos and Louboutins? Please.

But of course, we wanted concrete proof. We chatted with shopping startup The Take to calculate just how much money a typical Carrie outfit costs. Surprise, surprise, those Ralph Lauren suits are not cheap. Click through to see what the most expensive item is for each of these iconic outfits.