Proof That Carrie Bradshaw's Outfits Were Totally Unrealistic

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This story was originally published October 15, 2015.

One oft-quoted line from Sex and the City is Carrie's confession that she has spent $40,000 on shoes. While we haven't calculated how much we've spent on footwear over the course of a lifetime, $40,000 does seem steep.

There are at least a few things that SATC gets right about NYC. But it's safe to say that its portrayal of a journalist's fashion budget is far from realistic. Fur coats, Dior dresses, and a steady stream of Manolos and Louboutins? Please.

But of course, we wanted concrete proof. We chatted with shopping startup The Take to calculate just how much money a typical Carrie outfit costs. Surprise, surprise, those Ralph Lauren suits are not cheap. Click through to see what the most expensive item is for each of these iconic outfits.
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The Classic Fur Coat (Season 6, Episode 20, February 2004)
This is a Carrie classic — a luxurious fur coat, heels, and plenty of layers. Of course, some of the pieces were vintage, so we had to make some estimates. "We have exact prices for two of the products (the coat and the shoes), and the rest we estimated based on our research into vintage stores in New York City and what such items typically go for," Victor Miller, a fashion researcher says.

Coat: vintage, $200 at a consignment shop
Dress: vintage silk, typically $900 to $1100
Vest: vintage, $40 to $80
Scarf: cashmere, $120 to $150
Belt: vintage, $120 to $150
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Crisscross Slingbacks, $565
Total cost: $1945 to $2245
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Business Carrie (Sex and the City movie, 2008)
Pair a Ralph Lauren suit with some Manolos, and you've got this classic Carrie look. "The clutch purse was the trickiest, but we have two close matches that hopefully get us in the right ballpark," Miller says.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren, $145
Suit: Ralph Lauren, $119
Tie: Ralph Lauren, $215 (current price)
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Tegna Patent Mary Jane Pump, $775
Brooch: Verdura Target Brooch, diamond and gold, $17,255
Clutch: approximately $3920 (the price of a very similar Judith Leiber Austrian Crystal Beaded Clutch)
Total cost: $22,429
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Carrie's Newspaper Dress (Season 3, Episode 17, October 2000)
Carrie's Dior newspaper dress was so iconic, Carrie wore it twice during Sex and the City's run. Still, this was the hardest item for The Take to track down.

Dress: John Galliano for Christian Dior 2000 Spring Collection, approximately $1500
Shoes: Christian Louboutin, $3,325
Necklace: Chahan Minassian, $20,000
Bag: Bea Valdes, $4,340
Total cost: at least $23,825