Your Horoscope For This Week — Oct 04 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Bring on the promise rings and paraben-free skin-care products. Venus, planet of love and beauty, heads into virtuous Virgo from Thursday until November 8. This shift marks the end of a prolonged and pretty dramatic chapter for us all. Since June 5, Venus has hovered in passionate, PDA-loving Leo, magnifying all our desires AND our relationship issues. That timeline included August’s notorious Venus retrograde — a phase we’re all too happy to see in the rearview mirror. It’s been exhilarating and exhausting. Now, the tide turns from “It’s Complicated” to "K.I.S.S." (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart). And with Venus sailing alongside her companion Mars in Virgo until November 8, old-fashioned romance reigns supreme this fall. Visualize Virgo Blake Lively and in her perfectly appointed Connecticut home, mincing organic vegetables for baby girl James while chiseled hubby Ryan Reynolds pours a glass of California cab. It’s all so...wholesome.

More happy news arrives on Friday, when Mercury snaps out of a retrograde that began September 17. Scrambled signals and lovers’ quarrels, begone! With Mercury powering ahead in peacekeeping Libra, the spirit of cooperation descends over the world. While the shadow of the retrograde lingers on until the 24th, we can start negotiating contracts and discussing the future of our relationships once again.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Fairy-tale romances could make this fall quite the page-turner. On Thursday, ardent Venus slips into your dreamy, enchanted 12th house, joining her co-pilot Mars there until November 8. You’ll proudly rock the rose-colored glasses when it comes to love. Just remember: Everyone has a past or something that’s less-than-perfect. The sooner you see that side of ‘em, the better your choices will be. If it’s time to call it quits on a sub-par romance, the Mars-Venus merger helps you say your teary goodbyes. Some Libras could decide to take a little break from the whole dating scene so you can reboot and reconnect to your own power. Fear not: On November 8, Venus will cruise into YOUR sign, ensuring that you don’t slip into permanent celibacy.

The best news of the week comes on Friday, when Mercury ends an aggravating three-week retrograde through Libra. To say you’ve been misunderstood since September 17 would be putting it mildly. But don’t let these setbacks turn into stumbling blocks. Redemption time has arrived, so take a deep breath and explain yourself...for the fifteenth fucking time. If people have mistaken your kindness for weakness, you could give them the what-for after Friday. Let them know where your limits lie and what your requirements are as you move ahead. Forget about being a follower! Libra the Leader is in the house now. Let your competitive spirit out to play instead of being so damn polite: The cream always rises to the top.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Sweet relief! Romantic Venus is on the move this Thursday, joining her partner Mars in Virgo and your lighthearted 11th house until November 8. Instead of being so goal-oriented about your love life, focus on having fun and building a friendlier rapport with your amour. Some Scorpios might even take a time out from serious relationships so you can play the field a bit and see what else is out there. If you’re looking for love, you could find it through the introduction of mutual friends — and when you’re least looking for it, at that. The 11th house is the tech sector, though, so nothing wrong with reposting that dating profile to see who swipes right.

On Friday, bring back better boundaries all across the board. With Mercury retrograde in your foggy 12th house since September 17, some lines have blurred. Uncomfortable? Awkward? Yes. But we teach people how to treat us, Scorpio. As you’ve learned over the past few weeks, giving ‘til it hurts rarely brings the appreciation you crave and deserve. If a relationship has become lopsided, this is the time to pull back — or make clear requests and see if people step up. And with Mercury now dissolving your creative blocks, you can redirect that energy towards penning a short story or producing your first EP.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Move over, Barack and Michelle. Power couple fantasies dance through your head as Venus joins her cohort Mars in Virgo and your prestigious 10th house from Thursday until November 8. You’re not usually one to judge a book by its cover. But for the coming month, you wouldn’t mind rolling with some polished arm candy — especially if your boo comes with a résumé to match. From the boardroom to the bedroom and back again? Coupled Archers could team up on a business project. A coworker crush could heat up, too. You’re the impulsive type, but proceed with caution if you plan to mix business with pleasure. It might be best to simply enjoy the unspoken attraction as a muse and let it fuel your creative vibes.

Your social life gets a reboot on Friday, as Mercury snaps out of retrograde mode. Since September 17, the messenger planet’s been jamming up the signals on Team Sagittarius. Get the gang back together this weekend — or start scouting for new recruits if the retrograde caused your crew to implode. Bring the community spirit back to work-related projects. Join forces with other freethinkers, or at least hit up some networking events before it gets lonely at the top. And since the 11th house is the tech sector, you have the green light to develop an online initiative or upgrade to the iPhone 6s.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Wipe off that smoky eye and embrace the ease of an #iwokeuplikethis routine. Venus, the cosmic cosmetologist and love doctor, ends a four-month tour through your sultry, seductive eighth house and moves on to your bohemian, adventurous ninth. From makeup routines to relationships, you simply won’t have time for anything heavy or high-maintenance now. Until November 8, Venus will sail alongside her road dog Mars, turning your interest to traveling, studying, and connecting with people from different cultures. Coupled Caps: book a pair of airline tickets, STAT. This is a crazy-good time for traveling together — especially internationally or to a thriving metropolis. Single? Keep your ears perked for intriguing accents. In addition to wanderlust, the Venus-Mars duo can stoke your entrepreneurial urges. You could make money from your art, music, or stellar people skills.

Your need to succeed heats up again after Friday, as messenger Mercury ends a three-week retrograde through your career sector. Since September 17, you may have felt as if your ambitions were thwarted — or at least stalled by some annoying red tape. With Mercury correcting its course, the doors of opportunity creak open again. Communicating with colleagues gets easier, too. But before you can move ahead, you might actually need to apologize for stepping on some toes or getting a little too, uh, competitive.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Although signals have been scrambling for the past few weeks, don’t even think about swearing off your seductive powers. This Thursday, cosmic coquette Venus jumps into bed with her partner Mars and your erotic eighth house — and the two will make beautiful music together until November 8. Spice up the pillow talk and enjoy some sexy experimentation. But forget about the flings. With these planets parked in your playing-for-keeps eighth house, you won’t settle for less than soulmate quality interactions. Talks could turn to pregnancies, proposals, or other more permanent arrangements. But if you’re with the wrong one, you won’t be able to stick it out for much longer. Prepare your exit strategy.

On Friday, it’s safe to down that truth serum again. Messenger Mercury ends a rocky retrograde through your candid ninth house — one that’s caused some “open mouth, insert Toms” gaffes since September 17. Although you had a point to make (or a truly hilarious joke to crack), everything got lost in translation. As Mercury corrects course on Friday, you can start speaking your mind again. Just don’t forget the tact. Travel plans get back on track, too. Who knows? Your weekend plans could include a spontaneous vacation.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Do you think you’re better off alone? Guess again, Pisces. This Thursday, amorous Venus moves into Virgo and your relationship house, joining her companion Mars there until November 8. Passionate partnerships crop up at every turn — for business, romance, or a creative collab. Be selective! There’s no need to rush into anything before you’ve sampled all your options. If you’re in a relationship, the Venus-Mars duo brings a spicy reboot. Take a break from the Netflix queue and work the cultural activities circuit. A pair of tickets here, a restaurant opening there — dressing up and enjoying the scene together will make you feel all couple-y again. Business alliances could take off at a fast clip and the creative brainstorming will be next level. Put it in writing with a formal agreement or contract.

On Friday, messenger Mercury snaps out of a rocky retrograde that started on September 17. This one’s been especially challenging for you since it takes place in Libra and your eighth house — a.k.a. “the chamber of secrets.” If disturbing information didn’t come to light, you may have had the sense that something was being hidden from you. Were you just being paranoid? After Friday, your detective work will reveal the truth. If you’ve been developing a project behind the scenes, share it with your inner circle over the weekend. Their feedback — and their adulation — will inspire you to keep on going.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Ready to rekindle your radiant glow? After spurring four months of hedonism and excess, pleasure-seeking Venus leaves Leo and moves on to Virgo and your sixth house of healthy living until November 8. Hop on the healthy living bandwagon and make green your new black. From roasted Brussels sprouts to a savvier budget, you’ll actually find happiness in making disciplined choices. Keep your options as close to “all natural” as possible, from your beauty regimen to the groceries you slip into your eco-chic reusable bag. It’s fun to be discerning, too: single-origin coffee, anyone? Romantically, you’ll want to settle down a bit, especially since your ruler Mars will ride tandem with Venus through Virgo until November 8. Be selective: It’s better to have no one than the wrong one. Coupled Aries could get on a fitness kick together. Bring on the buddy workouts and then enjoy an Iron Man in bed. Rawr!

There’s another call to commitment on Friday, when Mercury ends a three-week retrograde through Libra and your partnership zone. Some of your existing relationships have been rocky since September 17 — and an ex may have disrupted your perfectly ordered world. The smoke starts to clear on Friday. The weekend could bring one of those nakedly honest talks that is excruciating and exhilarating (and utterly essential) to have. The truth shall set you free!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Turn on your love light! This Thursday, romantic Venus — your cosmic ruler — exits your under-the-radar fourth house and zings into your festive, flamboyant fifth. Life of the party status is yours for the taking. Better still? Venus’ dance partner, Mars, sambas alongside her until November 8. Your desire to dress up, go dancing, and dive back into the dating pool returns with a vengeance. Get ready for a romantic renaissance, Taurus, whether you’re right-swiping after a long Tinder hiatus or asking friends to fix you up. Heck, you probably won’t have to work that hard. With little effort, you could be fielding offers and fending off suitors. This Mars-Venus phase is also ideal for updating your ‘do, overhauling your wardrobe, and promoting your creative work.

But are you feeling disorganized? Pragmatic Taurus, you love when your life could be mapped into a well-designed blueprint or infographic. But since Mercury turned retrograde on September 17, it’s been hard to wrangle it all into a plan. On Friday, the retrograde ends (celebrations!), so grab the power drill and label-maker. With Mercury speeding forward through your savvy, systematic sixth house, you can bring some order to your court this weekend. When you’re not building bookshelves (and obsessively arranging the objets tucked between the tomes), start tweaking your résumé. A job opportunity or a killer project could come your way next week!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Start practicing that craft cocktail recipe and hanging new art. Decorista Venus joins her companion Mars in Virgo and your domestic fourth house from Thursday until November 8. Feathering your nest — and inviting friends over to ooh and ahh while enjoying it — could become your new purpose in life. And since these planets govern romance, some Geminis could be handing a spare key to a love interest or even co-signing a lease in the days ahead. Adopting a pet may be another appealing option, giving you something unconditional to nurture and love. (And no, it doesn’t count as talking to yourself if a Havanese is curled up on the couch.) Gather your girl gang together regularly, too. Not only with they buoy your confidence, but they could wind up playing matchmaker for you.

Of course, having an open heart is a prerequisite to enjoying all the gifts of Venus and Mars. For the past few weeks, you’ve been a little down on love thanks to Mercury being retrograde. Or maybe you’ve made the mistake of compromising your values or inviting someone toxic back into your life. Good news: On Friday, Mercury corrects course and powers ahead through your fifth house of amour. Make the necessary cuts so you can focus on attracting what’s right for you. Drama dies down for coupled Geminis, too, and you can focus on having fun again. You also have the green light for a weekend shopping trip or a salon appointment to totally revamp your hair situation.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Warm up your right-swiping skills. This Thursday, Venus swoops into your flirty, quicksilver, third house, joining her road dog Mars there until November 8. Dating can give your shy sign the willies, but for a change, you’ll feel like playing the field. Surprise! Someone could step forward from the friend zone, professing deeper feelings. If you’re in a relationship, plan more playdates instead of keeping it so practical. Fixing up the spare bedroom can wait until mid-November. For now, flutter around like a pair of culture vultures — record release parties, epic shows, wine-tastings. Be there. This is a stellar time to work on a writing project or refresh your blog with beautiful photos and a sleek new theme.

Get plans for a girls’ weekend in motion! On Friday, social Mercury ends a three-week retrograde through your feminine fourth house. Things have been kind of tense with your amies since September 17 — or maybe you’ve just been too busy to see each other. Rekindle the connection with a fun trip. Or, if the retrograde revealed a need for a social network upgrade, get out and mingle with a new group of ladies. Cancers in search of a happier home base could find THE place to hang your fedora this fall, too. Scroll through the real estate listings while sipping your Saturday morning espresso.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Book that sugar scrub and seaweed wrap and start scouring for signature fall pieces. This Thursday, decadent Venus heads into Virgo and your luxe-loving second house until November 8. Less is more, so save up for one keeper in each category (leather jacket, denim, ankle boots) instead of cluttering your closest with trendy sale items that won’t last a year. With Venus sailing alongside her co-pilot Mars in Virgo, you could feel a lot more traditional about love. Slow down and give the stable ones a chance to win you over. Turns out, they’re not all as boring as you think.

This weekend, think globally, explore locally. Curious Mercury ends a three-week trek through your house of hometown happenings on Friday, piquing your interest in the local scene. Sating your wanderlust could be as easy as knocking on your neighbor’s apartment door or talking to a local venue about hosting an open-mic night. You’ll have the gift of gab now, too. Look out world — loquacious Leo is on the loose (#nofilters)! Distance with a BFF, coworker, neighbor, or sibling may have caused you angst since September 17. Schedule a sit-down after Friday to figure out what’s in the space and find new ways to compromise. Ready for a new set of wheels? Start the test-driving this weekend.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Could you be any hotter, Virgo? Your appeal is heading into Beyoncé territory this week as radiant, romantic Venus joins her dance partner Mars in your sign until November 8. Be intentional (not random) about what you wish for, because you’ll attract desires to you like a magnet. In love, you’ll need more than just an average dose of passion — and lots of space, too. This is a time for enjoying your own company. Make room in your schedule to delve into your independent pursuits and creative hobbies. One of your more ingenious ideas could bring fame and acclaim. Be bold and promote yourself!

On Friday, your money mojo returns when your ruling planet Mercury ends a three-week retrograde through your financial zone. Revamp your budget and get back on a responsible savings plan. If you overindulged in fall shopping, a temporary austerity plan can get you back in the black. Coworker clashes ease up, too. Yes, it was probably all just a big misunderstanding, but take the initiative to melt the frosty vibes by offering an olive branch. Or maybe it’s just time to move on to a gig where there’s better energy. Polish up your résumé over the weekend so you can circulate next week!