10 Jaw-Dropping Maddie Ziegler Dance Videos Beyond Sia

Today, Maddie Ziegler (a.k.a. Sia's favorite tiny dancer) turns 13. You might have also caught her on Dance Moms, when she'd occasionally have to share stage time with her fellow dancers. Young teens have gotten pretty impressive lately, and Ziegler is no exception.

Before turning the big one-three she starred in a few Sia music videos and also danced in a video narrated by Chloë Sevigny. Plus, just this week she hit four million Instagram followers. The young star has reached this level of barely teen fame for one simple reason: the girl has moves. If you've only caught her in "Chandelier" you're missing out on some incredibly impressive leaps, jumps, and a scary twirly thing. These 10 videos show her tap, ballet, and even gymnastic skills. Plus some costumes with the kind of sequined majesty you would have loved to wear in junior high.
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"The Mannequin"

Normally you don't have to endure the time and hairspray it takes to maintain that kind of updo until prom.
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"Come to the Cabaret"

Yeah, at that age, most kids are just spinning around for entertainment and it usually ends in mild nausea — not a perfect split.
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Obviously, the young dancer is thinking about her form and her next move. Perhaps in the back of her mind is also the hope that the floor has been properly cleaned.
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Here, vertigo is an accurate description of what would happen to most people who aren't Ziegler.
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"She's History"

Not happy with just maintaining a smile, Ziegler goes through a range of emotions while in the air and on the floor.
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Basically the exact opposite of any elementary school dance recital you've ever had to sit through.
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Just going to add in this no-hands flip real quick, no big deal.
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"Sunshine Lollipops"

Since she really needs to cover every type of dance form. I'm sure River Dance will be her next project.
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"Lucky Thirteen"

I mean, the rule is no running in the halls, not no back-handsprings in the halls.
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"The Woods"

After performing with so much grace and large pieces of branches on her head, she took home first prize.