Your Horoscope For This Week — Aug 30 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Paris is for lovers — and apparently, this week is, too. No passport required though; the planets are creating all the heady vibes we could hope for. The only trouble is, it might take us until the weekend to distinguish a real deal romance from a sweet, ephemeral fling. On Sunday, Venus wakes up from a six-week retrograde — through passionate, flamboyant Leo, no less — that began on July 25. In mere moments, this signal-jamming cycle sure did mess with our plans to enjoy a “summer of love.” From cold feet to crossed wires to exes creeping out of the woodwork to, um, exposed Ashley Madison cheaters, it’s been a doozy! On the flip side, Venus’ backspin may have helped SOME people lower their walls. Some truly surprising couples emerged since August, too, including girl crush BFFs.

But will love linger into September? Watch and see. On Monday, the passionate sun sits across the table from fantasy-fueled Neptune, helping us drop our guards. Lines could blur and we’ll all be rocking the rose-colored glasses — for better or for worse. Check for tan lines on those ring fingers. On Tuesday, cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus meet at the exact degree of Leo — their second of three summits in 2015! Bring on the red roses, champagne toasts, and sultry serenades because this could be one of the most romantic days of the year. Sparks will certainly fly — but since Venus is still retro until Sunday, they could be ignited with a lover’s quarrel. Even if you DO feel like you’re heading for a happily ever after, wait until next week to snap your metaphorical love lock to the Pont des Arts bridge!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Where is the balance between “me” and “we?” Early this week, you could do your share of obsessing over a person of interest. One minute you’re craving closeness, the next you’re freaking out about the future and wondering if the two of you should ever even talk again. Deep. Breaths. On Monday, illusory Neptune is facing off with the sun, making you more than a little bit paranoid. But if you’ve been brushing off red flags, this could be a wake-up call. Don’t minimize people’s issues, Virgo. Nobody’s perfect, but if you’re joining forces (for business, pleasure, a band, whatevs) you WILL be taking on your partner’s — for better and for worse. Spend time this week really thinking about whether or not you’re up for that.

There’s more reason to be reflective about love. Cosmic couple Mars and Venus unite on Tuesday in Leo and your 12th house of fantasy AND completions. You may be simultaneously mourning the loss of one person while daydreaming about someone new. There could even be some fairy tale level magic this week, the kind that sweeps you right off your stilettos. But can you stamp this one with a happily ever after? With Venus in retrograde mode until Sunday, it’s too soon to tell. Buried issues could bubble up for coupled Virgo. Deal, then heal. Thankfully, Venus snaps back into forward motion on Sunday (after being retrograde since July 25!) You’ll get your head on straight about all kinds of things once again then. This could spark a massive life cleanup mission. Clear away the emotional baggage so you can restart your heart when Venus heads into Virgo on October 8.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Fantasy or reality? It will be hard to tell early this week, Libra, so don’t rush to make any decisions. There is more research that needs to be done before you can sign off on a plan. The trouble is, someone may be so charming or persuasive that you feel compelled to give in. Heed the slippery-salesman warning label, Libra! Anyone who pushes you to make a hasty decision should truly talk to the hand. Get all the facts — and especially the figures — in front of you. The right choice will become crazy obvious when you make it from a practical (instead of an emotional) perspective. Don’t be sad if you can’t pull off a dream immediately. Just let this be your incentive to start saving up.

The best news of the week comes on Sunday, when your ruling planet Venus wakes up from a retrograde that began July 25. While you’ve been quite the popular one this summer, you may feel a little disengaged from the action — or exhausted from all the activity. With Venus busting a U-turn on Sunday, you’ll get a handle on your social schedule again. There are only 24 hours in the day, Libra, so which activities on your calendar are the MOST rewarding? You could hit your tipping point on Tuesday, when agitator Mars connects to Venus. Spreading yourself too thin could have a negative impact on your love life, even. If you’ve been shortchanging your boo or claiming you’re too busy to date, that’s more than enough reason to downshift. Single? Someone you met online or through Tinder could make a comeback near Tuesday. Over Labor Day weekend, sparks could even fly with a friend-of-a-friend.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Who’s the boss? This week could serve up a few struggles on Team Scorpio. On Monday, the swagger-happy sun faces off with elusive Neptune. Look out! Someone from your crew could make a power play. Or it could be you who feels the need to take command — and not necessarily by consensus of your crew. Although it might seem easier for someone to just grab the wheel, stick to the democratic process. You might have to call a team meeting to get everybody on the same page. The most important tool to bring to the table? A sense of fun and humor. Laughter is the best medicine for tense dynamics this week. Take a morale-boosting time out and go play some video games or hit up happy hour en masse.

When was the last time you Googled yourself, Scorpio? With power couple Mars and Venus making an exact connection your career zone this Tuesday, you’ll want to see what happens when you put your own name in the search field (and check the images, too). This could prompt you to polish up your social media profiles and delete old photos that don’t show you in the most flattering light. You could meet a sexy someone who is a little older or more established than you — through a work event, even. But with Venus rounding out a six-week retrograde on Sunday, don’t rush the connection. Give ‘em your card and let the courtship rituals draw out in a sweet, old-fashioned way. Good things come to those who least until Venus is direct on the 6th!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Ready to show a more mature face to the world? Forever 21 may very well be your eternal spirit age, Sagittarius, but it doesn’t have to be the governing design principle of your fall wardrobe. Stretch your fashion horizons a bit this week — pinstripes and houndstooth can comfortably coexist alongside your denim overalls and the festival pieces you just can’t stop rerunning. And while this might be the last unofficial week of summer vacation, your mind is on your ambitions. Keep your bigger plans on the DL early this week, when you’ll be a little too susceptible to outside feedback. A well-meaning GF could take the wind out of your sails before your ship has even left the port. Develop them independently and quietly for now.

Lovebirds Mars and Venus meet up on Tuesday in your “anything goes” ninth house. Not only will you be frisky, but your experimental side takes the wheel. But think twice before you hook up with a known player, kiss a married friend, or agree to a threesome (or, you know, something like that). Venus has been retrograde since July 25, which can blur your ability to think ahead. So by all means be playful, but stay in a slower lane until Sunday, when Venus finally resumes forward motion again. Phew! A better way to play out the Mars-Venus merger? Go camping with friends or slip off for a nostalgic Labor Day weekend vacay with your sweetie.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Your independent spirit is in rare form this week, Capricorn — so much so that you could alienate a couple key people from your inner circle. With the sun opposing Neptune on Monday, everyone’s going to be super sensitive. Forget about fighting it. Instead, take an extra moment to check in with relatives, roomies, BFFs, and business associates before making any unilateral decisions. By the same token, don’t cave to guilt trips. Denying yourself an incredible growth opportunity just to keep another person happy could lead to resentment. Discuss possibilities, because you could find a creative compromise that keeps everyone happy...or happier.

There will be some lusty surprises in store, too, as cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus entwine in your erotic eighth house on Tuesday. But should you “get a room,” Capricorn? It depends. Venus remains in retrograde (a phase that began July 25) until this Sunday, putting your best judgment on temporary hiatus. You could mistake a player for Prince(ss) Charming or get hooked into an unfortunate encore with a toxic ex. Choose your bedroom buddies wisely! The sloppy drunk Labor Day weekend hook-ups are just a no-go. If you’re in an LTR, you may need more private, romantic time with your amour. Don’t let life’s stresses interfere with a quality time date midweek. Relationships are investments: The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

P.S.: Renting a posh hotel room for an overnight staycation could be a fine idea. When Venus corrects course on Sunday — and powers forward through your erogenous zone until October 8 — you could find your soulmate or rekindle the sparks with someone who loves you mind, body, and spirit.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Shhh! Loose lips sink ships early this week as the sun and elusive Neptune face off. It’s too soon to reveal certain secrets with the general public — yes, even if you’re tempted to tweet them from the rooftops. Watch what you share about other people’s business, too. You may be “concerned” about a person in your entourage, but discussing her issues with an outside party could brand you as a big mouth who can’t be trusted. If you must vent, hit up a truly neutral sounding board. Here’s the rub: What’s bugging you about your amiga might be an issue you need to deal with yourself. Put pride to the side and take a look within. By taking the approach that people are mirrors, you could have a major white light moment that changes your life for the better.

The week will bring some revelations about love, especially on Tuesday, when Mars and Venus make an exact connection. One hitch: Venus is rounding out a retrograde through Leo (and your sixth house of relationships) that began on July 25. On Sunday, Venus will correct course and power forward through this zone of your chart until October 8! (Hello, passion and progress!) But earlier in the week, issues that you’ve swept under the rug could bubble up big time — especially when agitator Mars pops in on Tuesday. You’re someone who likes to keep cool, Aquarius. But when you hit your tipping point, look out, world! That lightning bolt temper of yours could strike on Tuesday. Find a friend to be your “lightning rod” instead of electrocuting your love interest with your rage. The conflict DOES need to be discussed, but it will be easier after Sunday when Venus turns direct. On the other hand, the Mars-Venus merger could take a brewing attraction from simmer to boil. Your Labor Day weekend could be a total love-in — with a co-star you’ve been lusting after for the longest.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
It’s natural to care what other people think of you, Pisces. But this week, don’t give outside opinions the final vote in your decision-making process. On Monday, the ego-driven sun in your relationship house faces off with your ruling planet, foggy Neptune. This makes you susceptible to the sway of dominating people — and even a bully or two. Steer clear of critics early this week, especially the ones who always undermine you with their “helpful hints.” And yes, swaddle yourself in the support of people who see your greatness and encourage you to be your biggest, baddest self. But most of all, listen to your own inner guidance. YOUR opinion is the one that counts most this week, but you might need to slip off for some solo time in order to hear that very important voice in your head.

You could have that “me, myself, and I moment” on your yoga mat or while taking a long run in the park. Dance partners Mars and Venus align in your wellness zone on Tuesday, reminding you to pause and take care of your body, too. With Venus still retrograde — from July 25 until this Sunday — you might give your beauty routine a revamp. Swap out synthetic products for organic or natural versions. Reignite your inner glow by eating clean and green AND getting plenty of rest. Since this planetary pairing is connected to love, think about the health of your relationships. Are you communicating honestly or have you been holding too much in? Resentment can be poisonous to partnerships, Pisces. Talk feelings through with a levelheaded friend so you can have a heart to heart when Venus turns direct again this Sunday. And while summer’s not quite over yet, coupled Pisces could hop on the wellness wagon as a pair. Bring on the buddy workouts and smoothies for two!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Oh, behave! While you’re more of a rule breaker (or maker) than a rule taker, you’ll need to adhere to due process early this week. Stepping too far out of bounds could cost you people’s respect or trust. There will be other times to play the renegade role. For now, learn how systems work. You’ll be more effective at changing them — perhaps from within — once you know the code. Respect your own natural limits, too. Pass on that fourth frozen marg and rest when your body needs it.

Romantically, you’ll have some peaks and valleys, too. On Sunday, Venus ends a choppy six-week retrograde through your fifth house of romance. Even if you fell hard this summer, there may have been some painful (or irritating) circumstances surrounding your relationship, like an ex who wouldn’t leave the picture or a friend who got hurt in the process. Next week, the Sea of Love will become far more placid. You might even miss the drama for a minute, but not enough to reprise it, we hope. This Tuesday, Venus retrograde snogs your ruling planet, passionate Mars, which could bring some epically sexy moments. The Venus-Mars merger could finally wake you up to your true feelings. Don’t let a good one slip away! But...timing is everything, Aries. Making any kind of a scene — even one that might be considered sweet on the average day — could go very badly. Call off the mariachi band, STAT.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Don’t fade into the background, Bull! Your leadership and starpower are in demand early this week. Express yourself boldly, take charge when needed, and let your creativity out to play. The point of this exercise, however, is not to pump up your own ego, but rather to inspire others to action. Being the first one to step forward is risky business — it takes courage. But while you might start out as an army of one, you won’t be standing alone for long. Keep an open door policy with any initiatives you begin this week, because they could soon become rewarding team efforts.

On Tuesday, celestial sweethearts Mars and Venus get cozy in your sentimental fourth house, making you crave closer connections. Plan some one-on-one time with your BFF, sister, or the object of your affections. Stay in and catch up over a home-cooked meal and a bottle of your favorite pinot. With Venus retrograde until Sunday, you could have a heartwarming reunion with someone from your past (#SlumberParty). Talks could turn to cohabitation for coupled Bulls or you could be struck with a raging desire to redecorate your apartment. Hold off until Sunday before you sign any leases or swing any hammers. When Venus wakes up from her six-week retrograde, you’ll make better choices. You could meet a cool girl crush over Labor Day weekend, someone who might just make it to your inner circle before September’s through.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Summer officially stretches on for one more week, but Geminis are already craving a little more structure. Don’t take on any massive missions until after Labor Day. Devote the early half of the week to a “get your sh*t together” organizational project. Hew the clutter from your Inbox and your office space; feather a corner of your nest. Be careful not to be too businesslike (or outright chilly) to an emotional friend early this week. While you might not be in the mood for her “drama,” her feelings are as legit as yours. Take a deep breath and hear her out.

Got time to squeeze in one last summer fling? Dance partners Mars and Venus do a paso doble in your flirty third house all week, making an exact connection on Tuesday. You’re oozing charm from every pore this week, enchanting everyone from the barista to the lead singer of the band. Caution! Venus is winding down a retrograde that began on July 25. Check those ring fingers and ask the seemingly obvious questions, like, uh, “Are you single?” Don’t be surprised if someone from your past pops up as a contender — that Tinder date who fell off the face of the earth in July, for example. While it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy an encore, wait until Venus turns direct on Sunday to start wondering what the future might bring. Coupled? Take a road trip together, perhaps somewhere that’s nostalgic for the two of you. Labor Day weekend jaunt, anyone?
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
If you see something, should you say something? Well, yes, if it’s a suspicious package sitting unattended on a subway platform. But when it comes to doling out unsolicited advice to friends? Not so much. In your desire to be helpful you could easily overstep bounds — especially near Monday. As tough as it is to step back and watch your amies struggle, this may be the only way they’ll grow and learn. (Think of those baby blue jays strengthening their wings on the way down from the nest.) And while you are the official caretaker of your crew, give yourself a break from playing mama bird. Celebrate the last week of summer vacay with a brief trip or beach getaway. You might even go visit a big sister type (read: someone who can give YOU advice for a change) or take a road trip with a fairly new acquaintance who hasn’t quite made it into your inner circle yet.

Make a shopping budget, quick! Your lust for luxury is activated as cosmic coveteurs Mars and Venus unite on Tuesday in your sophisticated second house. Start with a Pinterest board, collecting images of wide-brimmed hats, snakeskin boots, and fur-collared leather coats. With design star Venus retrograde until Sunday, you’d be wise to wait until the week ends to hit any “buy now” buttons. Socializing strategically can bring some moneymaking opportunities, too, so opt in to the Labor Day celebration that will double as a networking event. Romantically, the Mars-Venus merger can stir up the sensual vibes. Watch your stubbornness, though! While you may technically be “right” about an issue, digging your heels in will only alienate the one you adore.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Keep your wallet locked in the safe! Your lust for luxury could lead you down the retail therapy hellhole near Monday. How many ankle boots and '70s pantsuits does one girl need? (Um, don’t answer that, Leo. Seriously.) With hazy Neptune opposing the sun (your sign’s ruler), you won’t make the best decisions. And even if there ARE some necessities on your list, shop around instead of buying the first shiny option that catches your eye. At work, keep your latest developments on the DL. Competition is lurking early this week and you don’t need anyone stealing your trade secrets or taking credit for your efforts.

Tuesday could be one for the history books. Cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus make a rare, exact connection in Leo, blessing you with megawatt charm. The only complication is that Venus remains in a signal-scrambling retrograde until Sunday. Be careful what you wish for! Your powers of attraction are supremely magnetic, but you don’t want to lure drama your way — even if it comes wrapped in an insanely hot package. Have you been hoping for a do-over with someone you adore? We all make mistakes, Leo, and Tuesday gives you the opportunity to extend the olive branch and get your second chance. Best news of the week comes Sunday though when Venus does a U-turn after backstroking through Leo since July 25. After a somewhat rocky summer, September’s love forecast is looking stellar, because you’ll host forward-moving Venus in your sign until October 8. Labor Day could bring a love-in or a chance to stoke the embers with a new flame!