How NYC Has Changed Bella Hadid's Style

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Bella Hadid may be a California girl born-and-bred, but since the model of the moment/all-around cool girl relocated to the city a little less than a year ago, she's become a full-on New Yorker — and is loving every moment of it, especially when it comes to showcasing her personal style.

"I think that [my style] has evolved [since I moved to New York]," Hadid tells us while on set for her latest Samsung campaign with photographer Steven Klein. "I wear a lot of black, a lot of leather, a lot of dark stuff. I love my Converse and Dr. Martens. But I definitely wear heels and boots now. I lived in Malibu and rode horses my entire life, which is very laid-back. So once I moved here, I kind of stepped things up a little."

And people have definitely noticed. From attending the Met Ball and the Tony Awards to casually dining in Soho, Hadid has become the girl to watch both on and off the runway. Wonder how she keeps her style so relaxed and awesome? Ahead, the 18-year-old It Girl breaks down 10 of her favorite New York looks, talks sharing clothes with her equally stylish big sis, Gigi, and dishes on her obsession with all things vintage.
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Lunch At Sant Ambroeus
"It's actually really funny, because it was so hot this day, and I — for some reason — have two jackets, because I left one at my friend's house so I went and picked it up, and people literally thought I was crazy. People were walking around in shorts. And these are, like, my favorite sneakers ever. I think I got them at Barneys or somewhere so long ago; I don’t even know what they are. But they’re such a dope pair of sneakers."
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OnePiece New York Concept Store Grand Opening
"I just thought that the coat was such a cool statement piece. I love doing a lot of black while having a pop of color. I'm still obsessed with that outfit; I wish I could re-wear it. I probably will."
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DKNY Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion Show
"This one, people made fun of me. Not actually, but I feel like they did, because I made fun of myself. I love the look. It was DKNY, and it was really rad. But it was snowing, and I'm wearing a dress — that was sheer. There's this other photo of me getting in the car and a little bit of my hip and booty are showing, and it’s hysterical because it was freezing."
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Shooting The Ralph Lauren Campaign In Soho
"This one was when I did a Ralph Lauren campaign. Hailey and I, we were walking to get juice, and I was Facetime-ing, and I’m just wearing a bunch of cool vintage jewelry, a plaid shirt, and a sweater dress. It wasn’t really planned; I just put it on. But this was also a hot day, and I was wearing black and a that just kind of tells the kind of style that I have."
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Out And About In Soho
"This was actually the same day. I was wearing my vintage Levi's that I found a long time ago, my super-beat-up blue Converse that I'm obsessed with that I will never give away, and a bunch of cool jewelry that I like. Everything I have is vintage. Anytime you have a simple outfit, you can put jewelry with it and it’ll make it really dope."
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#MyCalvins Denim Series Launch
"I was obsessed with this outfit. Honestly, if I could, I would steal this outfit and literally never give it back. The shoes are epic, the skirt was perfect. I just had a tiny long-sleeve onesie underneath and the matching jacket. And it was funny, because they almost were like, 'Maybe we should change her outfit because it's really close to Kendall's.' She had just come out with her [CK denim] campaign, so I was going to support her, and they thought our outfits were similar. But I just insisted. I was like, 'I have to wear this outfit.' And then we got there and Kendall looked absolutely beautiful. I didn’t overpower her at all."
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The 2015 Met Ball
"This was my first Met Ball. I was wearing a custom Topshop dress that they made for me; a lot of time went into it. They sent me a rough sample of what it would look like on a drawing, and it turned out to be absolutely perfect. And then Saint Laurent shoes that were one of my bigger purchases.

"This year, I started working a bunch, but I'm really conscious about my money and what I spend — that’s why most of my stuff is vintage and from thrift shops. But I just bought a pair of Balenciaga boots and these Saint Laurent heels, and those are like my two big purchases. I never shop, so it was a big deal for me.

"Also, it was funny because my hair in this one was in the tightest bun you could ever imagine. I had a migraine, and it looked like I got a facelift. I'm pretty sure people tweeted at me saying that I had work done, and I've never. I couldn’t smile; I literally couldn’t speak. I would start laughing and have to tell people not to make me laugh, because I actually couldn’t do it!"
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Rihanna's Met Gala After-Party At Up & Down
"I love this night, because my sister got to be my little partner-in-crime. I’m wearing a Helmut Lang dress, my Saint Laurent shoes, my Chrome Hearts choker, which is, like, my item — I wear it every single day. And it was dope because Gigi was wearing her Adidas and a tiny little dress, so I think we look kind of cool together.

"[My sister and I] share clothes. Like, I just called her right now and asked her about something, and she goes, 'Bring my belt back. Bella, you know what belt I'm talking about. Bring it home now.' And then she hung up the phone and I was like, 'Okay, love you, bye!'”
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The 69th Annual Tony Awards
"Prabal [Gurung] made this dress for me; it was the most beautiful thing ever. It literally fit me perfectly, and I don’t say that about a lot of things. But it was insane. The back was all black. And I rarely wear white, so it was exciting for me to put on this white gown, since I don’t really wear gowns either. It was a big moment for me! As you can tell, black is my favorite color. Plus, I got to wear diamonds, which was really fun. I mean, they’re not mine, but you know."
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The 2015 CFDA Awards
"Misha Nonoo made my jumpsuit. Literally, I put it on — and she had a couple items for me to try — and I was like, this is the one. I just knew. It fit me really well. And I love my hair this night. In most pictures my hair is up, and I like that here it was down and just tucked back behind my ears."