Your Horoscope For This Week — Aug 16 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Too much, too fast, too soon? The sun and Venus retrograde flow together through passionate, flamboyant Leo this week, making it hard to know where our limits lie. Venus is the planet of romance. But she’s rolling in reverse until September 6, jamming up the signals in our love game. Grandiose gestures could miss the mark — or overshoot it. (Is that the sound of a $320K white Ferrari rolling up?) Let love rule, stargazers, but it’s actually fine to say it with flowers instead of a serenade on the Jumbotron. Locking horns with your summer love? Dramatic disputes could get kind of vicious, especially near Friday when Saturn in Scorpio jumps in the ring. Retract those claws! Fortunately, the sun settles into sensible Virgo from Sunday until September 23 restoring us to sanity. Harness this solar energy to organize, systematize, and recommit to those healthy living goals. Your Pilates pass is calling.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Have you feted your 2015 birthday in true royal style? (Leo Ky-Jen is a clear yes to THAT question.) The sun blazes on through Leo until Sunday, giving you one more week to celebrate. You’ve seriously evolved over the past year, Leo, so make sure you recognize the courage it took to push through all the change — yes, even if there were a few potholes along the road. Gift yourself something meaningful this week, even something experiential like a workshop or a vacation. While you’re spoiling yourself, think of ways you can give back, too.

One of your GFs could be going through a rough patch now — and Friday could be especially rocky. Your supportive words can do wonders. If you have some extra resources to share (like that never-used haul collecting dust in your makeup drawer or the second item from a buy-one-get-one-free purchase), be generous. What goes around comes around! On Sunday, you’ll have to sweep up the cake crumbs and pour out the leftover Champagne. The sun leaves Leo until July 2016 and moves on to Virgo for a month. This is great news for your bank account, since Virgo governs your second house of income and financial stability. Circulate your résumé and get a budget in place so you don’t burn cash as fast as you earn it!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
This week’s Virgo emoji has a halo hanging over its head. You just can’t help but play “earth angel” to the ones you love. But is that caring creeping into codependent territory? Here’s a good litmus test: Does it seems like you’re more obsessed with other people succeeding than they are for themselves? No, you don’t have to leave your squad in the lurch — but maybe you should pull back a little. Distracting yourself with these rescue missions is a convenient way to avoid cleaning up your own backyard.

But with the sun wrapping up a monthlong tour of your 12th house of transitions, dealing with baggage is EXACTLY what you should be doing this week. Start with a literal decluttering of your home, then move on to the emotional realm, eliminating annoying people from your newsfeed, and maybe un-friending them altogether if that won’t create too much drama. Here’s the REAL reason for getting everything ship-shape: On Sunday, your birthday season begins as the sun beams into Virgo until September 23. Start your new year free as a bird — or as unencumbered by extra BS as possible! This will be an epic year for you, since lucky Jupiter is touring Virgo until September 9, 2016. Dream bigger, take more chances, go for yours! By the time your next birthday rolls around, you could be celebrating a totally new life.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Who are the people in your entourage? Big-hearted Libras love an open-door policy, but keep that red velvet rope in place this week. One rotten apple could spoil the whole barrel, messing with your end-of-summer plans. Speak up if a disruptive diva is trying to make changes to your already scheduled programming. And have a Plan B. You might just have to break off on your own if it means wresting control. With the sun and Venus retrograde in your social networking house, reunions will be epic this week. Reconnect to your crew from back in the day and organize a get-together.

One hitch: On Friday, money could get funny when it comes to shared expenses. Find out all the fees up front, let people purchase their own tickets, and ask for separate checks. And be sensitive to friends’ financial situations before finalizing the itinerary. You don’t have to settle for a dive bar just because you’re dialing it down from upscale. Plan to sleep in on Sunday as the sun heads into Virgo and your dreamy, transitional 12th house for a month. As you gear up for your birthday season (which begins September 23), take stock of your life. What baggage do you want to drop off before your next year? What talents do you want to develop further? The coming four weeks are ideal for reflecting, releasing, and regenerating. Book the therapy sessions and the spa days so you can start with a clean slate!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Who wants to be a millionaire? We’re not blaming you for the raised hand, Scorpio — but hey, how about settling for a couple extra hundros by the end of the week? The sun winds down a monthlong tour through your ambitious 10th house this Saturday, so don’t squander the workweek playing hooky at the beach. You could make some major strides towards your career goals if you keep nose to grindstone. Unfortunately, you may have to wait until Venus flips out of retrograde on September 6 to fully cash in on the success. Don’t underestimate the importance of relationship building. Even if you’d rather head home to empty the Netflix queue, rally and hit the industry event or join coworkers for happy hour. It WILL pay off.

You’re a fierce competitor this week, too, but be careful on Friday because you could take that whole “going for the gold” thing a little too far. There’s no point in winning the battle if you lose allies along the way. Play nice. On Sunday, your social side returns with a vengeance when the sun blazes into Virgo and your 11th house of teamwork for a month. Gather your tribe together and have fun for fun’s sake. You’ll be the super-connector as summer drifts into fall. Need to spruce up your online presence? Geek out and build a polished Squarespace site or expand your Tumblr presence.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Come sail away? We wouldn’t blame you if you got swept up in wanderlust this week, Sagittarius. With the sun and Venus retrograde combining forces in Leo and your indie-spirited ninth house, you’ll want to run away from it all. But as they say, wherever you go, there you are. A change of scenery might shore you up for a minute, but it won’t make the stress disappear — not if you’re avoiding a certain conversation or responsibility. Before you race off to a festival or a friend’s off-the-grid lake house, pick up the phone and change plans with people who are already on your calendar. Also, make sure you’ve attended to all the items on your to-do list. If you can’t get them done, ask for an extension. People might not be thrilled about renegotiating the timeline, but it’s better than bailing and leaving them in the lurch!

Also, know that everything will seem a lot more dramatic than it really is this week — especially on Friday, when self-conscious Saturn locks horns with the sun. You could imagine slights (Are they ignoring me? Do they really want me here? How come I don’t fit in?) that aren’t really happening. Instead of trying to wow people, remember this rule: The best way to be interesting is to be interested. Ask questions, be the setting that helps others shine. On Sunday, you’ll feel more centered again, not to mention focused on what REALLY matters: your own success! The sun zips into Virgo and your 10th house of ambition, getting you fired up about your career — or figuring out what your life path is meant to be. With brainy Jupiter also in Virgo, this could lead you to a classroom or even inspire you to develop a class to share your skills with the world.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. You could be privy to some insider information this week, Capricorn. But as juicy as it feels to be delivered these downloads, think before unlocking that chamber. Secret-keeper isn’t always an esteemed role to play. In reality, it comes with a whole lot of pressure, leaving you unsure of who you can open up to or how much you can reveal. So when a friend or colleague leads with, “Can I tell you something private?” your automatic answer doesn’t have to be yes. Love could be a little complicated this week, too. Until Sunday, the sun and Venus retrograde are both slogging together through your eighth house of sex, perma-bonding, and intense emotions. The green-eyed monster will be sitting on your shoulder all week, making you prone to taking things personally.

On Friday, you might even suspect that a friend is hitting on your date — and you won’t be altogether wrong about that. Deep. Breaths. If an attraction is meant to be, then you don’t have to worry about other people one-upping you. Turn the focus back to making your own life fascinating. The right person will find that simply irresistible. On Sunday, let freedom ring! The sun swoops into your adventurous, expansive ninth house reminding you that there’s a wide world out there wanderlust strikes! Follow it to an end-of-summer festival or a friend’s beach house for a Labor Day extravaganza. Cross-cultural connections heat up before September 23 and you might even travel for work, study, or your own entrepreneurial curiosity.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Is it gonna be forever or will it go down in flames? The roller coaster of love could take a few twists and turns this week, Aquarius. And thanks to a pairing of the sun and Venus retrograde in your relationship house, you could have second thoughts about a dating situation or suddenly realize that a super-difficult person slipped past your “cray-dar.” It’s never too late to turn in the opposite direction — whether you’re bolting from a bad romance (or business deal) or sitting down for some 101 conflict resolution.

Someone from your past could make a return showing this week, too. Nostalgic reunion or total nightmare? This is not the time to play with fire. Don’t entertain a sequel unless it was merely bad timing that kept you apart. Fortunately, sound-minded Saturn enters the equation on Friday helping you think big picture. Are your goals aligned? Do you share values and want the same things for your future? If so, you might make a move in a more permanent direction on Sunday when the sun heads into Virgo and your binding eighth house for a month. With daring Jupiter also in Virgo, you’ll be more willing to leap. But let there be no shades of grey (at least outside of the bedroom) with this decision. Unless you have a feeling of ultimate certainty (95% will do) save your final rose for a soulmate.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Details, details! Staying on top of them all could leave you scrambling and stressed this week. The question is: Are you trying to do too much by yourself? With the sun and Venus retrograde in ambitious Leo this week, the answer is probably yes. Take an honest inventory: Which of the tasks on your to-do list are necessities and which are ones that other people dumped on you? Toughen up, Pisces, and have an honest conversation with anyone who is taking advantage of your generosity. We teach people how to treat us and by drawing this line they will realize that you are nobody’s doormat. Plus, rebalancing the load will dissolve your resentment — an emotion that’s more toxic than anything to relationships.

If you bit off more than you could chew, another option is to outsource parts of the project. Someone from your past could step forward as a helpful assistant. Put your feelers out or call upon those friends who owe you favors. (And we know there are plenty of people on THAT list!) On Sunday, Cupid comes a-calling! The sun blazes into Virgo and your seventh house of partnerships until September 23, joining lucky Jupiter there. Before the week is through, you could meet a serious candidate for the role of your other half. Whether it’s for finance, romance, or a creative collab, two is your magic number. And remember: Opposites attract.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Fasten your seatbelt: This week comes with a code red drama alert for Rams. The sun simmers alongside retrograde Venus in your romance house, bringing mixed signals galore. Will you misread motives? Make mountains out of molehills? Guaranteed. The green-eyed monster could even pay you a visit on Friday, thanks to Saturn in Scorpio tussling with the sun. But on the bright side, you could get your true feelings out into the open — and that will be liberating. Hey, sometimes it takes a good lovers’ quarrel to clear the air, or a wave of jealousy to let you know how much you actually DO care.

Have you been the one leading people on? By Sunday, decide if you’re in or out. Closing the door on a half-hearted romance opens the window of opportunity to find someone who REALLY makes your soul sing. If you’re in a happy place with your S.O. slip off for a nostalgic date or book an overnight at a posh hotel. (Side-by-side massages a must.) On Sunday, lace up the cross trainers and unroll that yoga mat. The sun hunkers down in Virgo and your healthy living house for a month, bringing order to your court. Sip your green juice then rush to The Container Store if the urge to organize strikes on Sunday. Simplifying everything will be your obsession between Sunday and September 23.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Stay on the friends-and-family-plan this week, Taurus. The sun winds down its monthlong tour through Leo and your domestic fourth house, keeping your inner circle in the spotlight. Make dinner for friends, have a slumber party, or take a special trip to visit the fam. While you’re at it, look up a few of your besties from back in the day. With Venus retrograde sitting close to the sun, a reunion with your college roomie or high school BFF could be legendary.

Warning: the sun-Venus retro mashup can ramp up tension with one of your girls. You’re not just imagining it; she really IS getting competitive with you. Take the high road instead of jumping into the diva duel. Kill her with kindness and compliments and her insecurities will ease up. Don’t, however, dim your lights to let her shine. With the sun cruising into Virgo and your fifth house of fame for a month this Sunday, center stage is where you belong. Forget the humble brags, Bull. Until September 23, you have planetary permission to shamelessly self-promote. Cupid is in your corner for the coming four weeks, too, so expect epic developments in your love life. Remember, the heart wants what it wants so follow your desires and don’t ask your friends to weigh in on your every move.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Back it up, Gemini. With the sun and Venus retrograde synced up in your communication house until Sunday, you can really get yourself worked up over...ummmm, what? While no one’s telling you to ignore your feelings, the way you choose to process them can make all the difference. When the stupid human tricks erupt, you’ll need a few minutes to vent (always). But then what? Complaining (or worse, gossiping) just leaves you swirling in an emotional tornado. Inhale. Exhale. Then, reach out to friends who can stop the runaway G train (yeah, that’s you we’re talking about) before you derail yourself. Don’t get mad when they disagree with your assessments or interrupt you mid-rant. True friends tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear.

Since Venus is retrograde, an old GF could be the one who tosses you the life raft. Don’t be surprised if conversations take a creative turn this week, too. Before you know it, you could be cooking up plans for a road trip or recording a single together. After all, life is too short to be pissed off, Gemini! On Sunday, the Virgo sun takes the wheel for a month, lighting up your domestic fourth house. Time to feather your nest and make your pad feel like a home. With jet setting Jupiter also in Virgo, you might even pull up the stakes or take up a second residence in a faraway place. Scroll through those decor blogs and real estate listings while sipping your Sunday morning Americano.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Hang on to your plastic, Cancer. The urge to splurge could lead you down some regrettable rabbit holes this week. With the sun beaming through your luxe-loving second house, the Material Girl in you is at the helm. Unfortunately, Venus — the planet of beauty — is retrograde until September 6, throwing your normally bulletproof aesthetics out of whack. Start a Pinterest board for ankle-strap loafers and carwash-pleat skirts. But hold off on making your final purchase until you’ve checked out all your options — and radared in on a killer deal, o’ thrifty one.

At work, try not to get too up in arms about, well, anything. Bringing too much emotion to a professional situation could raise some eyebrows this week. We know you’re a Cancer and it’s hard for you to turn off your feelings. So if you’re feeling upset, slip out of the office and call a friend (who works at another company). After you’ve vented and are properly talked down from the tree, you’ll be able to address the issue from a dispassionate and solution-oriented place. On Sunday, the sun zips into Virgo for a month bringing the crab OUT of her shell. Your social life heats up big time over the four weeks that follow. Try to leave a FEW white spaces in your calendar to eat, breathe, and chill on the couch.