Gigi Hadid Paired Sweatpants With Stilettos On A Flight

Photo: Newspix/Getty Images.
Newsflash: Athleisure goddess Gigi Hadid gave her black running leggings a break, opting for a pair of sweatpants instead for a long-haul flight to Sydney, Australia earlier this week. But never fear: The busy model has a special talent for transforming gymwear into soon-to-be-copied streetwear. To be honest, we’ve always wanted to wear sweats on the plane without looking like we gave up on life, so we’re pretty damn glad to see this becoming a thing.

First off, Gigi’s bottoms aren’t power-drink-stained, muted-gray sweats. Instead, she smartly went with a cool, marled texture and a slim, chic silhouette. Then, one-half of G.I. Joe pulled a styling trick from the TLC and All Saints ‘90s playbook, coordinating said sweats with a tight-fit, sports-bra-like crop top and oversized denim jacket by Guess. To add a dash of fancy — she was on a work trip, mind you — the model accessorized the chill ensemble with black pumps. Also worth noting: Gigi is total airplane-outfit twinsies with the pal walking behind her.
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Photo: Newspix/Getty Images.
Gigi went for athleisure-chic for a plane ride to Sydney, Australia. We all hail her for making sweatpants acceptable for flights — even if they have to be worn with a crop top and designer heels.
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Now, if only it would be acceptable to wear sweatpants to the office.
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The black top that goes with everything.
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Gigi’s boyfriend jacket by Guess is almost sold out (if you’re an extra-small, though, today’s your day), so try this equally wallet-friendly version.
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A pair of classic, black pumps will polish up any wardrobe staple.
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If you look closely, you’ll see that Gigi perched her trusty leather duffel on top of her rolling suitcase for effortless travel through customs.
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A pair of all-black, oversized aviators are one way to hide facial pillow imprints from a long-haul plane ride. Although we doubt that ever happens to Gigi.