Your Horoscope For This Week — Aug 09 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Summertime, and the living is…clean and green? Yes indeed, stargazers, so grab your yoga mats, cold-pressed juicers, and reusable shopping bags. On Tuesday, expansive Jupiter makes his annual move, hunkering down in earthy Virgo until September 9, 2016. For the past 13 months, Jupiter has been in flamboyant, over-the-top Leo, lending a dramatic and romantic spin to our lives. But, we could all use a break from the intensity and excess (sorry Leo!). As Jupiter gets grounded in Virgo’s domain, the message is clear: less is more. Simplify. Sustain. Reuse. Upcycle. Conserving our precious resources and living more efficient, eco-chic lives is what this starry cycle is all about. Get out in nature, plant a tree (and hug another one), and enjoy life’s simpler, analog pleasures, like an IRL conversation, a library book made from real paper, and the view from a gorgeous trailhead.

Of course, there’s still the need for some human-crafted razzle-dazzle. On Saturday, the new moon in Leo glitterbombs the world, inciting creative self-expression, wild styling, and bold romantic moves. This new moon sets the stage for a playful weekend — good news for travelers, festival-hoppers, and partygoers in general. Don’t rush off from great conversations because la luna could bring some fateful encounters too!

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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
This week brings bittersweet cosmic news for Leos. On Tuesday, lucky Jupiter will exit your sign, moving on to Virgo until September 2016. You’ve hosted the red-spotted planet since July 16, 2014 — and it’s been a wild year of expansion and liberation for sure! And yes, you’ve had some growing pains and epic fails, as you put yourself out there in the public eye. (#SoWorthIt) Stay in that proud lion stance! You wandered outside your comfort zone and took risks —and that is about to bring rewards of the financial variety. As you bid Jupiter adieu, it flows on to Virgo, and your grounded, financially savvy second house.

A thrilling new job opportunity or a big promotion may be heading your way. If you’ve dreamed of striking out as an independent contractor, you could land a steady client who helps you pay for your rent, bag collection, and craft cocktails. Want to start your own business or have your works published? Now’s the time to go for it! Jupiter governs higher education, so some lions in the pack may head back to school for a specialized degree or training that helps you command more cash. On Saturday, there’s also a new moon in your sign. Set aside some time to make some wishes, set intentions, and map out personal goals you’d like to achieve by the corresponding full moon, six months from now. We don’t have to remind you to dream big, Leo — but make sure you’re wishing for the things YOU really want, not just the visions that other people have for your happiness.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Pop the Champagne! There’s major cause for celebration as lucky Jupiter cruises into Virgo from Tuesday until September 9, 2016, blessing you with 13 months of good fortune. Jupiter only visits your sign every 12.5 years, so yes, this is a very big deal. (The last round was from August 2003-September 2004.) For the past year, you’ve been drifting a bit, finding it difficult to make anything click with your usual efficiency, and “dream it, do it” planning abilities. Truthfully, you needed a sabbatical — and maybe even a gap year. Some Virgos have walked away from relationships or careers that they have simply outgrown. But, with Jupiter rolling back through Virgoville, it’s time to hang up the macramé hobo bag, and slip back into your power suit.

This week, you’re launched back in the game with rocket-powered force. Bring it, with your can-do attitude, and killer work ethic. Some epic changes are ahead, ones that could see you starting a new career path, relocating to an unexplored corner of the world, or going back to school. Even if you don’t change a major area of life, you’ll feel a palpable shift in your attitude. Your extracurricular fun could even bring you onto the stage or the podium, to pass on the valuable knowledge that Virgos love to collect. On Saturday, the new moon in Leo gives your transitional 12th house one last hit for the season. As you embrace your sparkling new future, you may realize that there are a few scary leaps that you have no idea how to take. This new moon shines a light on mentors, coaches, and consultants, who can guide you along your path. (Therapists, energy workers, and shamans too, so don’t rule out the woo-woo.) Reach up for support and you’ll quickly catch your stride!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Social Libra, you’ve been going hard for the last year, which has no doubt done wonders for your popularity. As for your stress level? Not so much. We’re getting exhausted just thinking about all the things you’ve crammed into your calendar since the summer of 2014. It’s time for a celestial sabbatical as free-spirited Jupiter decamps to your flowy, meditative 12th house until September 9, 2016. This yearlong phase would be optimal for relocating to a tiny Nicaraguan surf town or maybe an ashram in India for a little Eat, Pray, Love action. But hey, if a gap year isn’t in the stars, that’s okay. Turn your life into an oasis wherever you are. Declutter your home, start a yoga and meditation practice, or see a holistic healer (massage therapists, acupuncturists) regularly to reduce stress.

Bursts of pure creative genius are coming your way now, musings you should develop with zeal. This could be the year you get the record deal or see your paintings hung in a gallery — or at least create all the works for a debut when Jupiter lands in Libra for a year on September 9, 2016! If you have any mourning or emotional healing to do, dive in. While this process isn’t easy work, you’ll emerge knowing yourself like never before. Head’s up: You may need to make a sacrifice for someone you love in the year ahead. But, find the balance between caring and codependent, or your “helpful” ways could lead to burnout. Rule of thumb: Taking care of other people starts by taking care of yourself first. On Saturday, a new moon in Leo will connect you to kindred spirits. Get out and explore new scenes, both online and in real time. People who share your views and interests are close at hand. This is also a stellar week for updating your digital devices, launching a website or blog, or purchasing new computer equipment.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Send out the casting call! The Scorpio dream team is coming together — and from all corners of the world! This Tuesday, horizon-expanding Jupiter cruises into Virgo and your 11th house of groups until September 9, 2016, sounding the call for epic collaboration. With this globetrotting planet at the helm, you may have to travel to find your kindred spirits, or host your meetups on Google Hangout. Finding people you click with isn’t the easiest for selective Scorpio, so don’t let geography become a barrier. As you work together towards a common cause, your faith in the human race will be restored. You could get involved with a humanitarian mission that stirs your soul or campaign for the 2016 president-elect of your choice.

This Jupiter phase could also make you an internet (or Instagram) sensation. Have ideas for a webinar, blog, mobile app or e-commerce site? Venturesome Jupiter could lure you down the path of those Silicon Valley superstars. If you don’t have the capital to get it off the ground, lucky Jupiter can help you raise it with a crowdfunding campaign. Hello, Kickstarter. Saturday’s new moon in Leo could bring word of a new job opportunity, or a chance to ascend the ladder by filling someone else’s shoes. Jump on it! You’ll be motivated to make a bigger name for yourself in your industry, too. Clear the decks of distracting tasks by delegating, outsourcing, or just calling it quits on unfulfilling projects. Then, concentrate on one or two major goals that can boost your career game —and your bank balance — by early 2016. A leadership role has “Scorpio” written all over it.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Zing those arrows to the sky! Your career gets a rocket-fueled boost starting Tuesday, as your ruling planet Jupiter moves into Virgo and your 10th house of success until September 9, 2016. Ready to rise through the ranks of your industry, glitterbombing the world, and putting your name on the map? A prominent —and public—role has your name written all over it. Whether you’re headed for the executive suite of an existing company or flexing your muscles as the CEO of Sagittarius, Inc., it’s time to take charge. And with Jupiter’s global influence, you could wind up traveling for work or expanding into international territory.

Jupiter will be activating the masculine zone of your chart, making men the star players in your world. Forget what you heard about that glass atrium hanging over your head. The ceiling can’t hold you now, Sagittarius. Barge into the boys club and ascend! Saturday’s new moon in Leo could kickstart a cool, entrepreneurial venture too; or, you could hit on the idea for a media project that you develop over the next six months. Still haven’t take your epic summer 2015 getaway? Get out of Dodge this weekend. While you’re at it, put plans in motion for a bigger journey that you’ll take before this year is through. This new moon may inspire some Sagittarians to go back to school or to enroll in teacher training to share your storehouse of knowledge.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Ready to stop sweating the small stuff, Capricorn? Relief arrives this Tuesday as expansive Jupiter exits your intense and intimate eighth house, and moves on to Virgo and your adventurous ninth until September 2016. So, what were you stressed or jealous about last week? You can’t be bothered to care about the petty s*** anymore as Jupiter turns your attention to a bigger, brighter picture ahead. Wanderlust washes over you too: Are you ready to explore far-flung corners of the earth and maybe become an international superstar? The world is your oyster now, as this 13-month cycle will bring major expansion. If you’re not literally traveling, you’ll stretch in other ways. There could hardly be a better time for going back to school or even designing a workshop to teach something you’ve mastered.

Jupiter is lighting up your publishing zone too, so you could pen a novel or start a blog that is everyone’s new addiction. And your entrepreneurial nature is piqued — get that start-up off the ground! One word: Kickstarter. Long-distance and multicultural relationships percolate with promise. Over the coming 13 months, you could rack up some frequent flyer miles in the name of love. On Saturday, the new moon in Leo reminds you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater — especially when it comes to love. One relationship, in particular, could get serious now, or you could meet a shimmering prospect who has “The One” written all over ‘em. Pace yourself: if the bond is legit, it will develop organically over the next six months.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Make it official, Aquarius! On Tuesday, daring Jupiter heads into Virgo and your eighth house of permabonding until September 2016. A Kimye kind of closeness is what you’re craving now — and if it comes with the matching Fashion Week outfits and Twitter TMI, well, you wouldn’t object. Put a ring on it, put some ink on it, but just make sure the partnerships you enter into are exclusive, Aquarius. And most of all, don’t let other people’s opinions rule over the wisdom of your heart. Jupiter’s open-minded influence could see you falling head over statement heels for someone outside the realm of your usual type or a cutie from a different culture. If you’re already attached, find new ways to share resources like co-signing on a cute two-bedroom or even making a baby.

This Jupiter cycle could be a moneymaker too, but not necessarily from 9-to-5. You could write a song that pays you royalties, take a commission-based job, or even make a mint in the real estate market. Yet, while Jupiter sounds the call for togetherness, Saturday’s new moon in Leo reminds you that originality is your calling card. You don’t want to lose your identity to be half of some mashed-up portmanteau — hell to the no! If you’re single, you could meet some promising prospects this weekend. Just remember: Find a mate who helps you shine brighter, instead of expecting you to stand in his shadow. Coupled Aquarians get a reminder that developing your individual interests only makes you a stronger, happier partner — as long as you don’t go AWOL on the one you adore!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Who you…a hopeless romantic? Well, duh. This week, envelope-pushing Jupiter launches a new 13-week cycle that restores your status as the zodiac’s #LoveWins champion and cheerleader. Until September 2016, the red-spotted planet will be parked in Virgo and your seventh house of committed relationships. While you adore passion, you can still be a slippery fish. You’re often hesitant to dive in full force or get caught in the net, since you need your solitary space and dreamtime. But, Jupiter is breaking it down for you in a different way: there is freedom to be found in twosomes, too. The right person can pick up where you leave off, lend love and support, and help you more than double the strength of your efforts.

Don’t rule out long-distance relationships or cross-cultural crushes. Liberated Jupiter helps you write your own rules, and they probably don’t involve a white picket fence or Nick At Night scenario. Work the tag teams in business life, too. This Jupiter cycle could bring a killer collaboration that makes your bank balance shoot skyward. If you’re hashing out legal matters or negotiating a contract, Jupiter brings an extra dose of luck. On Sunday, the new moon in Leo lights up your sixth house of work and well-being. Give your body some love! Make the most of these “salad days” by fueling up on more fresh, organic produce. You might even try popping a probiotic to aid with gut health and keep your immune system strong. You’ll feel a stronger connection to work now — or the motivation to find a more satisfying job. Don’t be the office martyr! If you need some support staff or more pay, draft a budget and request email over the weekend, and hit send next week.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Slip on the thermal mesh and lace up your aerodynamic trainers. You could soon be a permanent fixture at SoulCycle or the CrossFit gym, as go-getter Jupiter zips into Virgo and your sixth house of healthy living, from Tuesday until September 9, 2016. Your body is your soul’s address here on earth, Aries, and it’s time to treat it like a temple. Learning about nutrition could become a new obsession, as vibrant Jupiter encourages you to nourish yourself with clean, green fuel. If you haven’t discovered your outdoorsy side yet, get ready. Your spare time could be spent going on hikes, camping, or even planting an organic vegetable garden that you can pluck and eat from on demand.

Work heats up, too, as Jupiter makes you particular keen on carving out a job you love. Having some independence is a must, whether you’re venturing forth with your own business or starting up a new division at your existing gig. Try creating a position that plays to your strengths — write up a job description and present it to the powers that be. Your initiative, as always, will impress. Saturday’s new moon in Leo brings a brimming cup of courage, and the motivation to get your name in lights. #AlmostFamous isn’t going to cut it for you. Over the next six months, what will it take to see your name on the marquee or on a prominent roster? The seeds you plant this week could blossom in early 2016. Cupid’s in your corner as well, so open your heart, and give him a clear shot. A new romantic interest could pop up this weekend or you could go next level with your S.O.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Come on out and express yourself, Taurus! This Tuesday, larger-than-life Jupiter bursts into Virgo and your fifth house of fame until September 9, 2016. You’ve been a sleeping bull for the past year, lounging under the radar. But, now the alarm is ringing, marking your time to rock it in the public eye. If you’re not literally performing or presenting, you could be pulling strings as the #GIRLBOSS, when this Jupiter cycle hoists you into a leadership role. Romantically, you’re ready to take a big gamble, maybe even putting a ring on it (or a bun in it) before 2015 is through. Single? Dive back into the dating game and enjoy your independence as you “taste the rainbow.” Since Jupiter is the cosmic jetsetter, your amour could be from a different culture. Coupled? This would be the time to take that cross-country road trip or —if you’re ready — the walk down the aisle. Adventure is an aphrodisiac!

On Saturday, there will be a new moon in Leo, too, awakening your nesting instincts. Instead of hosting the standard barbecue or cocktail hour, tap Jupiter’s creative vibes and gather friends for craft night, a paint and sip, or even some new moon vision-boarding. (Hint: with this new moon in Leo, collage images that have to do with fame, romance, style, and artistic expression.) If it’s time to move, you could land that lucky listing this week. You could meet an amazing female mentor this week who who opens up new worlds of opportunity for you. Let’s hear it for the girls!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Give those ruby slippers three cosmic clicks. There’s no place like home for Gemini starting this Tuesday, as lucky Jupiter grooves into Virgo and your domestic fourth house for a 13-month stay. But the question remains: where will you hang your wide-brimmed hat in the days ahead? With jetsetting Jupiter in the frame, you could pull up the stakes and relocate to a new city…or country! If you’re staying put, expect to travel often in the coming year, especially to visit close friends and family. Devise a strategy for bringing home on the road —from a mini tube of Marvis toothpaste to a votive version of your favorite Diptyque candle — so you can enjoy your creature comforts from anywhere on the globe.

A home-based business could become a smashing success, too. Maybe it’s time to turn that unused corner of your studio into an office area or rent a desk at a cool co-working space. Women (your mom or hermanas even) will be your lucky stars with Jupiter in your feminine fourth house until September 2016. Bring on the sister acts! On Saturday, the new moon in Leo awakens your natural curiosity. It’s time to dabble in a new subject of interest, or find a hobby that appeals to you. Sign up for a couple guitar lessons, yes, but don’t go auditioning for a band the same day. Your interests will evolve in ways you can’t yet see, so don’t lock yourself into anything long-term for now. Kindred spirits flock in as this new moon reboots your social life. This is the weekend to check out a new scene, even if you have to start the search solo. You won’t be alone for long!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Warm up those social butterfly wings. This Tuesday, your extracurricular life is about to get a whole lot busier. Showboating Jupiter floats into Virgo and your garrulous third house, blessing you with “life of the party” status for the coming 13 months. You won’t have to travel far to find your fix. Jupiter will be camped in your third house of local activity, heating up the action close to home. Making new friends will be a snap, and a few could come forward as BFFs, festival plus-ones, and the perfect partners for projects. Come on out of that shell when it comes to your career moves.

Working the buddy system will bring you the best shot at success between now and September 2016. Are you a writer, teacher, or mediamaker? You’ll be extra blessed by Jupiter’s beams. Get to work on that fiction piece or graphic novel, and you could see your work published soon. But, how about making some bank in the here and now? News of a plum job or dream assignment could arrive near Saturday’s new moon in Leo. Whether it’s a promotion or a paycheck from a different company, put the word out to your social network. Friends may know just the position for you. Or, schedule a sit-down with corporate to discuss next-level opportunities within your current 9-to-5 gig.