Your Horoscope For This Week — Aug 02 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Stop! Don’t hit that launch button! This Monday, August 3, impulsive Jupiter slams into a signal-dropping square (90-degree angle) with cautious, conservative Saturn. Those plans for world domination (or your next festival road trip) could use one more round of revisions. Balance the #YOLO joie-de-vivre, a.k.a. Jupiter, with some sensible strategies. After all, Plan B could be even better than what you originally had in mind.

On Tuesday, daring Jupiter makes another connection — this time to love planet Venus. They already linked up on July 1, so this sequel could stir that hot pot once again. The difference? Venus is retrograde (backwards) this time, bringing some “total recall” vibes. The siren song of this cosmic duet could call back an old flame, or that promising Tinder date who was a little too fresh out of a breakup last month. Second chances should be given cautiously, though, as retrogrades can scramble signals. (Kourtney Kardashian, we’re looking at you.) Couples could revisit an old drama or slip off for a nostalgic vacation that brings back the love.

On Saturday, go-getter Mars is on the move, heading into passionate, playful Leo until September 24. Who wants to end the summer on a star-powered note? The world will feel like one giant talent show — but sharing the spotlight could get tricky under this ego-boosting sky! Shine on, but lean into Leo’s magnanimous spirit, too.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
If you see something, say something? Not so fast, Leo. On Monday, big-mouthed Jupiter locks into a tricky tango with modest Saturn, cautioning you to dial back your live-out-loud M.O. Your words and actions DO have an impact on your friends and family — and while you hate to be censored by such things, you’d be wise to consider what you flaunt in the public eye. By the same token, you may feel frustratingly suppressed by your current crew. Use this week to really evaluate: Does fitting in come with a super-high price — that of your self-expression? If so, spread your wings and soar to another circle where you can truly let your mane down.

On Tuesday, love planet Venus and ballsy Jupiter align in your sign for the second time this summer (their first meetup was July 1). This time, Venus is retrograde (backwards), meaning you might revisit a sultry highlight of the summer love story that erupted last month. This dynamic cosmic duo could also bring a second wave of attention to your creative efforts or for your personal style. Keep an open mind and heart on Tuesday (and all week) because people will appreciate your originality — and even fall head-over-heels for you because of it. There’s more reason to love being a Leo this week: On Saturday, go-getter Mars cruises into your sign for the first time in two years. Until September 24, you’ll have this dynamo in your corner, pushing you to go big with your personal projects and take bold initiative in all that you do. That fresh start you keep meaning to make? There’s no excuse for stalling after Saturday. Ready, set, reinvent yourself!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Are you taking it all a little too personally, Virgo? Signals scramble on Monday when jump-the-gun Jupiter hits a snag with Saturn, the critic. The lines of communication could cross with a friend, sibling, coworker — or even the neighbor who lives in the apartment above yours. This could make you feel personally rejected or spitting mad — but wait. There’s a high probability of overreaction early this week, so don’t be so quick to react. Slow down, ask questions, and look for win-wins. But, if you’ve been too eager to compromise, you could hit some boundaries, too. Let ‘em know you’re not a pushover and assert your needs. This applies to your love life on Tuesday, Virgo, when Jupiter connects to retrograde Venus in your 12th house of healing and hidden enemies. Is a friend getting a little too cozy with your partner? Has your love interest been lazy about tending to your needs? Put your statement sandal down, so folks know they picked the wrong person to mess with.

On Friday, your ruler, messenger Mercury, makes its annual visit to Virgoville until August 27, blessing you with the gift of gab. You’ll find it far easier to assert yourself — and thank goodness for that. On Saturday, yet another planet piles into your 12th house, and this time it’s feisty Mars. Until September 24, you’ll be cleaning house big-time, with Mars buoying your confidence. Let it go: Some situations are just too messed up to hold onto. If nothing else, simply stop trying so hard and see if other people step up to the plate. This six-week Mars phase brings divine downloads to creative Virgos. Sequester yourself in the studio (or wherever you’re most inspired) and work on your masterpiece.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
It feels great to belong, Libra, but at what cost? Early this week, you could have misgivings about your membership in a particular entourage. The privileges might simply not be worth the admission price — especially if people expect you to “go along to get along” or conform to values that don’t mesh with your own. Before you deactivate, however, see what happens if you voice a dissenting opinion. On Tuesday, your cosmic ruler, Venus (retrograde until September 6) joins forces with candid Jupiter, helping you speak from the heart. If you’ve stayed mum for too long, this is especially true. You simply can’t bottle up your honest feelings for another minute.

Romantically, the Venus-Jupiter duo could bring love from the friend zone; someone you’ve known for awhile even could confess to a crush. Careful what you post on social media! With Venus retrograde, your love tweet could be misconstrued. And uh, who are you actually sending that sexy Snapchat to? Double-check, because autocorrect. ("Dan" or "Dad"?) On Saturday, motivator Mars heads into Leo and your 11th house of teamwork and technology, inspiring you to find the right collaborators. Get out and mingle, check out new scenes, and head to those industry-networking events. Tension could heat up in an existing crew, or you could all be motivated to take on a humanitarian project or get in great shape together (or all of the above). Got an idea for an app, website, blog, or YouTube channel? Call the developers, because this biennial Mars phase is one of the best times for bringing digital dreams to life.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Still waiting to snatch that #GIRLBOSS title, Scorpio? All summer long, planets have been egging you on to take big leaps. But with cautious Saturn in your sign, you’ve weathered moments of self-doubt, too. On Monday, you could hit that wall, questioning your life purpose, direction, and ability to take charge. Deep breaths; don’t retreat! If you’re going to walk the high wire, you need to build a better safety net. Get a solid support structure in place — from friends who will give you pep talks to an office mentor to an actual business coach. After all, no one makes it to the top alone. In love, you could find yourself fixated on goals this week, especially on Tuesday when future-forward Jupiter clinks glasses with Venus in retrograde for the second time this summer (the first was July 1). Are you truly on the same page as the one you adore? If you’re single, are you aiming high enough? Some keep-it-real conversations are in the stars. Don’t be afraid to find out the truth. If you’re meant to be together, you’ll figure out a compromise.

On Saturday, big baller Mars (your co-ruler) will join the planetary party in Leo and your 10th house of leadership. Are you down to wear the crown? Banish any thoughts that you could never be royal (like Scorpio Lorde) and step up to the throne! Direct action will be rewarded while Mars hovers here until September 24. Make your move! The 10th house governs men, and fellas may be prime players — or your main competition — over the coming six weeks. Keep your game face on and your sledgehammer in hand. You’re going to need it to smash that stupid glass ceiling, Scorpio.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Caring or codependent? The line could blur early this week, Sagittarius, forcing you to dial back your attempts to be helpful. For now, keep yourself out of the middle of other people’s issues unless they explicitly ask for your support. By waiting a little longer to add your two cents, you’ll see them work it out for themselves, which is always ideal. Conserve your energy and your resources this week, too. A challenging clash between your ruler, jovial Jupiter, and conservative Saturn makes this a bad time to commit to major expenses that you don’t feel 200% certain about. More research and comparison shopping is warranted.

Instead of pacing a hole in the floor trying to figure it all out, indulge your wanderlust. On Tuesday, jetsetting Jupiter connects to Venus retrograde in your ninth house of travel. This is an awesome day to play hooky from work and take a road trip — especially if you’re revisiting a meaningful place from your past. Vacation romance, round two? Jupiter and Venus sang a sweet duet on July 1 and someone you met near that day could pop back up on your radar. There could also be an important moment of truth with your partner, but honestly, Sag: Try to use a filter. Ready for #InternationalSuperstar status? On Saturday, go-getter Mars blasts into Leo and your ninth house of global expansion until September 24. A fresh round of wanderlust could strike, or you could get word of a long-distance opportunity. Ready to relocate, go back to school, or take an epic vacation? No matter how you want to expand, Mars brings momentum galore.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Bad blood, begone! On Monday, your ruling planet, Saturn, locks horns with truth-bearer Jupiter, revealing some uncomfortable truths about the people in your midst. One rotten apple can spoil the barrel, Capricorn. If you’ve extended more than a second chance to a troublemaker, you may have cause to evict her from your circle now. Consider it self-preservation. Snakes in the grass can be dangerous. Did you step on toes? Don’t say sorry “just for show.” It could be that you’ve outgrown a certain crew and it’s time to move on. Don’t hang on out of habit.

The lusty vibes heat up big-time this Tuesday, when Jupiter and Venus retrograde unite in your erotic eighth house. But who will be your dance partner for the horizontal mambo? With Venus in reverse, it could be someone from your past or maybe that disappearing right-swipe from early July. Coupled? Re-enact a scene from “the honeymoon phase.” Nostalgia is not only sentimental, but a total turn-on. On Saturday, the heat cranks up even higher, when white-hot Mars joins Venus in your seductive eighth house. But look out! Mars can make you overeager, and there’s a risk of trying to turn a hookup into a honeymoon — bad move. While you’ll spice things up in the bedroom, you could also fall prey to jealousy, possessiveness, or other control dramas. Keep that green-eyed monster in check — and channel that energy toward the pursuit of your career goals. This Mars phase, which lasts until September 24, could bring some larger sums of cash money your way. Look for investors, crowdfund, or learn how to put your extra bank in places where it can grow.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Is it true love, or just a really bad idea? This week’s star map may cause you to second-guess your latest romantic interest — and not without good reason. It’s possible that you’ve fallen for someone “exciting” who is actually disruptive to your sense of inner peace. And while you hate the idea of being bored, this one could take “destabilizing” to a rocky low. Rule of thumb: If getting involved means hurting yourself or another person (like, say your crush’s ex who is also a friend of yours), think twice before you dive in. Unless there’s truly a meant-to-be connection here, it’s not worth playing with fire.

On the flip side are you Aquarians out there who keep holding a good person at arm’s length. If you don’t have evidence that screams “toxic,” maybe you should consider opening your heart a little more. With Jupiter and romantic Venus retrograde aligned exactly on Tuesday, you could have one of those soul-baring conversations that confirms your connection. Coupled Water Bearers may need to address a buried issue midweek. That’s how you thaw the resentment and bring back the love. Deal! More momentum for relationships comes on Saturday, when lusty Mars joins the party in Leo and your partnership house. Until September 24, pairing up is your raison d’etre — for business and pleasure. Find an attractive opposite whose skills complement your own. Together, you could top the charts and make a nice profit to boot. Mars is feisty and can turn up the heat in your romantic life. While the bedroom play will surely be spicy, the next six weeks could bring some epic battles if you let your ego take the wheel. So, don’t — okay?
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
"Flawless" should be a category reserved for video-version Beyoncé. But that’s not to say we all can’t aim a little higher. On Monday, a tangled angle between hasty Jupiter and perfectionist Saturn reminds you that the devil is in the details — but so is a chorus of angels. Your attention to “the little things” can give you an edge over the competition. It could even lead to an unexpected promotion or special opportunity. Just don’t overdo it on the bells and whistles. In some cases, this cosmic clash will show you where less is more. Keep that yoga mat handy this week, too.

On Tuesday, a merger between Jupiter and retrograde Venus reignites your inner glow. Relax, relate, release. By calming your mind, your thoughts will be sharper and better organized. Download meditation tracks; even two mindful minutes of silence and breathing can bring major clarity. On Friday, messenger Mercury zips into your relationship house until August 27, helping you hash out the right category for a summer crush — or make bolder suggestions about the future you’d like to share with the one you adore. While your love jones will be strong, don’t let go of the wheel. Motivator Mars moves into your work and healthy-living zone for six weeks this Saturday. Activate that ClassPass and get your office organized. You’re going to be a busy bee, making life hacks essential.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
You’re ready to shout it from the rooftops, Aries, but don’t start blowing up your Twitter feed until the weekend. With Monday’s befuddling clash between candid Jupiter and conservative Saturn, your message could get lost in translation. You’ve earned your bragging rights, yes. But people might mistake your shout-outs to “me, myself, and I” for an ego trip. Keep your cards a little closer to your vest. The element of surprise will work in your favor.

Another issue this week? You could have a hard time discerning true love from a nebulous hookup. Was it really “just sex?” Don’t make any assumptions, Aries. With lucky Jupiter and heart-opening Venus retrograde aligned on Tuesday, you could discover that someone has deeper feelings than you originally realized. A spicy sequel could be in store — or, you may have to weather a truly awkward conversation about where everyone’s feelings lie. Remember: The truth shall set you free.

On Saturday, feisty Mars (your ruling planet) moves into fiery, flamboyant Leo until September 24. Suddenly, you want to dye your tips purple, rock insane nail art, start a band and fall in love with the drummer, and maybe even audition for an Off-Broadway musical. This theatrical Mars circuit (which happens every other year) is all about following your heart. It could bring some real fame your way, too. But a word to the wise: With Venus in retrograde until September 6, dial down the fashion dares and choose your bedroom buddies, bandmates, and the roles you play with care.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Your heart is swelling with sentimental feelings, Taurus — but don’t rush to gush. The planetary lineup of the week calls for discernment and discretion. If it’s time to have The Talk about a relationship’s future, make it a private conversation — and avoid the misstep of signmate Lena Dunham’s “Get on it, yo” tweet to BF Jack Antonoff. It’s also a little too easy to overreact and take things personally, Taurus. Get the facts before you react. Female friends could be the button-pushers who make tears spring to your eyes. Don’t go sob in a bathroom stall and then enact the silent treatment.

On Tuesday, a meetup of outspoken Jupiter and Venus retrograde gives you a chance for a heart-to-heart. Your gripes about your girl may be legit, but try to deliver them diplomatically, extending the benefit of the doubt. Ask questions instead of blasting her with assumptions, and you’ll likely hug it out. But, if a frenemy has been turning people against you, it’s your job to defend your honor. Warrior Mars moves into Leo and your intimate fourth house from Saturday until September 24, arming you with newfound confidence. Deal with dignity (no streetfigher moves, please) but make sure you get to tell your own story firsthand. This Mars phase gets you in the mood to decorate or even relocate. Start a Pinterest board and go check out new neighborhoods after work. If possible, wait until Venus makes an advantageous U-turn on September 6 to rent the U-Haul.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Can you back up your words with action, Gemini? This week, don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash. As much as you want to sell people on your big ideas, it’s a little too easy to make promises that you can’t keep. With Jupiter, the gambler, getting a citation from Officer Saturn, it's better to err on the “underpromise and overdeliver” side of the equation. Do your due diligence, too. Crunch numbers, research facts, and make sure your game is tight — especially at work.

On Tuesday, Jupiter syncs up with Venus retrograde in your flirty third house. Have you been a little too liberal with the right-swipes, or maybe the lefts? Someone you wrote off quickly could melt your resistance. If a second chance is deserved, extend it and see. Got something to say to a close friend, sibling, or partner? Well, Gemini, choose your words wisely. With diplomat Venus in snooze mode, you could be a little too candid. You don’t have to point out every flaw or make mountains out of molehills. When in doubt, write it out — in your diary, not an email.

This weekend, embrace the spirit of partnerships. Motivator Mars cruises through your house of dynamic duos until September 24, bringing kindred spirits your way. A two-person collab could become a huge hit. Socially, making too many plans or scattering in too many directions could also stress you out. Don’t double-book.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Monday’s melee between expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn could make it hard to get a read on people. When someone offers you a gift — or shows signs of romantic interest — it’s not wrong to raise an eyebrow. While there may indeed be a warm-fuzzy vibe in the ether, this could also feel like too much, too soon. Don’t get all paranoid and dismiss the effort, though. Just ride the brakes a little and pace the unfolding of the connection. There’s more reason for this: On Tuesday, Jupiter, the gambler, greets Venus retrograde in your second house of personal values and valuable objects.

With Venus in reverse, you’re okay with being a little more Downton Abbey in your courtship style. Make them earn it; anything worth having is worth working hard for. Remind yourself of this when the allure of shiny objects tempts you to pull out the plastic. Be sensible and set up a savings account instead. You could fill those coffers quickly anyway, because on Saturday, go-getter Mars moves into Leo and your second house of income until September 24. Polish up the résumé and shop yourself around. If you’re happy with your current gig, how can you expand? Have a sit-down with your boss to discuss “expanded opportunities.” Cancer entrepreneurs could add a profitable new offering to the mix. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.