12 GIFs That Prove Kristen Wiig Is A Comic Genius

This month, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp star and overall comedy powerhouse Kristen Wiig will celebrate her birthday, but honestly, we don't need a reason to celebrate her. There should be a time every month set aside to honor the 41-year-old talent. If you've seen anything on the big or small screen over the past decade that's made you laugh, you've seen —and loved— something with Wiig.

Wiig can carry a television series for years (she was an SNL A-lister during her run on the show), and write/star in critical and box office hits (Bridesmaids forever), but, perhaps one of the truest signs of her comic genius is that she can make you laugh in a split second. Case in point: Wiig's hilarity translates perfectly into GIF form. In fact, Wiig is as prevalent to the comedy scene as she is to meme culture.

The Emmy and Oscar-nominated funny lady always makes us laugh, and these 12 GIFs prove that she's not only one of the best comedians of our time, but also a total genius.
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She Was Stealing The Show Even Before She Was A Household Name

Who says that the guys only got to have all the fun or big laughs in the 2007 Judd Apatow comedy Knocked Up? Sure, Seth Rogen and his band of merry bros provided their fair share of laughs, but Wiig absolutely slayed with just a few perfectly delivered lines as a passive aggressive E! producer, who clearly can't stand Katherine Heigl's character. Knocked Up had some A-list names attached, but the relatively unknown (at the time) Wiig stole every scene she was in, and made everyone wonder, "Who was that?"
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She's Not Afraid To Look "Ugly" For The Sake Of Comedy

Wiig is a seriously beautiful woman, but there's no vanity allowed in great comedy. She disappears into every role she's in and every character she plays, no matter how unattractive they may be. Wiig played some seriously off-beat and goofy characters on Saturday Night Live, including Gilly, Kat (of the Kat & Garth duo), and most memorably, Dooneese. Poor, hilarious Dooneese with her comically large forehead, baby hands, and odd turn-ons may not be pretty, but she's damn hilarious.
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Or Crazy

You have to be smart to play dumb, and the same could be said for playing crazy. To play someone so far gone and unaware of themselves, you have to be one seriously gifted comic. Wiig was never mean towards her "crazy" characters, rather, she embraced their off-kilter nature. That was definitely true on SNL when she played characters like the pathological liar Penelope or the clueless Secret Word contestant Mindy Elise Grayson. She even played with the "crazy chick" cliché in the hilarious Red Flag commercial. No one makes crazy look more appealing than her.
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Or Drunk

Playing drunk can be an easy ploy to get laughs (the swaying, the slurred speech, the bad decisions), but it's also easy for it to be over-the-top. What makes someone really funny imitating a drunk are the subtleties. In both Bridesmaids and that iconic "Real Housewives of Disney" sketch on Saturday Night Live, Wiig has the annoyed, annoying, and woozy drinker down to an art form.
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Her SNL Sketches Are So Iconic, They Make For Some Of The Most Used GIFs Ever

It's pretty hard, if not impossible, to come across a Tumblr, thread, or blog post (like, say, this one) that doesn't include one of Wiig's popular sketches on SNL. And that's truly a testament to her and her work. Sure, you'll definitely come across GIFs from her fellow SNL co-stars at that time, like Bill Hader and Andy Samberg, but Wiig really separated herself from the pack. She became the face of SNL, both on television, and on the internet — where she is a mainstay through the majesty of her hilarious, infinitely usable reactions in GIF form.
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It's Impossible To Walk Into A Target Without Saying It Like Her Target Lady Did

A surefire sign that you've made a lasting impression on pop culture is having a catchphrase. Having an SNL catchphrase is an even higher watermark in the pop culture world. Although she's had plenty of memorable characters, it's pretty safe to say that her most famous, quotable lines came from her overenthusiastic Target Lady. If you've stepped foot in a Target store since her time on SNL, there's a good chance you've talked like that character, or heard someone else talk like her. Wiig has forever changed the lexicon, and makes us giggle when we're out running our errands.
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Her Celebrity Impressions Aren't Just Spot On, They Are Next Level

Everyone has their own arsenal of celebrity impressions. (Think about it, you know at least five people who have their own Christopher Walken impression, four of which are terrible.) Wiig has a few up her sleeve, too, but the difference is they're an impressive combination of spot-on and a bit of over-the-top commentary on the very person she's playing. From a perpetually drunk and mean Kathie Lee Gifford (poor Hoda) to a less-than-helpful Suze Orman to an attention-starved Kris Jenner, Wiig makes you laugh at and with her subjects. Celebrity impressions are a dime a dozen, but Wiig's are pretty priceless.
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She Made One Of The Funniest, One Of The Most Quotable, & Definitely One Of The Most Pro-Women Movies Of All-Time

Wiig earned an Oscar nomination (alongside her co-writer Annie Mumolo) for the infinitely quotable script to the 2011 comedy classic Bridesmaids. More so than her work on SNL, her script for Bridesmaids is so much a part of our dialogue, whether you're crying "Help me, I'm poor" or declaring that you're "Ready to parrrrrtyyyyy." But besides the movie's GIF-able quotes, it was a game-changer in the genre. The all-female ensemble had a stunning array of comic voices (it also made Melissa McCarthy, along with Wiig, a bona fide superstar) and smart, funny, and flawed characters. Audiences and critics alike connected with the film, and she made us all beg the question, "Can men be funny?"
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Her Dance Skills Are Unparalleled (Even Sia Took Notice)

Wiig is just as much a gifted physical comedian, too. She uses her body as an instrument to get laughs, and she does a really great job of that when she's dancing. Wiig is a legitimately great dancer —it's not just that she can do goofy jigs, like she did on SNL and in Bridesmaids, but she's a certified triple threat. Wiig's moves even caught the attention of Sia, who had the star perform alongside Maddie Ziegler for an unforgettable Grammy performance of her song "Chandelier." Wiig's mad genius was on full display, and she gave us one of the most entertaining, unique, and creative things we've seen on the Grammys in a long time.
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She's Just As Funny Off-Screen As She Is On & Makes Some Of The Funniest People In The Biz Crack Up

If you see that Wiig is going to be the guest on a talk show, you should know to set your DVR at this point. Whether she's telling hilarious anecdotes as herself (like she's done with the likes of David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jon Stewart) or, even better, when she visits The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, as other people. Wiig has visited Fallon as Michael Jordan, Harry Styles, and most recently as Game of Thrones character "Karen." (Well, technically Khaleesi, but Karen is so much funnier.) Wiig doesn't divulge much about her personal life, but she always is a memorable guest on talk shows.
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She's A Winner At Awards Shows, Even When She Leaves Without A Trophy In Her Hand

Is there anything worse than strained awards show banter? Usually we'd say no, but when you've got a comedy wizard like Wiig at the podium, it's a different story. Not only does Wiig legitimately look like she's having fun at awards shows, but she gets to play alongside some other comedy geniuses like herself. This year she did a hilarious bit with her friend and former SNL co-star Bill Hader at the Golden Globes, but nothing may ever top her improvised introduction with her Anchorman 2 co-star, Will Ferrell, back in 2013. It was not only a show highlight, but it raised the bar for all the show's presenters. These things don't have to be so damn stiff or uninspired. Since Amy Poehler and Tina Fey aren't coming back to host, maybe Wiig could be next?
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Even Her Most "Hated" Characters Can Make You Laugh, Admit It

It's pretty safe to say that Wiig had one of the most polarizing SNL characters ever: the goofy, apologetic Gilly. And while the people that hate that character really hate it, they'd be lying if they said it couldn't make them crack a smile, at least once. Same goes for her other intentionally irritating characters like Karina from "The Californians," the justkiddingjustkidding Judy, or the unsexy bombshell Shanna. They may have gotten on your nerves, but that's what made them so damn funny. Plus, Wiig is so incredibly likable and such a charismatic performer, you can't help but take your eyes off any character she's playing.
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