This Line Solved The Most Annoying Tall-Girl Problems

Photo: Courtesy of Marge.
Thanks to the recent uptick in cool-girl brands with petite lines — like Reformation's "Don't Call Me Cute" collection and 7 For All Mankind's "Tailorless" denim — the short woman's shopping options have never been better. But what about those on the other side of the height spectrum? Taller ladies are still stuck with their own sartorial problems, such unintentional ankle-baring pants or too-short shirts that become de-facto crop tops. Sure, labels like ASOS Tall have provided a welcome selection of casual pieces, but when it comes to dressing up, we've just found a new savior: Marge. As one of the first luxury clothing lines designed specifically for tall women, each piece is tailored for those who stand at 5 foot 9 and taller (which, incredibly, is about 36% of the population).

In 2014, after she had trouble finding clothing that suited her 6 foot 1 frame, Marge founder Kaersten Cooper decided to design her wardrobe herself. The label's debut fall/winter collection, which is aptly titled "Life Up Here," includes elegant and timeless items like tailored trousers, pencil skirts, and overcoats. The clothes themselves might be classic, but the difference lies in the details: the dresses are elongated, the straight-leg pants are cut a bit higher, and the silk tees delicately define with waist without showing any stomach. And, not to mention, the brand boasts one of the most exhaustive fit guides we've ever seen — so women ranging from 5 foot 9 all the way up to 6 foot 5 and beyond can find their best sizes and fits. Marge's debut collection ranges from $300 to $1,200 and launches online today. Shop it here, click through to read our interview with Cooper, and prepare to stand tall.
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Photo: Courtesy of Marge.
Tell us the story behind "Marge." Why did you name the label the way you did?
"My grandmother, Marjorie was both a creative visionary and my confidante — she was a talented illustrator and designer in the 1930s and '40s. From sketching to sewing, she would guide me through her creative process and share her philosophies on fit and fabric with me. Most memorable was her philosophy on how a woman should carry herself and how she should dress. She would often say that clothing always looked best when paired with a confident authenticity, because when you invest in yourself and your abilities, it looks good on you.

"The name Marge came to me late one evening as I was looking through old photographs and sketches. I happened upon a series of love letters my grandmother had written to my grandfather many years ago. These heartfelt, handwritten letters revealed a side of my grandmother that I had never known — the creative visionary before my time — openly outlining her dreams, ambitions, and passions to the man that would soon be her partner in life.

"What struck me most about these love letters was that she never signed them with her full name, Marjorie. She instead signed every one of them 'xoxo, Marge.' I instantly knew that this nickname, so intimately shared, was to be the name of my company, because selfishly, I didn't, and perhaps my clients won’t either, want the love story to end.
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Photo: Courtesy of Marge.
There’s a perception that tall women are over-represented in fashion, but the average tall woman doesn’t look like a runway model. Can you address that criticism?
"I’m so glad you asked this question. Unlike clothing designed for the runway, ours are designed for tall woman who aren't built like runway models. Marge designs don’t follow trends. Our designs are classically inspired — influenced by my grandmother’s sense of nostalgia paired with an urbane sensibility. We believe that Marge is the answer for real, tall women looking to curate a wardrobe for life. "

What makes this line luxury?
"Luxury means the attention is in the details. Things like hand-selected fabrics from small mills in Italy, pieces that feature custom prints designed for one-of-a-kind beauty. Our limited quantities for this collection convey a high-end, high-quality, boutique feel. And lastly, to us, luxury means made in America."
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Photo: Courtesy of Marge.
What are the common tall-girl gripes that you’re addressing with your line?
"There are certainly many challenges tall women face when it comes to finding beautiful clothing that suits both their bodies and their lifestyles. But at Marge, we view these 'challenges' as opportunities we’ve solved.

"Tall women will no longer have to continuously pull at sleeve or hem lengths, awkwardly fidget in pants with disproportionate rises, squirm in dresses with directionally challenged darts or place their hands in jacket pockets just below their bust.

"We’ve reengineered the entire process from design to production. From head to toe, we’ve adjusted all of the measurements to be proportional to every inch of the taller frame. Our team believes that fit is a feeling and the feeling we’ve created is that of a second skin. For tall women everywhere, and in the spirit of Marjorie, we want dressing and movement to feel easy, graceful, and self-assured."