These 30 Etsy Shops NEED To Be On Your Radar

Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
UPDATE: As promised, we've got the exclusive first-look at the Etsy shops who have made it to the big leagues (yes, we're talking the Open Call event on July 21). We're not ones to play favorites, but these 30 designers are seriously crafting some of the best goods in the game. Want to see for yourself? Here's the complete list of the stores that made the cut:

1. A Handcrafted Home
2. Baby Jives Co.
3. Brooklyn Owl
4. Chapman at Sea
5. Earth Cadets
6. Etymology
7. Evermore Paper Co.
8. FairyOfColor
9. Fernweh Woodworking
10. Gem & Blue
11. Good4You
12. Handcrafted Honey Bee
13. La Familia Green
14. Little Retreats
15. lovelane
16. Milkhaus Design
17. Miniature Rhino
18. Moonlight for Violet
19. Mullein & Sparrow
20. Paper & Clay
21. Pelham Goods
22. Pico Design
24. Rock Salt Vintage
25. Simply Curated
26. Smarty Pants Paper Co.
27. Tandem Made
28. The Lovely Wall Co.
29. The Posie Project
30. Woodlot

This story was originally published on April 22.

Sketch, source, sew...are we forgetting something? Oh yeah, SELL! Thanks to Etsy Wholesale, the toughest part of becoming the next big thing just got a little easier.

Starting today, designers everywhere will have the opportunity to digitally pitch their lines to a panel that includes dream retailers like — drumroll, please — Nordstrom, The Land of Nod, Walker Shop, Clementine, and Lou & Grey, as well as Refinery29's own editor, Erin Cunningham. The application period begins today, and submitting your work couldn't be easier.

Here's what you need to do: Snap an awesome pic of you and your studio, or your best product, and post it to Instagram with the tags #EtsyOpenCall and @EtsyWholesale. In your caption, let the panel know why you're so effing excited about the Open Call, and which store you'd love to see carry your line come holiday season. A heads up that designers invited to the Open Call event to pitch will need to be approved Etsy Wholesale sellers, so you can apply to Etsy Wholesale now to get the ball rolling.

From today through June 4, Etsy will select up to 50 amazing aspiring designers — which we'll announce right here on July 1 — to attend an in-person pitch event at their (somewhat insane) Brooklyn headquarters later that month. So, hold tight: In our opinion, you're totally almost famous.

Click here to learn more about the Open Call — and bon chance!

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