Louboutin Just Added More Shades Of Nude To Its Nude Collection

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Louboutin.
As promised, Christian Louboutin has extended its nude designs to ensure that, no matter what shade your skin is in the buff, you’re able to find a heel that can match it. In order to do so, the world's most famous red-soled shoes will now include seven color tones and two additional styles to round out The Nude Collection. This means there will be a lot of long legs with Louboutin to thank.

The Nude Collection made its debut in 2013, and Louboutin has continued to grow this once-overlooked and fair-inundated market. The Cut reported back in April that the designer felt the line needed to add more options to its palette to feel wholly inclusive of women of all races and ethnicities. He promised to provide them within a year, and it only took him a few months, as Dazed Digital reports.

The styles of nude have expanded to include the Deepik — a trippy, scalloped-edge, peep-toe stiletto — and the Dorissima — a pump with a rounded toe. Though kitten heels are not yet available in this neutral line, we have a feeling Mr. Louboutin has no plans to stop evolving his collection — at least, not as long as there's a diverse market hoping to slip into his soles.

All the new shade and style options will be available on the Louboutin website this August. (Dazed Digital)

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