Know Your Judges: Holly Siegel

Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
Who she is: A former beauty editor and Sephora's current editorial director.

What she brings to the table:
Holly has tried a LOT of beauty products and services, first as a beauty junkie and then as a beauty editor — but her unique perspective comes more from having spent time with brands and their founders from the early stages and now, understanding what might make them successful at retail. She prides herself on being able to understand when a company or product is providing something unique.

Best beauty tip:
"Learn how to DIY. There will always be a time when you have to care for and camouflage your own skin nightmare before an event, or get caught in the rain at a wedding and ruin your blowout, or chip a nail en route to a job interview. Also, take care of your skin, nails, and hair every day so you don’t have to scramble with last-minute appointments in the first place. Think about the most interesting women you know: They probably aren’t sitting around a salon all day!"

We asked Holly to give us the inside scoop on the most exciting beauty launches of 2015. Keep clicking to see what's got her excited.

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"I had no idea that eye contouring was a thing, but here it is. When I got to interview Kat about this recently at her house (there’s a lot of taxidermy and candles, if you are curious), it was really interesting to hear how she feels like everyone’s contouring is unique — she really wants people to be able to have a toolkit for sculpting and defining to their specific needs or desired looks. Also, the pans are big enough so you don’t get multiple shades on your brush!"
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"I love a dry shampoo, I love the Nirvana scents, and I love not wearing perfume in the summer. I may or may not have encouraged the development of this in the first place, so I'm clearly biased, but I mean, come on."

Elizabeth & James
Nirvana White and Nirvana Black Dry Shampoos, $28 each, available in September at Sephora.
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"A friend who works for Ren told me I needed to get on this before my wedding, and I was like, 'Okay, so send me some!' I know enough about the legality of beauty claims to know that you cannot generally say things work instantly, but this serum certainly comes close. And for the big day, [I was] happy for some single-use improvement! I wonder if I can use it on my arms…"
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"I love this business model and everything they do. Full disclosure, I have not tried these actual products, but the men’s market has always been tough and this is definitely something new. When I was Grooming Editor at Nylon Guys (RIP), there were the same few brands doing the same things, or every once in awhile, a standout indie brand that usually priced out such normal guys. Maybe now, my other half will stop stealing my Bumble."
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