We're Getting 38 New Emoji Next Year

The emoji train is unstoppable. Apple just gave us a ton of new emoji in iOS 8.3, but now the Unicode Consortium, the organization that standardizes emoji characters and icons across all the various operating systems out there, has released 38 proposed new emoji for 2016.

The exciting emoji additions include foods bacon, avocado, and a croissant, and social pictographs like a selfie emoji and clinking champagne glasses. It also includes a "rolling on the floor laughing" emoji, which seems about 15 years too late (but hey, at least we can use it in our Facebook away messages?). 

Unfortunately, despite our repeated pleas, some of our most-asked-for emoji still didn't make the cut. There is no taco emoji. No burrito emoji. No left shark emoji

Unicode also proposed some other emoji character changes because, apparently, we've been using them wrong (That tearful crying face? It's actually a sleepy face. And the angry face? That's a "look of triumph.") 

As far as the brand new emoji are concerned, we could see them arriving on our phones and tablets around June 2016, according to Yahoo Tech. The full list is below, and we've helpfully ranked them in order of best and most exciting, to least exciting, along with some comments.

1. Bacon (Very important emoji.)
2. Clinking glasses (We're going to use this all the time.)
3. Shrug (¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
4. Face palm
5. Pregnant woman (Moms and moms to be, represent!)
6. Man dancing (Ladies aren't the only ones who like to dance.)
7. Avocado (Avocados are delicious.)
8. Croissant (So are croissants.)
9. Selfie (One more way to share our vanity.)
10. Shark (We hope this gets tweaked to "Left Shark," specifically.)
11. Prince (Prince + Princess = Perfect Match.)
12. Man in tuxedo (Now any wedding couple can be complete.)
13. Drooling face
14. Cucumber  (Uh oh, the eggplant has some competition.)
15. Left-facing fist
16. Right-facing fist (For virtual fist-bumping.)
17. Hand with first and index finger crossed 
18. Face with cowboy hat 
19. Handshake
20. Nauseated face (A new Saturday morning staple?)
21. Duck
22. Fox face
23. Motor scooter
24. Black heart (You heartbreaker, you.)
25. Rolling on the floor laughing
26. Lying face
27. Wilted flower (Will always be accompanied with a sad face.)
28. Eagle
29. “Call me” hand 
30. Owl
31. Potato (We need a couch to pair this with.)
32. Bat
33. Raised back of hand (Is this an interpretation of "Talk to the hand?")
34. Carrot
35. Mother Christmas (Glad for the gender parity... but when will we ever use this?)
36. Scooter
37. Octagonal sign (We'd rather say "Stop" with "Talk to the hand.")
38. Clown face (No.)

What emoji do you think we desperately need on our handsets? Sound off in the comments. 

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