Your Horoscope For This Week — Apr 19 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Green is the new black this week as the sun treks through Taurus from Monday, April 20 until May 21. Taurus is the first of the earth signs, summoning us into the great outdoors. Tiptoe through the tulips, wander through a farmers' market, or pick up some starters to plant in a container garden. And, let’s talk about those greenbacks: Material matters fall under sensible Taurus’ domain. Don’t blow that tax return in one place, stargazers! Set aside a little for savings, and invest the rest in a practical, luxurious object that will stand the test of time. If they happen to be sustainably manufactured, locally grown, or environmentally friendly, you are officially next level in every way. With the moon in festive, flamboyant Leo on Saturday and Sunday, the weekend has “party like a rockstar” written all over it. Love is in the air, too, so keep your eyes open for your next leading man or missus!      
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Happy birth month to you! The Festival of Taurus is officially underway as the sun blazes through your sign from Monday until May 21. Your independent spirit is back. And, while friends may grumble, you are ready to stop making so many sacrifices for all the people you love and put the focus back on the Bull in the mirror. Break free of relationships that drag you down — or at least take an extended hiatus so you can reclaim your individuality. Coupled Bulls might feel the need for a longer leash over the coming four weeks. Just don’t pull SO far away that you snap a sacred connection. With the Leo moon illuminating your cozy fourth house all weekend, you might prefer to stick close to home. The muse will stop by for a visit, so work some DIY magic on your space or turn your bookcases into installation art like this. It’s possible to be both festive and domestic at once, obviously, so put a leaf in the table, light some candles and host a stylish dinner party for your six closest friends. Need to get out? Couchsurf with a BFF in another city or go visit family that you haven’t seen in a while.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
The Hoarders crew is hovering nearby, Gemini. Throw them off your trail by diving into a decluttering mission. On Monday, the sun decamps to Taurus and your 12th house of transitions for a month. On May 21, el sol heads into Gemini, announcing your birthday time. So why drag baggage from this past year into the next? The next thirty days are all about discernment. Sort like a boss — no mercy on those sentimental objects that are long past their prime! (Just don’t get carried away and drop your grandmother’s heirloom china off at the Goodwill. At the very least, list it on eBay!) Give your emotional landscape a similar treatment. The next four weeks are a time for healing or diving into those frustrating emotions that keep cropping up and blocking you from your highest good. Work with a therapist, coach, holistic healer or shaman could be seriously game changing. Embrace the woo! The weekend’s Leo moon gets your social butterfly wings flapping. But, you’ll be supersensitive to people’s energy with the sun in your 12th house, so curate your guest list with care. Energy vampires, demanding divas, and the girl who insists on talking in the naughty baby voice well into her 30s will work your nerves like nobody’s business. Surround yourself with compassionate, clearheaded friends who listen well and never fail to inspire.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Fringe is not just for festivalwear, Cancer. This Monday, the sun embarks on a monthlong tour through Taurus and your offbeat, revolutionary 11th house. Anything too straight and narrow will simply bore you between now and May 21. Wander off the beaten path on a monthlong odyssey of discovery. The 11th house is the tech sector of the chart and this solar-powered phase is perfect for sprucing up your web presence. Have you been hiding in your shell, resisting the virtual world? Pose for some stylish ‘grams and profile pics. You might even hire a photographer to do the shots for you. Cue up the blog posts, YouTube videos and Tumblr pics, too. Let your IRL personality come shining through in digital form. Friends, love prospects and more could come virtually now, too: Your “clickthrough rate” is high! This weekend, stop and smell the daffodils. The moon lingers in your sensual, steady second house, making you feel rather old-fashioned. Let attractions develop organically, even if you feel like rushing right back to your apartment and tearing out of that pantsuit. Play the long game in love and you’ll end up with a far more rewarding prize.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Hello, Girlboss! Your career could become your obsession for the next four weeks as the sun blazes a trail through Taurus and your ambitious tenth house. You love to be surrounded by the movers and shakers. How about being the one who tells them what to do? A prestigious leadership position could be yours for the taking. But, be honest with yourself: Are you really down for the crown? As flattering as these offers may be to your ego, make sure you’re committed to the cause before you accept the reigns. Slip on the menswear-inspired jacket and loafers. The 10th house is the “boys’ club” of the zodiac wheel, so you could be hanging tight with the fellas for the coming four weeks. This is a great time for bonding with your brother, father, BF, or other important dudes in your life. The weekend is all about you! With the moon hovering in Leo on Saturday and Sunday, opt out of draining obligations so you can fly free. If people can’t keep up with your pace, fly solo — or bounce around making cameos, never staying at any one soirée for a second longer than you feel like. On Saturday, you may even tuck away to finish a creative project or quietly slip off for a romantic weekend getaway.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
London calling! Or is that Paris or São Paolo? With the sun blazing an adventurous trail through Taurus and your ninth house of travel until May 21, wanderlust strikes hard. Check your passport: Is it up to date? You could soon be hopping an intercontinental flight or taking a road trip to visit friends. You can be fussy, but there’s a boho babe living inside of you. A glamping trip could be just the thing, especially if a music festival, yoga retreat, or even a teacher training is involved. The study bug could bite now, too. Jump in a spring workshop or weekend seminar that’s been calling your name. Virgo mediamakers will be extra blessed by these sunbeams. The weekend is the perfect time to make your escape as the moon will hover in your dreamy, flowy twelfth house. Keep the itinerary chill though, because a spontaneous Plan B could trump the one you first thought up. You may find that you need a break from crowds over the weekend, too. Recharge your batteries with a spa day or take your sketchbook, tablet and a blanket to the park and soak up some springtime sun.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Mojo rising! This Monday, the sun slinks into Taurus and your erotic eighth house for a month, bringing back those lusty feelings. And, while you’re likely to be rubbernecking when those springtime cuties walk by coat-free, your focus will be on finding one special soul. Maybe you’ve already met. You could kick your relationship game up a few levels between now and May 21. Talks could turn to cohabitation, proposals, joint checking accounts, or other ways to permabond. At the very least, you could get your own drawer at your sweetie’s space. The eighth house governs “big money,” the kind you make in lump sums like royalties, inheritances, commissions and real estate deals. If you’re not exactly the Wolf of Wall Street yet, use the next four weeks to raise your financial IQ. You never know, Libra: You could come across a project worth investing in. Or, a financial backer (or an IndieGogo campaign) could put dollars behind your dreams. This weekend, the moon hangs in Leo and your eleventh house of community. The more is most definitely the merrier as long as you’re selective about the company you keep. Your patience for irritating people will not be long. But, artists, musicians, revolutionaries and free spirits? Bring them on! Pick up tickets to a cultural event or festival and go lose yourself in the crowd.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Make it a double, Scorpio! This Monday, the sun heads into Taurus and your seventh house of relationships until May 21. Two is your magic number now, whether you’re falling madly in love or joining forces on a collaborative business venture. Since you can be rather particular about the way you like things done — not to mention kinda territorial about your space (we’re not judging!) — don’t leave people guessing about where you stand. They might as well know up front where your lines are. Honestly, this can be liberating for everyone! That said, you’ll feel a stronger than usual urge to merge. When you fall, you tend to fall hard — and you just can’t get close enough to the one you adore. There could even be a proposal in the stars for Scorpios who are ready to trek down the aisle. For business duos, draft a more formal agreement. Handshake deals have been known to take down friendships. This weekend, the moon hovers in Leo and your tenth house of prestige. Socialize strategically as you could charm a few A-listers or even make some killer work contacts while you’re out and about. Spend time in the company of your favorite fellas this weekend, too. Getting the male perspective can clear up some major confusion for you. Sweet relief!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
It’s time for some discipline, Sagittarius grasshopper. After a month of festive vibes, the sun moves into Taurus and your practical, health-conscious sixth house. It’s not that you’d ever become boring — perish the thought. But, a few less nights on the town wouldn’t hurt between now and May 21. Revamp your schedule, clearing space for regular workouts and stress-free chill time. You don’t have to fill up every inch of whitespace in your calendar now! Work will be busier than usual and you’ll have the focus to catch up on those projects that fell by the wayside in early April. It’s gonna be a little “lather, rinse, repeat” until later in May, but trust that your daily efforts at the office (and the gym) are going to bring a seismic shift before the summer is through. This weekend, your attention span is shorter than a Snapchat vid. Keep your schedule as open as possible and let spontaneity be your GPS. With the moon in your travel sector, it’s anyone’s guess where you’ll wind up. Hopping a flight to S.F., London or Berlin is not at all out of the question. If you’re tethered to home base, talk to strangers! Sparks could fly with a cutie visiting from out of town or someone from a different culture than your own.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Throw your hands in the air! This Monday, the sun heads into Taurus and your festive, flamboyant fifth house for a month. Your glamour card will be reinstated too, so trade your Lulus for your Louboutins and paint the town as red as your heels. Cupid has Capricorn-dedicated arrows in his quiver, so give him a clear shot. Between now and May 21, you could meet The One (at least for some summer lovin’), so dive back into the dating pool. Coupled Caps, enjoy more dress-up dates and playtime together. You could enjoy your partner’s company so much that one of you blurts out a proposal! If you’ve ready to rock the cradle, this four-week phase could end with happy news of a pregnancy. Not feeling the baby fever? You could give birth to a creative brainchild now, one that could quite possibly make you famous. The weekend will be perfumed with seductive vibes as the moon lingers in Leo and your erotic eighth house. Privacy please: Some one-on-one time could lead to a white-hot connection and you might not leave bed all weekend. If your mojo’s been in slow-mo, kickstart it with a 101 workout. Moving your body gets the endorphins pumping, the serotonin flowing and your lit-from-within glow illuminated. Refresh your spring wardrobe with a couple of sexier pieces and pop by the salon to pamper yourself into a sultry spring awakening.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Roll out the welcome mat. With the sun camped out in Taurus and your cozy fourth house from Monday until May 21, the domestic diva in you is out to play. Time to feather and feng shui your nest, Aquarius, turning it into a space that supports your current lifestyle and interests. Set up a home office or source a great dining table, one with a leaf so you can host even bigger dinner parties. If you’re looking for romance without all the ups and downs, may we suggest relocating your home elliptical machine OUT of your love corner? Download a bagua map and move the furniture around. The fourth house rules the feminine, bringing a month of excellent bonding time with your girls. You might even take a vacation together or head off yourself to spend time with family — especially female relatives. You’ll be rather sentimental during this time, and the boy- or girl-next-door type could make you swoon. This weekend will be especially promising in the romantic arena as the Leo moon lights up your seventh house of partnership both Saturday and Sunday. Keep the players at bay and save your final rose for someone who is looking for more than a spring fling. Already attached? Don’t leave your love in the lurch while you mingle with your 1,001 friends. Include them in your plans or slip off for some “just the two of us” time out of town.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood? The local scene begins to bubble with bright promise this Monday as the sun beams into Taurus and your third house of friendship and hometown happenings. You’ve been known to float through life with your head in the clouds, Pisces. But, pay attention! You’ve been overlooking the obvious: the people, places and events that have your name written all over them. If you’re feeling “meh” about your current zip code, start scoping out other ‘hoods. You might just move to the neighborhood you’re always commuting to OR turn things around and get a weekly event going where you currently reside. This is a stellar time to reconnect to siblings or take some promising prospects out of the casual acquaintance category. You’ll be an unapologetic flirt now, too. Enjoy the rush of spring fever: Variety is the spice of life! Plan for an active, outdoorsy weekend — one that veers more towards “healthy” than “hedonistic.” The moon hovers in your house of wellbeing both Saturday and Sunday. If you want to go bar hopping, start at a ballet barre class then head to one that serves organic juices. Get out into nature, too: a hike or bike ride with friends could be fully restorative. Stop by a farmers' market to restock your fridge with enzyme-rich produce.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Are funds a little tight lately, Aries? With the sun cruising through your sign since March 20, we wouldn’t be surprised if you overspent on your extended birthday celebration. But, now you’ve gotta tighten up that '70s inspired macramé belt and get a (cough, splutter) BUDGET in place. On Monday, the sun moves on to Taurus for a month, activating your fiscally responsible second house. Challenge yourself to live simply and sustainably. For example, you could shop in your closet before you scour the sale racks — you probably have plenty of options there. That said, don’t starve yourself of all indulgences or you’ll just rebel and binge-splurge. Make sure your financial plan also includes a shopping and entertainment budget along with a category for, oh, rent and groceries. Cupid is in your corner this weekend as the moon hovers in Leo and your fifth house of amour. Forget about being anyone’s groupie! (As if.) Shine your pink neon light and you’ll attract someone who appreciates you for the strong individual you are.