Your Weekly Horoscope, Revealed!

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Eclipse season is in full swing, stargazers, and changes are happening at warp speed. Eclipses reveal shadows and speed up meant-to-be manifestations, which can be rather jarring at times. If your jaw hasn’t hit the ground at least once since the solar eclipse on March 20, you’re probably not breathing. Hidden desires, information, and opportunities have been exposed left and right.

This week’s excitable energy is all building up to Saturday, when the Libra lunar eclipse sounds the call for peace, love, and harmony. As Libra governs relationships, our most dynamic duos will be thrust under the cosmic microscope. Is it gonna be forever, or will it go down in flames? Figuring it out could take some serious negotiation. Can we find that elusive middle ground, or is it better to just cut our losses?  This won’t necessarily be an easy process, as the full moon gets tangled up in a three-way tug-of-war with domineering Pluto and rebellious Uranus. Dialogues may be rife with power struggles, bratty behavior, and general mayhem. Stay focused on the big picture and bringing back the love (Libra’s domain). The people that are meant to stick around will still be standing when the smoke clears.    
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Tell them how you really feel, Aries — as if anyone has to twist your arm. On Monday, expressive Mercury zips through your sign until April 14, making a silver-tongued devil out of you. You could sell ugly sandals to a Birkenstocks rep right about now. Use those powers of persuasion to forward one of your personal ambitions. Warning: Easy does it with the tell-it-like-it-is tough love. The blow of your truth hammer will be harsh for the next two weeks, so make a point of being more sensitive to people’s feelings. On Tuesday, go-getter Mars (your ruling planet) leaves Aries after a six-week stint and heads into Taurus until May 11. While this can cool your mojo a bit, you’ll feel grounded and productive again. Harness this Mars phase to wrangle one of your wilder visions of the past six weeks into a tangible plan of action. Work will be busy, too, but you’ll make major strides. Saturday brings an epic milestone — or turning point. A lunar eclipse in Libra and your house of relationships could push a partnership to the make-it-or-break-it zone. If you’ve been fighting for power or feeling suppressed as an individual, you could seriously rebel against the whole “institution” of relationships. Yes, Aries, we know you’re the zodiac’s solo star, but your idealistic, “gotta be me” rants could alienate your strongest supporters. Cool it with that sort of talk and seek synergies instead. This eclipse is here to remind you that compromising is not the same thing as selling out. Instead of slamming doors, try building bridges. You’ll be amazed by the power you have to negotiate win-wins. But, before you formulate any solutions, ask questions and really listen to what other people have to suggest.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Summon those unicorns and those winged fairies, too. Your practical nature goes on hiatus for the next two weeks as messenger Mercury cruises through your 12th house of fantasy. Let go of the need to make sense of everything and give your wilder imagination some airtime. Getting in tune with the muse requires being still and quieting your mind. (Not always easy for the raging bull.) Try journaling, meditating, or listening to music to get into that artsy flow. Have you been holding a grudge against a loved one? There’s no guarantee how long anyone has on this planet. If the offense wasn’t a deal breaker, extend the olive branch; it’s time to let bygones be bygones. On Tuesday, go-getter Mars makes its biannual visit to your sign, strapping a jetpack to your ambitions and helping you soar. You’ll host the red planet until May 11, which can be both energizing and stressful at times. Eager as you are to get your dreams off the ground, you may also feel impatient — especially when other people aren’t operating according to your high-intensity timeline. It might be better to break free for a while and push ahead by yourself, with no one clipping your wings. Just don’t burn any bridges behind you — a pitfall of warrior Mars’ energy. Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Libra illuminates your healthy living house, and inspiration to take better care of your body comes flooding in. You might even decide to do teacher training or work with a private instructor. There could be changes at work such as a promotion to a new position or department. Your efforts over the past six months could manifest beautifully. But, be warned: Your success could also rile up a few haters. Share your wins selectively, with people you KNOW are cheering you on.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Your popularity is bound for the heavens over the next two weeks, thanks to social Mercury’s move into your electric 11th house. You’ll be drawn to people who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines. Seek out the artist, activists, and generally open-minded people in your neighborhood. This is also a stellar time to spruce up your online presence. Enlist a photographer (or a friend with above-average ‘gramming skills) to do a shoot, and refine your posts, too. And, if you’ve been a little too mysterious and MIA, give people those updates they’ve been longing for. On Tuesday, dive into a decluttering mission. Feisty Mars heads into your 12th house of completions, healing, and release — making you so ready to “let it go, let it go.” Creating an empty space in your home, closet, or calendar doesn’t require you to rush out and replace what you’ve sent off. Let yourself sit with the “nothingness” for a while; a better option could flow in when you simply trust the universe. Besides, you might realize that you need LESS, not more, and that a more minimalistic lifestyle can be peaceful. With Mars here until May 11, you’re in direct contact with the muse. Helpful mentors and supportive people surround you, so tap them for ideas when you get stuck. Just beware the pity party. It’s easy to start feeling sorry for yourself or even playing the victim when things don’t go your way. There’s no light down that tunnel, Gemini. Be proactive instead. Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Libra lights up your fifth house of fame, self-expression, and romance. Your hard work over the past six months could shoot right into the public eye, blessing you with rock-star status. Some Gems could get a proposal or even discover you're pregnant (use double protection this weekend if you’re not in cradle-rocking mode). True love could arrive with a dramatic twist. Coupled Gems could even have an epic fight that clears the air — and results in a memorable makeup session once the dust settles.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Goals! Goals! Goals! You’ll be obsessed with talking about yours for the next two weeks, as chatty Mercury cruises through your career zone. Surround yourself with the movers and shakers, the industry insiders and influencers. As the expression goes, your network is your net worth. Having friends in high places can definitely light the way to your own growth. Get the power lunches scheduled, too. You could be sealing those deals before April is halfway through. Men will be the star players of this Mercury cycle, so jump on the chance to bond with your boys. On Tuesday, go-getter Mars cruises into Taurus and the tech sector of your chart until May 11. Get the wheels in motion for a blog, e-venture, app, or another digital initiative. IRL communities will call your name, too. With active, adventurous Mars in the mix, you might sign up for a spring/summer sports league or put down the deposit for a group vacation. Mars can be agitating, too, so socialize selectively. The people who would slightly irritate you on the average day could push you to your edge. Don’t force yourself to stick around out of loyalty when you need to give yourself some space. Otherwise, those crab claws could deliver a stinging pinch in the heat of the moment. Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Libra lights up your home and family zone. Are you happy with your current digs? If not, this eclipse could reveal a dreamier listing — and you might be calling the U-Haul faster than expected. Love where you live? You could get a new roommate, or send a couchsurfer packing so you can have your place to yourself. A female relative could make demands that require negotiation. Don’t feel obligated to fulfill this person’s every wish just to prove that you love her.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Visions of Coachella are dancing through your head. This week, your desire to dive into festival mode could become an outright obsession. Follow that thread, Leo. On Monday, social Mercury heads into Aries and your ninth house of travel and freedom until the 14th. A change of scenery would revive you in every way. If you can’t score Weekend One tickets to the Empire Polo Club, choose your own adventure. Couchsurf with friends in a sister city or mingle multiculturally close to home. The truth serum is flowing liberally now, and you cannot tell a lie. Temper your words with extra tact so your message doesn’t get lost in translation. This is a fabulous time to work on a media or writing project. Keep the linen blazer hanging next to your fringed suede, because you’re going to need both. On Tuesday, go-getter Mars makes a biannual stopover to your career house, bringing major momentum to your professional life until May 11. Capitalize on this energy to get in good with the influencers and higher-ups at your office or in your industry. You could rise rapidly through the ranks over the next six weeks. Stay focused during work time and you’ll be whistling Drake by May. Saturday’s lunar eclipse in your friendship house brings the truth to light about your homies. Someone could really step up and shine as an ally, while another person could be outed for NOT having your back. If you’ve been looking for a collaborator to partner with on a project, that very soul could step forward over the coming two weeks. Do you need a little space and air? If a BFF bond is too close for comfort (with a sibling perhaps), take a time-out to regroup and rebalance.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Magnetic much? On Monday, your cosmic ruler Mercury slinks into your seductive and powerful eighth house until April 14, making you simply irresistible. Be clear about what you wish for, because the universe is prepared to fulfill your requests. Why not get exactly what you want instead of a compromised, watered-down version? Your feelings will run deep now, and you could get more attached to people than expected. Warning: the green-eyed monster could pay you a visit this two-week cycle. Keep jealousy in check and get the facts before you react. Your need to explore will be equally strong, especially after Tuesday, when swashbuckling Mars stampedes into your adventurous ninth house until May 11. Rev up the excitement in your life by traveling to a new corner of the globe. Springtime in Paris? Oui! This is a killer time for Virgo entrepreneurs to make your mark, so put some elbow grease into your dreams. If you’re a writer or media maker, Mars brings rapid momentum to your work. You could even attract an international following! Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Libra lights up your money zone and could bring changes at work. Big opportunities could flow your way over the coming two weeks, and you might suddenly decide to switch departments or accept an offer that comes out of the blue. Do you need to raise your rates or ask for a bigger title? Carpe diem. Practice your pitch with your savvy pals over the weekend, then go in next Monday and make it happen.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Compromise, cooperate, collaborate: On Monday, messenger Mercury heads for your partnership zone until April 14, putting you in your element. There are few things you love more than joining forces with other people. Take the initiative to get those dynamic duos in motion, both romantically and platonically. Cupid is definitely in your corner with Mercury here, blessing you with flirting skills par excellence. But, you’re playing for keeps — or at least for longer than just a short-term fling. Talking through the problems in an existing relationship will be a lot easier with Mercury here. Give up the preaching and ask questions instead. Your other half might not be so out of line after all. If your mojo’s been in slow-mo, look out, world! On Tuesday, white-hot Mars twerks into Taurus and your erotic eighth house until May 11. Temptress, tigress, tantric goddess: You’ll wear any of those labels with pride, oh insatiable one. But, you may also come face to face with your own jealous streak or desire to possess and control your partner. Deep breaths help, as does keeping a levelheaded friend (like a Capricorn or Taurus) on speed dial. Put the Veuve on ice this Saturday because this is the day to celebrate YOU! A glowing lunar eclipse in Libra makes you zodiac royalty for the day. Dazzle the world with your talents, style, and individual expression. If you’ve compromised too much in a partnership, this eclipse downloads some major assertiveness training for you. Stand up for what you desire and what you believe in — even if that means walking away from a situation that isn’t in tune with your highest self. Don’t worry, Libra: A better option DOES lie ahead. Then again, your willingness to walk could wake up a negligent friend, love interest, or business partner who isn’t appreciating what you bring to the table.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Grab the label maker and the glue gun, Scorpio. The DIY doyenne in you takes the wheel for the next two weeks, as crafty Mercury moves into your sartorial sixth house. Seek out the makers in your area or online for inspiration. Even if you’re not giving everything a handmade touch, curate with greater care. Opt for labels like sustainable, locally grown, organic, and cruelty-free. This Mercury phase gets you back on the healthy-living wagon, too. Download apps to help you organize meals and track fitness. Structure paves the way for success. Your love life gets a sexy celestial transfusion on Tuesday, when lusty Mars heads into your relationship house until May 11. Seduction is your sign’s strong suit, Scorpio, but you’re interested in more than just a random spring fling. Someone with real staying power could come your way. If you’re in a relationship, Mars will be both stimulating and stressful. Working it out in the bedroom is fine for a while, but you can’t shag your way out of dealing with real problems. Take a proactive approach, and don’t get defensive if you discover that YOU need to change one of your wicked ways, too. If it’s time to break up, warrior Mars could make you a bit feistier than you should be. Stand up for yourself, but don’t let vengeance take hold — that’s always a slippery slope for you. Saturday’s lunar eclipse brings huge wake-up calls. You could have that “white light” realization (sponsored by your spirit guides), or finally feel ready to surrender to what has been staring you in the face. Miracles could come with this eclipse, but you have to be willing to clean house of habits, practices, and even people that are no longer serving your highest good. You’ve been known to hold a grudge for eternity, but this compassionate eclipse could bring some heart-healing forgiveness. Let love rule!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Your life is like a crop top this week, Sagittarius — you’re just ready to let it all hang out. With messenger Mercury heading into Aries on Monday, your fifth house of fame, flamboyant self-expression, and shameless PDA will be lit up for two weeks. Take the initiative in affairs of the heart. Brush aside worries of being “too much” or “pressuring” anyone and just go for it. The right person for you will appreciate your unabashed interest. Get the glam squad on the line, too, and give your style a fresh spring upgrade. Wear pop colors along with that basic black, try on chunky-soled shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable, and play with your hairstyle and color. Then, load up the ‘grams or record videos for your own YouTube channel. When you’re not posing for the street style bloggers, get thee to the gym! On Tuesday, active, energetic Mars heads into Taurus and your house of healthy living until May 11. Your work life is going to demand a lot from you, oh busy bee, and avoiding burnout should be a top priority. Exercise not only releases stress, it also sends oxygen to the brain, making you sharper than ever. Take regular breaks and go on short walks throughout your workdays. Create 3 to 4 nonnegotiable dates on the calendar each week for a more vigorous workout; you’ll feel amazing. Saturday’s eclipse in your friendship zone could bring some developments in the social arena. You may finally feel ready to become an official member of a group. If you’ve been seeking collaborators, be conscious of who is around you this weekend. You could stumble upon the very crew you’ve been hoping to connect with. Make sure all your sensitive data is backed up and password protected, too, as this eclipse is locked in a tug-of-war with shady Pluto and unpredictable Uranus. If you aren’t sure whether or not to upload, hit send, or tweet, err on the cautious side and just don’t do it.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Check your EQ, Capricorn — your emotional intelligence, that is. Over the next two weeks, expressive Mercury is swirling through your sensitive, soulful fourth house, guiding you to pay more attention to feelings. You might brush them off and just keep yourself super busy at work, or even avoid people who bring “drama.” But, maybe, just maybe, they are trying to connect to you on a deeper level. It’s a lot easier to be compassionate to others when you are extending that courtesy to yourself. Swaddle yourself in support from family, girlfriends, even a therapist or coach. It’s time to respect the wisdom that comes not just from your mind, but from your heart as well: Let each have an equal vote. On Tuesday, a romantic renaissance explodes when red-hot Mars makes a biannual visit to your passionate, lovestruck fifth house. You’ll require more playtime in relationships now — let the Netflix queue reload as you take a hiatus from cuddling on the couch. You’d rather dress up, go dancing, flirt, and let your wild nature out to play. If you’re a performer or presenter, this Mars phase helps you attract a larger audience. Creative Caps could get major props for your talents, too. Time to book that gig or enlist a gallery to show your art. Single Capricorns, go on the prowl, but be careful. Mars energy can be impetuous, and you don’t want to confuse a player for a prince. Run the background checks before you tweet that you’ve met The One. You may feel eager to walk to the altar or start baby-making, too. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure, even when the heart wants what it wants. A career triumph arrives near Saturday’s lunar eclipse! This one could bring a big change, like a major promotion or even a new job offer, over the next two weeks. Your hard work over the past six months could bring major acclaim and industry cred. Take a bow, Capricorn, you've earned it!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Break out of the cocoon, social butterfly! Chatty Mercury flutters into your friendly third house, blessing you with “life of the party” status for the next two weeks. Most water-bearers were born with the gift of gab and a killer sense of humor: Now’s the time to let yours rip. Variety is the spice of your social life between now and April 14. Mingle with new people and dabble in different classes and activities. No need to wander too far from home base, though. The local scene is where you’ll discover the gems now — or, get a new scene started yourself. Restless Mars hunkers down in your home and family sector from Tuesday to May 11, bringing some lively energy to Chateau Aquarius. You’ll have the momentum for decorating, renovating, or FINALLY cleaning out overstuffed closets and storage spaces. Entertaining could become a regular thing now, so bring on the dinner parties and movie nights! But, tension under your roof could ratchet up with a relative or roomie — and there’s no avoiding it with Mars in town. This could be the push you need to move out on your own or reclaim your space. Collaborate with women for the win during this six-week cycle! Saturday’s lunar eclipse in your jet-setting ninth house sounds the call for some worldly exploration. Pull out your passport and start surfing the travel blogs. If you don’t have the funds to commit to a trip, set up a special savings account and make weekly deposits. Before you know it, you’ll be partying in Berlin, doing yoga in Bali, or living it up in Ibiza.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Money management time! Messenger Mercury will spend the next two weeks in your budget-friendly second house, encouraging you to live leaner and curate your purchases with more care. It’s easy to get swept up in excess — especially as the sale racks of spring dresses get rolled out to the storefront sidewalks. Keep the blinders on and shop in your own closet first. Keep a list of what you actually need in your phone, and you won’t fall prey to pricey impulse shopping. You might even save up for an investment piece, like a timeless bag or perfectly tailored denim jacket, that will last for years. On Tuesday, you will be the monarch of all social butterflies. Energizer Mars zips into Taurus and your garrulous third house until May 11, exciting you to play super-connector for your many friends and acquaintances. Writing or media projects will pick up steam now. This is also a great time to shop for a new mode of transportation like a hybrid car, cruiser bike, or a cute little Vespa. But, Mars can be agitating, too, and you may lock horns with a close friend, sibling, neighbor, or coworker in the coming six weeks — especially if your caring connection is verging on codependency. Give each other some space to learn and grow. Saturday’s lunar eclipse in Libra lights up your intimate and seductive eighth house. A potential soulmate could appear, or you could decide to make an existing relationship far more permanent. You may realize that your feelings for a certain someone were a lot stronger than you initially thought. If your mojo has been in hibernation, look out! It could come back in full-HD clarity — not to mention some extra shades of gray you weren’t expecting. Hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign and enjoy.