11 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed From Your Favorite Films & TV Shows

Easter Sunday is still more than a month away, but there's no time like the present to start hunting for Easter eggs. Not the dip-dyed ones that kiddos like. We're talking about the hidden references and inside jokes lurking in your favorite films and TV shows. Like Rachel Green's Central Perk costume, the color coding in Breaking Bad, and basically everything that happened on Lost

Easter eggs are the sort of thing only die-hard fans might note after watching something for the 20th time. They make us feel clever and observant. They can also drive us batty as we watch every single frame searching for double meanings. For every person who smugly realized that Bruce Willis was wearing the same clothes in The Sixth Sense, there were millions who kicked themselves for not noticing a thing.

Since ignorance isn't necessarily bliss for pop culture fans, we're rounding up some secrets you may not have noticed the first time round. Oh, and be warned: spoilers abound.

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Home Alone

Buzz's "woof"-worthy girlfriend wasn't actually a girl. Director Chris Columbus felt that the role would be so demeaning to a young girl that he enlisted his own son to don a wig and play the part.
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Sons of Anarchy

SOA creator Kurt Sutter was a writer, producer, and guest star on FX's The Shield. As such, multiple Shield stars found roles on SOA, including Michael Chiklis, who didn't appear until the final two episodes. Chiklis played a truck driver whose rig proved fatal for one biker. Also, did anyone else catch Juice watching The Shield on TV?
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The Breakfast Club

If Shermer, Illinois sounds vaguely familiar, it's because writer/director John Hughes based his most famous films there, often shooting in the same locations. The fictional Chicago suburb was a major plot point in the Kevin Smith film, Dogma, too.
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Arrested Development

Attorney Bob Loblaw's name was a joke in itself, but there's more. Just as Loblaw replaced Bluth family lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn, actor Scott Baio replaced Henry Winkler, who portrayed Zuckerkorn. That mirrors the passing of the heartthrob torch that occurred for the Happy Days costars. Of course, Richie himself, Ron Howard, was the show's narrator.
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Raise your hand if you spent a good portion of each episode trying to see what new message was written on Joey and Chandler's Magna Doodle.
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Fight Club

Forget Tyler Durden. The film's biggest revelation is the fact that director David Fincher put a Starbucks coffee cup in every scene. Which might explain our next slide...
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Gone Girl

You know who else likes coffee? Detective Rhonda Boney, that's who. Can it be coincidence that actress Kim Dickens is constantly holding a cup of Joe in this other Fincher project?
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My So-Called Life

Any guesses as to who scrawled the AJ Hearts Chris graffiti behind cast member A.J. Langer? Hint: Not Tino.
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Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino paid homage to The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (the original starring Walter Matthau, not Denzel Washington) by using an expanded version of that film's color-identifying criminals.
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The Departed

Watch closely and you'll notice that, just when someone is about to die, an X appears behind them. As you might imagine, this happens a lot, considering everyone but Mark Wahlberg bites the big one.
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There are several references to the Coen brothers film that inspired this show (pregnant cops, doomed wives, a woodchipper in the background of one scene), but our attention is currently fixated on the constant allusions to what went down in Sioux Falls in 1979. Sure enough, that's where season 2 will take place.
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