The Sexiest Songs Of All Time

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Everyone has that song that makes their blood rush, their face flush, and their pulse quicken. It's the jam you always have queued up when there's even the slightest chance of an overnight guest. It's baby-making, hypnotic hip-swiveling, take-me-now music.
And, there's a lot of it. Sometimes it's the lyrics that get us fired up. Sometimes it's the beat. Sometimes it's just Janet Jackson's voice or the fact that it makes you think of Ryan Gosling. By the second chorus, you're a quivering mess.
From "Drunk in Love" to "Closer," these tunes always seem to do the trick. We'll be adding more songs each week, so keep reading and keep updating that "sexy times" playlist. Don't act like you don't have one.
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"Ignition (Remix)" by R. Kelly

Does R. Kelly compare his lover to a Lexus coupe? Yes. But is it undeniably catchy? Also yes.
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"Kiss" by Prince

Exuberant and bursting with romantic delight.
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"Sexx Laws" by Beck

In this funky song, Beck applies his intellectual, semi-nonsensical lyrical approach to sexual conventions. If the chorus is any proof, he sings, "I want to defy the logic of our sex laws / Let the handcuffs slip off your wrist."
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"Light My Fire" by the Doors

Sexual innuendo was never so flaming hot. In a deadpan voice, Jim Morrison tries to convince his lover to "set the night on fire" with him. We imagine she didn't need much convincing.
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"Lover, You Should Have Come Over" by Jeff Buckley

Buckley's breathy, heartsick voice cracks as he talks about the one who got away. This trembling song about desire starts slow and soft, and then, quite literally, climaxes. It might be too late for Jeff, but it's not for you.
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"Sexual Healing," Marvin Gaye

As if this song about the medicinal properties of intercourse needed an introduction.
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"Pyramids" by Frank Ocean

At ten minutes long, this epic jam will carry you away on the wings of Frank Ocean's sultry voice and Cleopatra references.
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"Coffee" by Miguel

The PG-rated version of this song fills in the word "coffee" for a different word. Watch the video, and it won't be hard to guess what Miguel is really singing about in this song that practically oozes sex appeal.
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"Wicked Game," Chris Isaak
This is the sexiest music video of all time, right? Helena Christensen romps on the beach, Chris Isaak gets emo, everybody melts.
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"Sex (I'm A...)," Berlin
The new wave group that gave the world "Take My Breath Away" showed off their more X-rated side with this 1983 single. The song's sex-positive lyrics got it banned from many radio stations.
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"Set Adrift on Memory Bliss," P.M. Dawn
Getting busy to the Spandau Ballet hit ("True") sampled here seems ridiculous. This 1991 hip-hop update, however, is just so heavenly and sensual that making out seems mandatory. Rest in peace, Prince Be.
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"Can't Get You Out Of My Head," Kylie Minogue
While the lyrics could read a little Fatal Attraction-y, the hypnotic beat and Kylie's sultry vocals will probably have you "la la la, la la la la la"-ing all the way to the bedroom.
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"Slave to Love," Bryan Ferry
This very well might have been the song your parents were listening to when they conceived you. Try not to let that ruin your listening experience.
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"Crimson and Clover," Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Tommy James and the Shondells' 1968 original has been covered by the likes of Joan Jett and Prince, and one thing remains constant: These lyrics are not about plants.
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"No Ordinary Love," Sade
Frankly, every Sade song feels like slipping into a bubble bath with your lover, a bottle of champagne chilling on the side.
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"Pony," Ginuwine
Who knew equestrian events could be so thrilling?
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"Sex on Fire," Kings of Leon
So long as your mind doesn't wander to possible STD symptoms, this rock anthem is particularly useful for ramping up a middle-of-the-dancefloor smooch sesh.
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"Gimme Your Love," Morcheeba
Morcheeba should be on everyone's bedroom playlist.
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"Midnight City," M83
This tune has soundtracked so many makeout sessions, it's a wonder there's not an entire generation of babies named M83 as a tribute.
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"I'm On Fire," Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen has a "bad desire." What are you going to do about it?
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"I Want Your Sex," George Michael
Subtlety is overrated. Raise your hand if you thought George was singing this to you.
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"Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover," Sophie B. Hawkins
All you had to do was ask, Sophie. All you had to do was ask.
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"Video Games," Lana Del Rey
The perfect song to switch on when that sexy skateboarder comes over to "Netflix and chill."
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"Naughty Girl," Beyoncé
"I'm feelin' sexy..." This song turns even the biggest wallflower into Sasha Fierce when the DJ blasts it at the club.
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"Fever," Peggy Lee
Though Peggy Lee is famed for this vampy classic, her version is actually a cover. The song was first recorded by R&B artist Little Willie John in 1956, two years before Lee got her smoky vocals on it.
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"Oops (Oh My)," Tweet feat. Missy Elliott
Long before Twitter, Tweet was seducing us with this lyrical striptease. She's totally talking about masturbation, right?
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"Paradise Circus," Massive Attack
Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star contributes the drowsy vocals on this hypnotic track which, yes, also doubles as the theme tune for Luther.
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"Any Time, Any Place," Janet Jackson
Which is sexier: the song, or the accompanying video, in which Ms. Jackson and her fine neighbor bone on the regular? Also, do you think he prefers chamomile, or Earl Grey?
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"Nightcall," Kavinsky
The Drive soundtrack is basically a sex playlist of its own, but this synth-heavy track is the standout. Crank it up and burn rubber in the bedroom with the Ryan Gosling surrogate of your choice.
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"6 Underground," Sneaker Pimps
Raise your hand if you spent the late-'90s making out with your sweetheart after school to this track featured in Can't Hardly Wait and The Saint. Raise your other hand if you thought it was called "Sex Underground."
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"Christiansands," Tricky
Damn, that croak is hot. The trip-hop legend's 1996 single seduces with a combination of low warbling and a beat that practically begs you to take your clothes off.
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"Untitled (How Does It Feel)," D'Angelo
You knew this was going to be on here, didn't you, you little minx? Hell, you could just play the video with the volume muted and still get turned on.
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"Slow," Kylie Minogue
When you name your album Body Language, there had better be some sexy tracks involved. The OG Kylie delivered with this number, which finds her softly cooing the line, "Skip a beat and move with my body, yeah, slow."
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"I Feel You," Depeche Mode
This tune's blazing guitar riff never fails, especially if you chase it with its 1993 B-side (Google it, kids), "One Caress." Lead me into your darkness, indeed.
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"Need You Tonight," INXS
Pretty much everything Michael Hutchence sang was scorched with his innate sexiness. Between this and "Never Tear Us Apart," you'll never need porn again.
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"Doin' It," LL Cool
This is why the ladies love cool James. You can thank Grace Jones (whose single "My Jamaican Guy" is sampled here) and collaborator LeShaun (who used the racy lyrics and sample as far back as the 1980s) for really getting this bedroom anthem underway, however.
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"Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus," Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
Is that really the sound of Jane Birkin having an orgasm? What exactly is Serge saying? And how does this still manage to get us hot despite its recurrence in 3 million films and perfume ads?
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"Sexy Boy," Air
Sexy boy, sexy song. Though you may still know this electronic track best for its inclusion in 10 Things I Hate About You (never forget), its pulsating beat and not-sure-what-they're-saying-but-it-sounds-hot French lyrics should give it an R-rating.
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"Staring at the Sun," TV on the Radio
How can a song that's not actually about sex be so intoxicatingly erotic? Tunde Adebimpe's voice may have something to do with it.
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"Closer," Nine Inch Nails
Trent Reznor announcing that he wants to "fuck you like an animal" may not be subtle, but it's effective. Who hasn't fantasized about doing it against a wall while this rock classic blares?
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"Drunk in Love," Beyoncé ft. Jay Z
Pre-Lemonade, the Carters were getting hot and heavy over surfboards and Champagne on ice. Save this one for bae, not some random Bumble conquest.
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"Ooh La La," Goldfrapp
Now that's some sexy synth. To be honest, Alison Goldfrapp could read our tax return aloud and we'd be aroused.
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