BREAKING: (Mostly) Local News Bloopers Had The Best Year, Ever

Tonight at 11, local news is going to break your funny bone.
Some of the year's most viral moments weren't the result of a clever late night host or budding YouTube star. They were innocent flubs that, for better or worse, brought a fast-ticking 15 minutes of fame to mostly smaller news stations. From the woman who said "Fuck it! I quit" live on air to a teenage boy unleashing his inner diva, and all the bee attacks in between, these are the hardest working folks in the industry. They deliver the news and the laughs. They keep that human element alive when all those other polished newscasts just straight-up report.
Ahead, 10 of this year's most laughable (and sometimes cringeworthy) news moments. You stay classy, now.
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The Furry Incident

Poor Mika Brzezinski was exposed to a whole new world on live television. Some things, dear readers, are better taught behind closed doors. Here's a description of what a Furry is, in case you are in the dark like Mika was.
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First Day Nerves Or Nah?

Chris has had it! Where's Oprah when you need her?
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Truly Breaking News

"Just to keep panic at bay here: Facebook. Is. Down."
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Say What?

But, really, how many men did you have to "beat off" for this role, Dan?
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The Most Elaborate Handshake, Ever

When the show goes away, the anchors will play.
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Man Dons Birthday Suit After Team Wins (NSFW)

What? You don't take off all your clothes on live television when your team wins? Puh-lease.
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A Mouthful Of Meat

Reader Poll: How long has this burger joint owner been waiting to whip this joke out?
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Apparently Kid

Apparently, this is how you become an Internet sensation. It apparently worked.
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Teenage Boy Unleashes Inner Diva

You better werk, Brendan Jordan! Yaaas!
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Reporter Fails Interviewing Kristen Wiig & Bill Hader

Here's a pro tip for Mr. Chris Parente: IMDB.
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