Kylie Jenner Has Officially Begun Dressing Exactly Like Kim

Since she's been in the spotlight pretty much her entire life, it's easy to forget that Kylie Jenner is only 17. When you consider how much her style has evolved in the last year alone, however, it makes sense. Just think about how much your own wardrobe changed back when you were in high school. Whoa.
Yesterday, the littlest Jenner abandoned her usual leather-heavy bad-girl garb and went full-blown Kim Kardashian on us. Photographed heading into Children's Hospital Los Angeles to hand out toys for the holidays (alongside rumored-boyfriend Tyga), she adopted her big sister's penchant for duster jackets, high-waisted denim, and cropped tops. Oh, and stilettos. Always stilettos.
It was a boundary-pushing look for daytime, especially for a charity event, but the long hem of her ASOS coat and the high-rise of her J Brand jeans balanced out the midriff-baring tank. Meanwhile, the soft hues went a long way in making it afternoon-appropriate. Kim would undoubtedly approve. Click ahead to scope out her look in full.
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Kylie Jenner was photographed going into Children's Hospital Los Angeles wearing cropped J Brand jeans and a powder blue ASOS duster, accessorized with Jimmy Choo stilettos and abs. Seriously: those abs.
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If Kim Kardashian hasn't convinced you that you need a duster in your closet, Kylie's latest outfit should do the trick.
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The pretty gray wash softens the distressed details on these perfectly frayed jeans.
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Just because it's winter doesn't mean your bellybutton needs to go into hibernation.
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Kim loves a classic nude pump. It's no surprise Kylie digs them too.
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A super-luxe bag looks extra fancy in an unexpected gray shade.
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This burgundy-violet gradient lens adds the tiniest pop of color—and a whole lot of depth—to an otherwise blue-hued outfit.