Which Of These 7 Actresses Will Lead True Detective Season 2?

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The speculation about who should star in the second season of True Detective began even before season one had ended. HBO's breakout show did wonders for its stars. Both Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey were nominated for Best Actor Emmys, and the detective drama was a vital part of last year's McConaissance. Now, it almost seems like whoever's cast to lead season two will experience the same career bump.
Casting rumors abound, and now that the role comes with such monumental expectations, the dream casting list includes some major boldface names. We're talking Jessica Chastain, Brad Pitt, and other Oscar nominees here. A lot of other names that get floated around are great actors who, like McConaughey, just need one amazing role to finally bring them the recognition they deserve. Among them are Taylor Kitsch, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Elisabeth Moss, and Vince Vaughn.
Now, The Wrap has obtained the list of actresses who will be reading for the lead role this week. Ahead, meet the magnificent seven women who could get the role of a lifetime. Put on your detective hat and forge on.
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Jessica Biel

Pros: Biel has struggled since her 7th Heaven days, and a show with gravitas like T.D. may just prove the showcase her talents need. Plus, everyone would tune in to see if the casting directors found something in Biel that no one else has.

Cons: Many detractors wonder if Biel has the acting chops for a major role like this one. In the past, she's stuck to more lighthearted fare and romantic comedies.
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Oona Chaplin

Pros: Her character's devastating demise on Game of Thrones will never be forgotten, nor will the sweetness she brought to a role that was completely changed from the books, where Robb Stark married Jeyne Westerling. Chaplin also has some major name recognition — yes, she's Charlie's granddaughter.

Cons: Despite the famous name, Oona is still relatively unknown on our shores and not as established in her career. It's also debatable if she made that big of an impact during her brief time on Game of Thrones.
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Rosario Dawson

Pros: She's done gritty (Kids and Clerks II), and Dawson is the only one of the actors being floated that brings diversity to the cast.

Cons: Dawson is also currently working on Netflix's Daredevil pilot and two other films, so does she have the time?
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Brit Marling

Pros: The indie darling more than deserves a mainstream role that still offers street cred like this one.

Cons: It would mean time away from Marling's writing, producing, and acting in the great independent films she's known to make.
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Kelly Reilly

Pros: The British actress is best known for playing Mary Watson in the Sherlock Holmes movies, and she's already had a long, impressive career spanning over two decades.

Cons: Again, Reilly isn't as big of a name as a Biel or a Dawson.
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Malin Akerman

Pros: While not necessarily a household name, Akerman is easily recognizable from her many comedic roles. She brought empathy to what sounded like a frivolous part in Trophy Wife, and she starred in one of our favorite shows ever, The Comeback.

Cons: Akerman has mostly staked her claim in comedies. She's also rumored to be reprising her role as Juna in The Comeback, so would HBO allow the same actress to star on two different shows?
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Jaimie Alexander

Pros: Alexander has been making a name for herself in Marvel-based entertainment like Thor and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Cons: True Detective is a far, far cry from superhero world.