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Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here!

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    Illustrated By Emily Forgot.



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    Bring on the back-to-school vibes, stargazers. (A little early, we know.) Monday’s new moon in studious, systematic Virgo blows the whistle on summer sloth-dom. Sadly, it’s time to put down the frozen margs and pick up the pace on all those projects we promised to finish after “just one more” poolside loungefest. Truth be told, we’ll all feel a lot more serene once we’ve restored law and order to our worlds. Alas, there’s no racing to the finish line now. Impatient Mars will travel alongside slow-and-steady Saturn all week. The result? We’ll feel like we have one foot on the brakes, the other on the gas. Hit the gym often to keep frustration at bay.

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