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Bring on the back-to-school vibes, stargazers. (A little early, we know.) Monday’s new moon in studious, systematic Virgo blows the whistle on summer sloth-dom. Sadly, it’s time to put down the frozen margs and pick up the pace on all those projects we promised to finish after “just one more” poolside loungefest. Truth be told, we’ll all feel a lot more serene once we’ve restored law and order to our worlds. Alas, there’s no racing to the finish line now. Impatient Mars will travel alongside slow-and-steady Saturn all week. The result? We’ll feel like we have one foot on the brakes, the other on the gas. Hit the gym often to keep frustration at bay.
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Set it and forget it? Not this week, Virgo. With Monday’s new moon rocking your sign, you’re back in the game — and thus, you must stay on your toes. Do everything deliberately, or don’t do it at all; this is a moment where you decide what’s really worth your time. The annual new moon is your astrological New Year, a time to make resolutions that are all about you.

Set your sights six months down the road: What would you like to accomplish by then? Your growth will hinge on having the right partners, too. This week’s merger of abrupt Mars and stern Saturn could bring some changes to your inner circle. Don’t race to replace a collaborator who still shows signs of life. But, air your grievances and give ‘em a few weeks to make the necessary adjustments. A new partnership could pop up too, but be patient and let it develop organically.
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Yes, you do believe in unicorns, Libra. Please don’t stop. Monday’s new moon in your 12th house of fantasy passes you the rose-colored glasses once again. We’re not telling you to slip into denial, here, but this is the week to drop the victim complex and turn those lemons into lemonade — or, maybe a piece worthy of an Art Basel showing. The muse is in the house with this new moon, so let creativity be your catharsis. Reach up the ladder for support. A Yoda figure could appear to share wisdom and maybe even become your formal mentor for a while. Tighten up your purse strings this week. With buzzy Mars and taskmaster Saturn synced up in your money house, you could make some regrettable purchases or blow your budget in the face of shiny things. Sleep on it, Libra, because by morning you might not want that candy-colored wristlet that costs a whole paycheck.
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You’ve got 99 problems, but a snitch ain’t one. Making it into your inner circle involves a complex series of loyalty tests. But, Scorpio, are you being a little bit paranoid? Monday’s new moon in Virgo and your community-spirited 11th house helps you open up to new groups. Membership does have its privileges, especially if you align yourself with an elite cadre. This new moon could bring a fateful connection online or through social media. Hop on Tinder and see if a right-swipe option pops onto your screen. One of your grand plans could pick up steam this week, only to be stalled a day later — and then race forward again. Expect to work in bursts as progress-obsessed Mars and pokey Saturn meet in Scorpio all week. Don’t force it: When it’s time to take a break, do.
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Next stop: the executive suites! Monday’s new moon in Virgo brings major momentum for your career. If a rep-boosting project or a raise isn’t just handed to you, no sweat. Pursue like the power player you are. Mogul status awaits. PS: New moons may take up to six months to unleash their full potential, so be patient with the development process and pay any dues that are still outstanding. Don’t be too quick to trust this week though, even if you’ve just had “THE most amazing” date or meeting. Impetuous Mars and cautious Saturn are entwined in a confusing dance all week — through your foggy 12th house, no less. All that glitters ain’t gold, and that includes the allure of a sparkling personality. Do the background checks, if for no other reason than to bring some peace of mind.
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Barcelona, Brazil, or Bali? Monday’s new moon in your jet-setting ninth house sparks your wanderlust. As the zodiac’s hardest working sign, you’re loath to take a vacation — but you’ve finally hit your threshold and it’s time to go. Capitalize on low-season rates and add a new passport stamp. If you can’t hop a plane now, schedule the vacay for the coming six months and start planning and prepping. Entrepreneurial Capricorns — or those of you headed off to the ivory tower of academia — will get a burst of momentum from the new moon, too. Update your devices and password-protect your files. Trigger-happy Mars and sluggish Saturn are dancing awkwardly through your tech sector all week. This could bring a few technical difficulties, and even the risk of data getting into the wrong hands. Before you DM anyone a naughty picture, triple-check the recipient.
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Time out on the hashtags, food porn, and shameless stream of selfies. Monday’s new moon in your mysterious eighth house wants you to slip behind the scenes for a little while. Besides sidestepping the over-sharer label, your new privacy policy will help you deepen a few key relationships. An existing connection could heat up, too, but you won’t be able to avoid a talk about exclusivity. But, then again, Aquarius, what’s so bad about being in a real relationship anyway? With the right person, your world will expand, not contract. PS: No live-Tweeting your time together, okay? Maverick Mars and structure-hound Saturn meet for an awkward huddle in your career house all week. This could bring a huge success spike, but you’ll have to walk some tricky lines. Play the game, Aquarius, but don’t sell your soul in the process.
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Double down, Pisces! With Monday’s new moon activating your seventh house of partnerships, it’s mergers-and-acquisitions time. Opposites attract, so don’t rule out anyone just because they’re not your usual type. Existing relationships are ready for an exclusivity clause. You need certainty — and in some cases, a formal contract —in order to relax and explore the full potential of your pairing. Go easy on that truth serum this week. Your hammer of honesty may smash through illusions, but it can shatter people’s dignity, too. Although feisty Mars is eager to let it all hang out, conservative Saturn cautions you to wait, write a first draft, and sleep on it before you hit send. You’ll be glad you did.
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Let the life-hacking begin! There’s nothing wrong with taking shortcuts if they make the Aries multiverse run with greater ease. Monday’s new moon in Virgo and your efficiency-obsessed sixth house helps you create savvy systems and find apps that do the thinking for you. Dump out the junk drawers, ditch the excess expenses, and purge your fridge of those half-eaten tubs of junk food. A health kick is on the agenda now, too. Start scouring your city for a studio or gym that you’ll actually enjoy attending. No pain, no gain? Maybe. But, if it’s a workout you enjoy, you’ll barely notice that you’re breaking a sweat. News about a job offer could come this week, too, but with Mars and Saturn merging, the negotiation process could take longer than you’d like. Breathe and relax.
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Please don’t stop the music. With Monday’s new moon in Virgo energizing your festive fifth house, the celebrations are just heating up. You’ll have a knack for turning the mundane into the magical this week — especially when it comes to your love life. A fresh chapter of amour opens up with this new moon. At work, keep the fun vibes going and Team Taurus will speed to success with a smile on everyone’s face. "Almost famous" won’t be good enough now. Over the coming six months, you can really make a name for yourself, so study brands that have hit the big time for ideas. A relationship that seemed like a go could stall a bit this week, thanks to a frustrating meet-up of impatient Mars and cautious Saturn. Don’t stalk off just because it's not developing according to your timeline. Just be that steady rock until your other half tires of thrashing around.
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Fruitful and frugal — you’re a bit of both this week, thanks to a bizarre mashup of lusty Mars and tight-fisted Saturn. The two planets are traveling in close conjunction through your money house all week, cautioning you to curb all impulse spending. Delayed gratification can be even more delicious than the instant kind. That said, make a budget for a few home upgrades. With Monday’s new moon in your domestic zone, you could find that missing wall art or invest in a grown-up sofa. Ready to pull up the stakes? Surf the real estate section, because the dream listing could pop up this week. A woman you’d consider “a force of nature” could enter your world now, too. While you may need to keep her expectations at bay, she’ll be a powerful influence over the coming six months.
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Grab the Sia wig and give your alter ego a turn at the wheel. This Monday’s new moon in your playful third house directs your attention towards a new scene. You cherish old friends (and don’t exactly trust people overnight), but this lunar prompt is pushing you to expand your network. Let undeveloped sides of your personality have a turn at the wheel by exploring activities and interests you’ve never tried before. Situations that are too dramatic in nature, however, will turn you off this week. Fiery Mars gets a cold shower from stern Saturn as both planets tour your passionate fifth house. A romance that was moving at warp speed will slow down, too. Don’t worry, Cancer, this doesn’t mean it’s over.
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Is money burning a hole in your pocket? Don’t blame your shredded denim, Leo. With Monday’s new moon in Virgo and your second house of finances, the time has come to work from a budget once again. A temporary austerity plan can help, but focus on your income column, too. This week could bring word of a rain-making job opening, or you could decide to invest in training that will bump up your salary significantly over the coming six months. Your upsetting "F" word is "family" this week, thanks to a frustrating combo of feisty Mars and severe Saturn. Familiarity not only breeds contempt — it also makes you want to bolt for the hills. Do that, Leo. Absence will make the heart grow fonder by the time next week rolls around. Better that than sticking around and burning bridges.