Sia Is A Married Woman

A celebrity wedding with zero hype? We didn't think it was possible. (And, no, that's not a reference to Cheryl Hines' fancy-schmancy wedding to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the Kennedy Compound yesterday.)
Anyway, the good news is that singer/songwriter extraordinaire Sia reportedly married beau Erik Anders Lang in a low-key ceremony at her Palm Springs home on Saturday. The slightly disappointing news is that she hired lusty lensman Terry Richardson to photograph the wedding. Spare a thought for the bridesmaids.
Beyond that, details are scarce about the nuptials. Given Sia's knack for whipping up hit-you-in-the-heart ballads and Lang's work as a filmmaker, we can only assume that the affair was artsy and beautifully soundtracked. Maybe with a few platinum blonde wigs thrown in for fun? (Radar)

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