We Grill Steven Yeun About Glenn's Future On The Walking Dead

stevenPhoto: REX USA/Everett Collection
Okay, it's time to come clean and admit our intentions. We are slowly working our way through the entire cast of The Walking Dead. Yes, we are hopefully making ourselves the de facto authority on strange questions posed to zombie hunters, and let us tell you — so far, we aren't doing half-bad at tracking down the cast. So, when Steven Yeun made his Sundance debut, we thought we'd grab him to talk about the imminent arrival of the second half of season four and grill him on some spoilers.
Thinking it was impossible to love Yeun even more, we saw I Origins, the movie he appears in alongside Brit Marling and Michael Pitt. The film itself was so moving (seriously — a must-see) that we forgot about the Steven/Glenn connection and reveled in the levity that Yeun brought to the movie. While nothing will replace our love for Glenn, seeing Yeun in a cinematic role revealed a fresh side of the actor. (However, don't go all movie, Steven! Don't do it! Because that means they will write you off The Walking Dead in a gruesome manner, and we will have no reason to believe in love anymore.)
So, Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, basically said that if the world was coming to an end, she'd totally have you on her team.
"That's so sweet. She is the best, really."
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stevenPhoto: Courtesy of SundanceI Origins still.
How does it feel, especially being at the end of the midseason finale, being the core of humanity and connection to real human feelings still left alive in the group?
"You know, it's a beautiful story wrapped in such a desolate theme. I think people are really going to see the true love those two characters have for each other at the second half of the season."
Oh, man. Are you safe?
"I can't say! We'll see."
Where's the baby?
"Oh my God, I have no idea."
You totally have an idea, and you can't tell us.
"Mhmm! Yep!"
How's your first Sundance going?
"It's awesome! It's a whirlwind. It's great to be in this group. It's awesome."
It's probably a lot different from Cons and character-/fan-based events.
"Totally. Really, really. There's such great material out there, such great products that it's nice to be around it all. It's a bit more stylish."
Are you able to see anything while you're here?
"I've been doing a lot of press, so I don't know. I'm hoping to catch some stuff."
Would you rather be Katniss, Bella, or Hermione?
"I'd rather be Katniss. She's badass."
She's got a bow and arrow. You guys have a thing for those.
"Yeah, we like bows and arrows."
Tell me about the role you play in I Origins.
"I play a character called Kenny. It's a beautiful tale. I play the foil to Michael Pitt's character. He's really into science, and my character is really into making money out of science. It's a beautiful film."
How is working with Michael?
"Great. Honestly, working with everyone was really great. It was so chill. Everyone was really supportive."

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