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Colorado, Here's How To Make Legal Pot Smoking Look Good

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    As of January 1, recreational marijuana is legal to possess, distribute, and cultivate in Colorado (under strict guidelines, of course). For good or ill, the will of the people has been done, and there's a good chance that government-sanctioned sticky icky may be coming to other states as well.

    But, as much as the legal, horticultural, and retail aspects of weed have (pardoned the pun) blossomed and matured over the last few years at an astounding rate, stoner culture itself still comes off as a tad, well, freshman year, if you get our drift.

    As the first citizens with the right to smoke up, it seems to us that Coloradans have a civic responsibility to help toking graduate into something more respectable and design savvy. So, we rolled up something special for all you C.O. readers enjoying your first blush with legal bud to help add a little refinement and style to the art of getting baked. Enjoy.

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