What's Your Sign? Sartorial Astrology For Every Member Of The Zodiac

Ever read your horoscope and felt like it was a little too accurate? Are you guilty of exhaustively researching your astrological compatibility with a special someone? Well, if you're a zodiac junkie like us, we've got a sartorial twist that's sure to pique your interest. As it turns out, our signs influence our fashion choices as well as our mood swings, relationships, and personality traits. And, vintage mecca PinkClouds has teamed up with all-seeing astrologer Aurora Tower for a holiday lookbook — filled with gorgeous, second-time-around finds and astrological high jinks — that's sure to please each and every Aries, Leo, Capricorn, and so on.
So, whether you're a seductive Scorpio or a prim-and-proper Libra, we've found tons of vintage designer gems — from Alexander McQueen, Gianni Versace, and more — to suit your style. Maybe it's in the stars, but this editor (a May baby) immediately gravitated toward the jeweled Chloé jacket and the pink-silk Oscar de la Renta gown from Taurus' featured ensemble. Take a gander, and let us know if these clothes and accessories befit you, too!
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.

Aries looks great in utilitarian styles and colors like army green and brown. They'll opt for bold reds to show off thier confident side. While Aries' personality may have a bit of a tomboy streak, comfort is key to their on-the-go style.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.
It's all about quality materials for Taurus, so sheath this bull in rich silks and cashmere. Their affinity for classic, gold jewelry paired with a neutral color palette best highlights their luxe minimalism and polished style.

Chloé Cape Jacket, $1,100, available at PinkClouds; Oscar de la Renta Pink Silk Bias Cut Gown, $895, available at Pink Clouds; PinkClouds Sapphire & Pearl Earrings, $95, available at PinkClouds.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.
Bright colors and mismatched prints are Gemini's bread and butter. They're one of the few signs that can really pull off yellow! Unsurprisingly, this playful sign loves embellishments and high-impact accessories, too.

Gianni Versace Pink Cut Out Leather Jacket, $5,500, available at PinkClouds; Gianni Versace Blue Motorcycle Leather Jacket, $5,500, available at PinkClouds; PinkClouds Light Box Blush Scarf, $295, available at PinkClouds; Gianni Versace Abstract Multi-Color Pant, $345, available at PinkClouds; Ted Lapidus Square Frame Sunglasses, $157.50, available at PinkClouds.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.

All-American is the best way to describe a Cancer's typical style, which likely includes lots of nautical stripes. Blues, whites, and grays are always flattering on this sign. And, silver and pearl jewelry will really make them glow.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.
Leos look amazing in black and all shades of gold, red, and orange (the colors of the sun)! Animal prints add some spice while charm bracelets and pendants, especially in gold, make them shine. Even though Leo's are naturally outgoing, low-cut and backless styles really enhance that sultry confidence.

Jean Paul Gaultier Black Pebble Gown, $895, available at PinkClouds.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.

Simple lines with architectural details and interesting cutouts draw in many a Virgo. Golds and greens are their best accent colors paired with their go-to hue: black. Opt for statement-making accessories that highlight this sign's dramatic style.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.

Dresses and figure-hugging, ladylike silhouettes flatter the sophisticated Libra.
They'll gravitate toward pastels and jewel tones as well as classic pumps with a li'l sparkle. Oh, and this sign can pull off frilly bows like a champ.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.

Scorpios love to push the style envelope with unexpected shapes and materials. They gravitate to dark reds and black in sleek, skin-baring ensembles. Lush materials like leather and faux fur bring out Scorpios’ sensual side and edgy accessories complete the look.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.
Free-spirited, Sagittarians love jet-setter styles, inspired by exotic foreign locations. Embroidery, tribal prints and ikats catch their eyes; don't be surprised if purple is the predominant color of their wardrobe.

Oscar de la Renta Beaded Tunic Top, $850, available at PinkClouds.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.
Capricorns look most polished in monochrome ensembles. Neutrals, gray, and earthy colors suit their style. They don't like fussy jewelry and accessories, preferring functional staples over trendy silhouettes. Leather, fur, and menswear-inspired pieces are staples of the Capricorn wardrobe.

Adolfo Ivory Silk Blouse, $195, available at PinkClouds; PinkClouds White Fur Vest, $700, available at PinkClouds; Alexander McQueen Button Pants, $405, available at PinkClouds; Chanel Quilted Black Bag, $4,900, available at PinkClouds.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.

Aquarians look great in silver and shiny, mirrored pieces that reflect their bright personality. Electric blue is their best color while skinny jeans and biker jackets are perfect for this sign's daily style. They'll gravitate toward futuristic prints and patterns with bright, standout hues.
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Photo: Courtesy of Henry Mounser.
The ultimate romantics of the zodiac favor soft, billowy styles in beach-y colors. Pisces love meaningful charms and layering delicate accessories into their outfits. They love soft cottons and basic linens. Lace and feathers also look wonderful on this sign.

PinkClouds Cream Pleated Dress, $355, available at PinkClouds.

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