Daft Punk's Spotify Will Electrify You


With Daft Punk's oeuvre of immaculate productions, it's unthinkable that their own music library would be anything shy of mind-blowing. In fact, the Parisian duo recently uploaded a Spotify list that confirms their superior, open-minded taste. Big impact songs from The Rolling Stones, Drake, Sky Ferreira, and TNGHT make appearances, but so do some true, under-the-radar gems. Among the adventurous inclusions: "Brigadier Sabari" from Côte d'Ivoire's reggae artist Alpha Bondy, a pavane from modernist French composer Maurice Revel, and Alan Vega's "Jukebox Babe." No matter where your own musical inclinations lie, this reads plays like a sonic safari, with something for everyone. Once again, Daft Punk finds a way to soundtrack our lives. Give it a listen. [Styleite]
daftembedPhoto: via Styleite