All Of Lady Gaga's Very Naked Pics For V (NSFW)

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    UPDATE: And the nudity continues. Hit the slideshow to see all of Gaga's shoot for V magazine, including various hair colors and levels of pantsless-ness. We generally have a pretty high tolerance for all things Gaga, but even we're starting to get a bit of déjà vu from all the press she's getting (and creating) lately. Can we just get our copy of ARTPOP already, retreat into a dark room to listen to it for several hours, and be done with it? Not that she doesn't look great, though. She does. Hip surgery really does a body good, apparently. (Fashion Copious)

    Originally published on July 23: Naked, as far as we're concerned, has two definitions. There's the first one, which is simple — not having your clothes on, and we've all been there (even Never Nudes were born without the cutoffs). And then there's Naked, with a capital N, and that's a different story entirely.

    We don't need to tell you which one Lady Gaga is doing in this V Magazine photoshoot. Her nakedness is unapologetically out there, and you know what? We love it. First, she looks both gorgeous and real. While she certainly doesn't need any Photoshop (not that that's ever stopped art directors before), this time, they've taken it easy with her. Some skin imperfections have been smoothed out, but that's par for the course. You can still see normal body contours and things like (gasp!) elbow wrinkles that indicate there is a real person being photographed here, and not just a head 'shopped onto a CGI body (though we must say, we did a double take when we thought we were looking at the wry smile of Natalie Dormer for a hot sec)

    What's also interesting about this image is that while it is obviously nude, it doesn't feel grossly hyper-sexualized. It's a more natural, fun naked time, and that's something everyone can enjoy! Sure, that can be sexy, of course — but it's not like there are whips or chains or awkward butt-enhancing, yogic poses going on, like in many bare-all editorials.

    Gaga has, of course, been out of the spotlight for a while (though she did make a comparably tame appearance recently due to a hip injury). But this makes for one hell of a comeback, and we can't wait to see what Mother will come up with next!

    The full story and photoshoot will be available in V85, pre-orders start August 12th. Lady Gaga's new album ARTPOP hits stores November 11. Oh, and speaking of, you might want to check out this borderline-creepy "leaked" behind-the-scenes video here.

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